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Nederlands Dans Theater, The Hague, Netherlands. In season 2019/2020, Nederlands Dans Theater (NDT) celebrates its sixtieth birthday.

Nederlands Dans Theater, The Hague, Netherlands

For the company, this is the ultimate moment to reflect on its modest beginnings, rich past, and impressive present and future. Cunningham: Watch At Home. Podcast #587: How to Get More Pleasure and Fulfillment Out of Your Reading. Do you have a goal of reading more, but any time you start working on that goal, it feels like a chore?

Podcast #587: How to Get More Pleasure and Fulfillment Out of Your Reading

The equivalent of eating your broccoli? My guest today argues that the problem is likely due to the fact that you’re trying to read what you think you should be reading, instead of reading what you actually enjoy. His name is Alan Jacobs. He’s a professor of literature and the author of The Pleasures of Reading in an Age of Distraction. [Sortie ciné] Les enfants d’Isadora de Damien Manivel. Le Silence au cinéma - Blow Up - ARTE.

How the Disposable Straw Explains Modern Capitalism. Four billion straws! There were only 114 million Americans at the time, so that’s 35 straws per capita (though some were exported). Of course, straw making was improving through all these decades—mechanizing, scaling up—but the straw itself basically stayed the same. According to Sidney Graham—who founded the National Soda Straw Company in 1931, and who competed against Stone and other early straw manufacturers—in a 1988 history of the straw: Straws were uniform up until the 1930s ... Map. Cinematic names. I Say LOL, You Say Ek 1: How People Around The World Laugh Online. ​I'm a XDer and hahaha-er.

I Say LOL, You Say Ek 1: How People Around The World Laugh Online

There, I said it. When it comes to expressing laughter online, I rely almost exclusively on either "hahaha" or the emoticon that is the closest approximation of how I laugh in real life — full-on, no-holds-barred guffaws. I rarely use "lol," except with my coworkers. I've steered clear of the close cousins of "hahaha" — "heeheehee" or "hehehe. " Index. Index. Les fascias, alliés cachés de notre organisme... 3 tutos qui m'ont aidée à mieux retoucher mes photos. Si vous aimez photographier vos proches, ou que vous avez envie de commencer à faire du portrait, vous allez forcément vous demander comment retoucher ces photos.

3 tutos qui m'ont aidée à mieux retoucher mes photos

Je n’aime pas du tout les images commerciales, très retouchées, où l’on ne reconnaît même plus la personne photographiée. Alors quand je me suis remise au portrait, j’avais tendance à ne vouloir aucune retouche. J’en suis revenue. Je pense que certaines petites retouches ne trahissent pas le modèle, et le mettent en valeur au contraire… Après avoir tester pas mal de techniques différentes de retouche photo, je suis désormais les conseils de trois Youtubeuses et Youtubeur. Photo de Une : Modèle – Charlotte Bray / Stylisme – Charlotte Traudich / Maquillage – Célia Cochin.

How CSS works: Creating layers with z-index. What exactly Is Z-Index?

How CSS works: Creating layers with z-index

At the end of the day, the screens we use in the browser are two-dimensional flat surfaces with a bunch of pixels. But if you’ve been around the web for any time it’s likely that you’ve often had a “three-dimensional” experience. For example, you can click a button and open up a modal or have a tool-tip display “above” their triggers. If you assume that the user is looking “into the screen” and imagine that the screen is a portal into a three-dimensional world you can start to visualize what this three-dimensional space within the browser looks like.

Webdesign: The Basics of Information Architecture. Danse classique et grossesse : sujet encore tabou ? - Aliette de Laleu. Why I Dance: Wendy Whelan - Dance Magazine. The true expert does not perform in a state of effortless 'flow' When I was a student at the San Francisco Ballet School, I loved watching the advanced dancers in the class before mine.

The true expert does not perform in a state of effortless 'flow'

Their soaring leaps, their whirlwind turns, their command over everything from the sweep of their arms to the delicate placement of their heels – so easy did they make it all seem that I sometimes wondered if these beauteous creatures were made, not out of flesh and blood, but from dance itself. I was therefore surprised one day to come upon a member of the class, facing the barre, working diligently on her battement tendus. A tendu is one of the first exercises you learn as a child taking ballet.

It’s simple: starting from a standing position, you move one leg out to the side, point the foot on the floor, then bring it back to your starting position. Why did this supernal being need to practise such an easy step? Years later I realised that the answer to this question is: everything. This New Graphic Novel Is A Stunning, Honest Meditation On Loss. Mikhail Baryshnikov: 'Fifty years of working in theatre, and people know me because of Sex and the City' - iNews. Mikhail Baryshnikov is back on stage in a show about his late friend Joseph Brodsky.

