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Astronomers Observe Black Hole Choking On A Star 2.9 Billion Light-Years Away. 4-Year-Old Australian Boy Receives World’s First Artificial Pancreas. In 2013 alone, over 79,000 children around the globe were diagnosed with type 1 diabetes: an autoimmune disorder that affects the amount of insulin produced by the pancreas.

4-Year-Old Australian Boy Receives World’s First Artificial Pancreas

Receiving insulin therapy through a traditional pump or injections can require a lot of work to ensure blood sugar levels are safe, particularly during the night. The Speed Of Light Can Vary In A Vacuum. A rare sighting of an upside-down... - I fucking love science. X-rays Reveal Text on Scorched Herculaneum Scrolls. NASA and NOAA Agree: 2014 Was Hottest Year On Record. Though it might be hard to believe right now since the Northern Hemisphere is currently experiencing the coldest part of winter, our average global temperatures are increasing at a worrying rate.

NASA and NOAA Agree: 2014 Was Hottest Year On Record

NASA and NOAA have analyzed the data independently of one another and yet have arrived at the same conclusion: 2014 is the warmest year on record since 1880. This is the 38th consecutive year with above average surface temperatures. The dataset has been released by NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS). “NASA is at the forefront of the scientific investigation of the dynamics of the Earth’s climate on a global scale,” NASA’s John Grunsfeld said in a press release. “The observed long-term warming trend and the ranking of 2014 as the warmest year on record reinforces the importance for NASA to study Earth as a complete system, and particularly to understand the role and impacts of human activity.” New Evidence Suggests There Are More Dwarf Planets In Our Solar System. There are five recognized dwarf planets in our solar system, and Pluto is probably the most well-known and well-loved.

New Evidence Suggests There Are More Dwarf Planets In Our Solar System

Insecticide-Drenched Nets Could Have Encouraged The Emergence Of Resistant Hy... Humans are constantly engaged in an evolutionary arms race with pathogens.

Insecticide-Drenched Nets Could Have Encouraged The Emergence Of Resistant Hy...

We spend years developing drugs, such as antibiotics or antivirals, only for resistance to rapidly appear. Temporary Tattoo Monitors Blood Glucose Levels. Scientists from the University of California, San Diego, have developed and tested a tiny stick-on temporary tattoo that painlessly extracts glucose and monitors its levels in the body.

Temporary Tattoo Monitors Blood Glucose Levels

It works by gently drawing glucose from between cells to the surface of the skin where it can then be measured by in-built sensors. Not only is the gadget non-invasive and discreet, it’s extremely cheap—costing just a few cents—and works just as well as the dreaded finger prick tests. Although it’s just at a proof-of-concept stage, it’s hoped that one day it could be used to replace painful daily blood sampling, and could even be adapted to test other medically important molecules or deliver medicines. Diabetes affects hundreds of millions of people worldwide and despite many advances in both modern medicine and our understanding of the disease, it remains one of the leading causes of deaths globally. How Big Are The Largest Marine Animals? Comparing the size of large marine animals to everyday objects, such as a school bus, is meant to make it easier to imagine the size of these massive creatures.

How Big Are The Largest Marine Animals?

Unfortunately, this has led to exaggerations and misconceptions about the animal’s true size. In an effort to reign in reality, a team of researchers has analyzed the legitimate sizes of 25 large marine animals. Craig McClain of the National Evolutionary Synthesis Center in North Carolina is lead author on the paper, which was published in the journal PeerJ. "Several years ago I noticed that people kept staying that giant squids reached 60 feet in length, which is amazingly long," McClain said in a press release.

"When I started actually looking at the data, I found that that estimate was actually quite unrealistic.” Mega Star Viewed In Unprecedented Detail. A star millions of times as bright as the sun has been imaged using a combination of space and Earth-based telescopes to provide extraordinary detail.

