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Codecademy : Catalog. Scratch, Snap et Arduino : synthèse des échanges sur la liste du groupe de travail éducation. Cet article est une synthèse de discussions sur la liste de diffusion du groupe de travail éducation de l’April.

Scratch, Snap et Arduino : synthèse des échanges sur la liste du groupe de travail éducation

Il ne reflète pas les positions officielles de l’association. Rejoignez le groupe de travail éducation de l'April, en vous inscrivant à la liste de discussion (cette inscription est ouverte à tout le monde) Cet article est une comparaison de deux logiciels d'apprentissage graphique de la programmation utilisables dans l'enseignement primaire et secondaire Évolution du côté de Scratch Scratch 3.0 pointe le bout de son nez Première nouvelle, l’utilisation du logiciel privateur Flash ne sera plus requise. La future version supportera une syntaxe horizontale comme dans ScratchJr et une autre verticale comme dans le Scratch dit classique. Un nouvelle intéressante est le choix de la licence, Apache 2. Pour le moment, les développeurs en sont à la partie langage visuel principalement.

Snap! MIT App Inventor Sources. Contributions: Slider: Added Slider visible component which is like a ProgressBar that adds a draggable thumb.

MIT App Inventor Sources

Notifider Updates: Added logic to ShowChooseDialog & ShowTexDialog methods to include a Cancel button based on new argument. Using this approach developer can indicate if the notification dialog is cancelable by user or not. Button updates: Added logic so that when such buttons are pressed, it will give user a visual feedback by changing the button background. Other related work: Developed AppToMarket application. Enseigner avec des apps: Initiation à la programmation - Partie 4 - Une progression. L'initiation à la programmation est maintenant dans les nouveaux programmes de l'école primaire et du collège.

Enseigner avec des apps: Initiation à la programmation - Partie 4 - Une progression

Beaucoup d'enseignants souhaitent commencer mais se posent des questions: Par quelle activité débuter? Comment choisir un robot pour sa classe? Quelle progression en Programmation et Robotique? Dans cet article, j'apporte quelques éléments de réflexion qui pourront, je l'espère, vous aider à faire les premiers pas en programmation.

Arduino Simulator - Top 5 Best Online Arduino SimulatorsUse Arduino for Projects. Here is the list of our top 5 arduino simulators.

Arduino Simulator - Top 5 Best Online Arduino SimulatorsUse Arduino for Projects

Launched in 2005, the Arduino open hardware and software platform has grown to be very popular among hobbyists, educators, and professionals alike, gaining momentum especially in the robotics field. Backed by a massive online community, and with most development boards and hardware accessories available at very low prices, this platform is perhaps the best place to start in working with embedded devices. But what if you want to learn programming and do not own an Arduino board, or are overwhelmed by the selection of hardware out there? This is where simulation software comes in. Virtual Breadboard for Arduino is a learning App designed to help you take the first steps in the exciting world of physical computing with the Arduino microcontroller and ‘Breadboard’ based electronic circuit models.

GitHub - mit-cml/appinventor-sources: MIT App Inventor Public Open Source. How To Build MIT App Inventor · AppScale/appinventor-sources Wiki. How to build App Inventor from the MIT sources MIT Center for Mobile Learning August 2012 This document contains instructions for how to build App Inventor from the sources and run it on a local machine or upload it to AppEngine. 1.

How To Build MIT App Inventor · AppScale/appinventor-sources Wiki

Introduction App Inventor for Android lets people create apps for android phones by piecing together programming blocks in a web browser. 1.1 Supported platforms Building and deploying an App Inventor server can be done using MacOS or GNU/Linux operating systems, and we have done this extensively at MIT. 1.2 Hosting your service on App Engine, or running it locally App Inventor is a Java service built on Google AppEngine.

You can also can run the App Inventor service on your local machine using the App Engine “dev server” for personal testing and debugging. 1.3 Storing your users’ projects Your App Inventor service will maintain storage for individual user projects, both source code and compiled apps (APK files). 1.3 Login and authentication 2. Git clone ant clean ant. Building Cordova apps for Firefox OS. Update: In addition to the Cordova integration described below, Firefox OS is now supported in the 3.5 release of Adobe PhoneGap.

Building Cordova apps for Firefox OS

If you’re already building apps with PhoneGap, you can quickly and easily port your existing apps to Firefox OS. We think this is so cool that we’ve launched a Phones for PhoneGap Apps program, focused specifically on compelling apps built with PhoneGap and/or Cordova. Comment Afficher l’Écran Android sur PC. Android MIT App Inventor – Auto Connect To Bluetooth. In a previous post I showed how to connect an app inventor Android app to a Bluetooth module connected to an Arduino to control an LED.

Android MIT App Inventor – Auto Connect To Bluetooth

See Turning a LED on and off with an Arduino, a HC-06 and Android A few people have asked how to make it so that the app auto-connect to the Arduino on start up and I thought I would offer my solution. This example adds to the previous guide. The easiest way to add an auto connect would be to use a fixed address and put the connection function call in the Screen1.Initialize block. Since the Screen1.Initialize block runs automatically when the app is started, the app would try to make the connection every time it started. This is quick and easy but it means the mac address for the BT module is hard coded in to the app and to change the address you would need to change the app and recompile. Blockly for PICAXE - Software. Product Details Blockly for PICAXE is a free powerful visual programming tool for generating PICAXE microcontroller programs.

Blockly for PICAXE - Software

By stacking coloured blocks on top of each other a control program can be rapidly generated. This simple click’n’drag programming method allows students to rapidly develop control sequences for real life microcontroller projects. Blockly can be run online in a web browser on almost any device that has an internet connection.


Trevor Appleton: Guide to Creating a Sudoku Solver using Python and Pygame. After creating a version of Conways Game of Life in Python I was keen to explore Pygame further.

Trevor Appleton: Guide to Creating a Sudoku Solver using Python and Pygame

The Game of Life program I wrote demonstrated that Pygame was a great way to graphically show information, but it didn't explore any interactive elements of Pygame. My default method for anything that requires a GUI (Graphical User Interface) is to use Tkinter. In fact I have written a blog post which explains how to create a basic GUI in Tkinter. Python - Rock Paper Scissors inside a GUI Tkinter does the job of GUI creation well, and if you need buttons and space for users to type information, it's good. I was curious to see if Pygame would fare any better. I thought this would be perfect for interacting with as the user would have to select which numbers are known in the blank Sudoko, and it would have to update depending on the information given.

Before getting too excited, the Sudoku solver in this blog post will not solve all Sudoku. There are eight steps. 1. Initiation au code. OpenClassrooms, MOOCs and courses open for all.