Mikhail Baryshnikov: 'Fifty years of working in theatre, and people know me because of Sex and the City' - iNews

He talks to Jessica Barrett about 70s New York, Trump and why he still can’t shake off ‘Sex and the City’ Throughout their 22-year friendship, Mikhail Baryshnikov and Joseph Brodsky loved nothing more than a walk along the banks of the Hudson river in New York. “He adored to walk along the water. En séance, étapes d’une psychanalyse - France Culture. Céline Tran (ex-Katsuni) : "J'ai mis du temps à apprivoiser mon corps" - Desculottées.

Anatomy of a Dance. What's behind the urge to uncover an 'authentic self'? Every Tuesday on Instagram, millions of users, mostly in their teens to their early 30s, upload an image for #transformationtuesday.

What's behind the urge to uncover an 'authentic self'?

Bolshoi Babylon, entre série noire et fierté auréolée – C'est Comme Ca qu'on Danse. Emily Coates’s ‘Incarnations’: Quantum Leaps, When Physics Meets Dance. Amazon. Amazon. Curious Cat. Bonjour!

Curious Cat

Alors souvent, il y a des rencontres sourds/entendants dans les villes. "Les existences moindres" par David Lapoujade. Peut-on se payer un revenu universel ? Le revenu universel, c’est une idée simple !

Peut-on se payer un revenu universel ?

Safari Typo ! - Paris (1/2) Safari Typo ! - Paris (2/2) À quoi sert d'oublier ? Mémoire et oubli sont indissociables : c’est en sélectionnant des souvenirs, donc en oubliant certains d’entre eux, que nous construisons notre identité. De prime abord, l’oubli semble l’ennemi de la mémoire. Il est en effet renforcé par le passage du temps et exacerbé dans différentes maladies. Je suis bipolaire et je témoigne. Qui mieux qu'une personne bipolaire peut expliquer ce qu'elle vit ?

Dans la bande dessinée "Goupil ou face", Lou Lubie apporte son témoignage sur la cyclothymie. Sophie de Coatpont, membre du Club House France, assume elle aussi son parcours et en parle pour donner de l'espoir aux autres. The Mind-Expanding Ideas of Andy Clark. Where does the mind end and the world begin? Is the mind locked inside its skull, sealed in with skin, or does it expand outward, merging with things and places and other minds that it thinks with?

Rebels on Pointe Shows What It's Really Like to Be A Trock. Astronauts Get Writer’s Block, Too: An Interview with Scott Kelly. Inner Preacher vs. Inner Teacher: Ursula K. Le Guin on Meaning Beyond Message and the Primary Responsibility of the Artist. Is there any evidence linking creativity and mood disorders? Is creativity inherently related to mood disorders?

It’s a common belief today that there exists some intimate relationship between the two. Consider common paragons of creativity: Vincent van Gogh, Sylvia Plath, Virginia Woolf, Ezra Pound, Anne Sexton (and countless others), all reaching new creative heights while struggling with a terrible mental disorder of some kind. This idea of a connection between the two stems from the Romantic Era, when mental disorder was thought to be a sign of creativity – an idea that remains remarkably tenacious today. But is there any scientific reason to believe in a connection? Trying to answer this question illustrates how difficult it is to address knotty, multi-layered problems like this with research. The relationship is deeply enmeshed in the public mind for a couple of reasons. This effect is compounded by the availability heuristic, wherein we judge how common something is by how easily it comes to mind.

Syndicate this Essay. J. K. Rowling (1/4) : Le roman comme une oeuvre d'art. La saga Harry Potter a connu un succès sans précédent auprès du public, et ce dès la parution du premier tome il y a tout juste vingt ans en 1997. The Secrets of Sleep. Du temps pour moi, pas pour les GAFAM - ★ Les chiens noirs du Mexique ★ Quand j’aurai retrouvé des horaires et une durée de sommeil satisfaisants (et donc une santé mentale ressemblant à la normale), je publierai un billet à propos de tout ce que j’ai appris ces dernières semaines sur, justement, la nécessité d’avoir des horaires et une durée de sommeil satisfaisants. Les 9 plus belles randos de France. William Forsythe: 'Ballet demands strength that few would be willing to muster' At the age of 68, choreographer William Forsythe finds himself coming home. After more than 45 years working in Europe, changing the face of dance, he has returned to his native America. “Just in time for the Trump spectacle,” he says, with his low, rolling laugh.