Mega Star Viewed In Unprecedented Detail

The observations could help us predict when the star will go through an explosion that is likely to offer us a spectacular show. Within the Eta Carinae stellar system is a truly phenomenal star, with an estimated mass so great it has forced us to reconsider how heavy stars can be without blowing themselves apart. More massive stars have since been found, and it is thought they once grew bigger still, but nothing so large is anything like it so close. Coming To A River Near You: The Invasion Of The Intersex Demon Shrimp. Demon vs killer shrimp sounds like the latest CGI movie to come out of Hollywood.

Coming To A River Near You: The Invasion Of The Intersex Demon Shrimp

But in fact these are two particularly pernicious crustaceans that have been making their way westward across Europe from countries surrounding the Black Sea, eradicating native freshwater rivals en route. Unlike the meatier species we might be more familiar with from our dining plates, the killer shrimp (Dikerogammarus villosus) and the demon (D. Haemobaphes) are technically amphipods, a group of small, flattened, shrimp-like creatures. They’re barely bigger than a finger nail, yet they possess the most striking and dramatic of common names. Mysterious Legendary Metal From Atlantis Found In Shipwreck Off Sicily. When the mythical island of Atlantis famously submerged into the ocean, it took all of its orichalcum with it.

Mysterious Legendary Metal From Atlantis Found In Shipwreck Off Sicily

The legendary cast metal was reputedly second only to gold in value. Now, a team of divers say they’ve recovered 39 blocks of orichalcum in a sixth-century shipwreck on the seafloor near Sicily, Discovery News reports. The 2,600-year-old ship, likely from Greece or somewhere in Asia Minor, was carrying the metal to Gela in southern Sicily when it was caught in a storm and sank around 300 meters (1,000 feet) from the port. "Nothing similar has ever been found," Sebastiano Tusa of Sicily's Sea Office says. "We knew orichalcum from ancient texts and a few ornamental objects. " Why Did This Mysterious Ancient Chinese Civilization Disappear? One of the oldest known Chinese civilizations disappeared approximately 3000 years ago.

Why Did This Mysterious Ancient Chinese Civilization Disappear?

However, some evidence suggests it relocated, rather than collapsing, and a new theory suggests this was driven by a distant earthquake redirecting the river that once fed the valley in which the people once lived. New Study Reveals Most Influential Languages. What makes a language important on a global scale? Is it the oldest? The one spoken by the most people? New Analysis Suggests Sixth Mass Extinction Could Occur By 2200. We’ve already been warned that our planet faces a sixth mass extinction, and some even believe that we are already in the early stages of such an event. Now, the harsh reality of the impending situation has been highlighted by the scientific journal Nature, with a special report detailing the threats that major animal groups face. According to the analysis, those predicted to take the greatest hit are amphibians, with an alarming 41% of species within this group facing extinction.

But mammals and birds won’t get off lightly, with 26% and 13% of species similarly threatened, respectively. Among the known critically endangered species are numerous different primates, such as the snub-nosed monkey, black rhinos, the yangtzee river dolphin, western gorillas and the Amur leopard. But many species that are currently only listed as endangered also face being wiped out, such as bonobos and loggerhead turtles.

The primary driver? The Most Influential Scientist You May Never Have Heard Of. Gaze at Alexander Von Humboldt’s 1814 self-portrait and you peer into the eyes of a man who sought to see and understand everything. By this point in his life, at age 45, Humboldt had tutored himself in every branch of science, spent more than five years on a 6,000 mile scientific trek through South America, pioneered new methods for the graphical display of information, set a world mountain climbing record that stood for 30 years and established himself as one of the world’s most famous scientists, having helped to define many of today’s natural sciences.

Humboldt, born in Berlin, is sometimes called the last Renaissance man – he embodied all that was known about the world in his day. He spent the last three decades of his life writing Kosmos, an attempt to provide a scientific account of all aspects of nature. Is Stephen Hawking Right? Could AI Lead To The End Of Humankind? The famous theoretical physicist, Stephen Hawking, has revived the debate on whether our search for improved artificial intelligence will one day lead to thinking machines that will take over from us. The British scientist made the claim during a wide-ranging interview with the BBC. Teen Invents Device To Protect His Grandfather From Alzheimer’s-Related Wande... Kenneth Shinozuka is a teenager who lives in New York City with his extended family. Deadly Gamma-Ray Burst Could Have Triggered A Mass Extinction On Earth. Extremely intense stellar explosions could be responsible for past mass extinction events on Earth, a new study has found. Every Ship That Has Carried Humans Into Space Scaled Into One Chart.

Is There a Parallel Universe That's Moving Backwards in Time? Smart Artificial Skin Could Give Prosthetic Limbs Feeling. Scientists have created a smart prosthetic skin that’s stretchy and warm like real skin, and is jammed with tiny sensors that can pick up a variety of environmental cues such as heat, pressure and moisture. Astronomers Spot Massive Blue Stars Beginning To Merge. This Will Revolutionize Education. Large Study Explores How Often Patients Wake Up During Surgery. Award-Winning Chemist Works For Free After Funding Cutbacks. Funding cuts at Australia's leading scientific institution CSIRO have led to world-leading researchers seeing their positions abolished.

How Trauma Early In Life Influences Later Behavior. How Humans Can Perceive Infrared As Visible Light. Most Precise Images Ever Of The Early Universe Revealed. Watch Sulfuric Acid Melt A Kitchen Sponge in Slow Motion! Smoking Can Erase Y Chromosome From Cells. Galloping Crocodiles Ate Dinosaurs In North Africa. Ravens Have Social Abilities Previously Only Seen In Humans. Ancient Computer Even More Ancient Than We Thought. Miniature Spinal Cords Grown In The Lab. Why Vultures Don't Get Food Poisoning. Robot Survey Suggests Antarctic Sea Ice Is Thicker And More Deformed Than Pre...

Imperial Tortoise Beetle. Peacock Spider Dances To YMCA. First Ever Footage Of Terrifying Deep-Sea Animal. Lego's Fantastic Instructions For Parents In 1973. Bicycle Bottle System Condenses Humidity From Air Into Drinkable Water. John Oliver Hilariously Interviews Stephen Hawking. Information Flows In Opposite Directions During Imagination And Reality. Researchers Translate Ancient Egyptian Spellbook. Languages “Lost” In Infancy Discovered In The Brain. Two New Sub-Atomic Particles Discovered at CERN. Astronomers Find Quasars Are "Aligned" Across Billions Of Light-Years.

This Is What The Skeletons Of Famous Cartoon Characters Would Look Like. Playing Video Games Is Good For Your Brain – Here’s How. 52 Of The Most Common Myths and Misconceptions Debunked In One Infographic. Parasitic wasp turns roaches into zombie slaves using neurotoxic cocktail. New Treasures Recovered From Ancient Antikythera Shipwreck. Mummified Fetus Reveals Ancient Surgery While in Mother's Womb. Where Did HIV Come From? Strange Cloud Turns Out to Be Butterflies Migrating. Three 16 Year Old Girls Win Top Prize At Google Science Fair For Agricultural... Young Galaxy Baffles Astronomers. Watch A Mongoose Fend Off Four Lions. Soft Robot Keeps Moving, Even After Getting Run Over By A Car. World First: Woman Receives Tissue Graft Made From Induced Stem Cells. New Pterosaur Flew Right Out of Avatar. Ozone Layer Showing Signs Of Recovery. Is The Universe A Hologram? Children With Autism Have Extra Synapses In Their Brains.

Researchers Discover Strange New "Butterfly-Headed" Pterosaur Species. Is Your Red The Same As My Red? Scientists Think They May Have Solved The Siberian Crater Mystery. Dinosaurs Shrank Continuously for 50 Million Years. Empty Electronics Factories Turned Into High-Tech Indoor Farms. Self-Sustaining Urban Ecosystem Discovered In Abandoned Building In Thailand. Jet Car Could Travel 550mph. Most Amazing Exoplanets. Critically Endangered Parrot Humps Zoologist. Bird Has Sex with Man's Head.

Swearing. Quote. Nerd. How A Drop of Seawater on Graphene Generates Electricity.