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Tentsile, the Portable Treehouse. Want to go camping, but afraid of bugs, snakes, or bears?

Tentsile, the Portable Treehouse

Pitch your tent in the air, above the forest floor and away from critters and potential predators, with Tentsile, "the world's most versatile tent. " The portable tent-hammock hybrid can be used in nearly any environment, anchored to trees in the heart of a forest, hovering over shifting beach sands, pitched above the plains for a brief respite on a safari, or even suspended over disaster and flood zones. Add To Collection Save this image to a collection. Items Just Off the Truck.

Dining Accessories, Kitchen Gifts, Kitchenware. Would-be Hoboes: Your Dream House Has Arrived. Treehugger points us to this very clever design for a jacket with pouches in its lining that can be unfurled to reveal a personal tent.

Would-be Hoboes: Your Dream House Has Arrived

As the designer, Justin Gargasz, explains: Individuals feel the need to escape interactions in their environment everyday. Whether it be interactions with excessive technology or other people, this psychological and physical need to get away is where I began my investigation. A physical as well as psychological escape is achieved when the user has the option to efficiently get away from inside of building and come back when ever they choose. I focused on expandable clothing for concept exploration. Materials. Sandisk reveals world's fastest 128GB SDXC Card. SanDisk has announced that its new 128GB Extreme SDXC UHS-I card, which boasts read/write speeds of up to 45 MB/s, is now shipping About eighteen months ago, SanDisk revealed the world's fastest 32GB SDHC media card, pushing the format's data transfer speeds up to a rather lively 30 megabytes per second (MB/s).

Sandisk reveals world's fastest 128GB SDXC Card

Sport Earphones, Developed by Athletes for Athletes, Never Fall Out. The Deglon Meeting Knife Set. Designed by Mia Schmallenbach, the Deglon Meeting Knife Set won first prize in the 5th European Cutlery Design Awards.

The Deglon Meeting Knife Set

This set of sculptural, nested knives is practical, durable and a work of art. The set is made of high quality stainless steel and seemingly appears to be created from a single block of stainless steel. To remove each knife, simply press down near the tip of the blade and lift knife away by the handle. Emile Henry Flame Top Pizza Stone, Black: Kitchen & Dining. EcoSphere Closed Aquatic Ecosystem, Small Sphere: Pet Supplies. Tool Logic CC1SB Credit Card Companion with 1/2-Inch Knife, Translucent Black: Home Improvement. The Hungover Cookbook (9780307886316): Milton Crawford.

The Spaghetti-Pasta-Noodle Fork. - ThisIsWhyImBroke is where you'll find cool gift ideas, unique products, and awesome birthday and christmas gift ideas. With hundreds of reasons to spend every penny you've got, ThisIsWhyImBroke features amazing products you can buy. What Happened Bandages. Tattoo Johnny Tattoo Store. Give yourself a satisfaction guarantee, avoid mistakes, and have fun test-driving your tattoo.

Tattoo Johnny Tattoo Store

Before you get close to the needle, take your tattoo for a test drive. With Tattoo Johnny's Tattoo Transfer Paper you can turn any ink jet or laser printer into a temporary tattoo test center. By simply printing your selected design onto this special paper you can easily transfer the printed image to your skin. Taking your tattoo for a test drive is great fun and the best way to know you have made the right selection. Magic-Pro PCI-Express SATA-III Raid Caddy. If you’re a PC gamer facing slow frame rates, upgrading your graphics card generally gives you the best improvement.

Magic-Pro PCI-Express SATA-III Raid Caddy

Yet for many of us that generally do office work and web browsing on the computer, a faster I/O subsystem would deliver the most noticeable speedup. The Magic-Pro PCI-Express SATA-III Raid Caddy can really breathe new life into an older computer by giving you blazing fast disk access. Your old PC may only support SATA II, even though SATA III has been out for a while and at 6Gbps it is twice as fast. This Magic Pro drive caddy connects to a PCI Express slot and provides SATA III support for the two 2.5″ drives it holds. Soundscience Rockus 3D 2.1 Computer Speakers. With high resolution monitors and integrated Blu-ray drives, high definition videos, and digital music, computers should deliver an amazing multimedia experience.

Soundscience Rockus 3D 2.1 Computer Speakers

Yet, the sound system of typical computers is woefully inadequate, undercutting the results. Antec Soundscience Rockus 3D 2.1 Computer Speakers are here to change that. With high power, deep bass resonance, and proprietary 3D technology, these impressive computer speakers are able to deliver true high-fidelity sound that is optimized for music, movies, or 3D games. These Soundscience Rockus 3D 2.1 computer speakers are the missing piece needed for a high resolution computer system to deliver an immersive theater-like experience. Ample power delivered by two 25W RMS satellite speakers and a 100W RMS subwoofer deliver with powerful sound effects and realistic 3D audio. Holy Sweater Batman! 001 - Gallium Metal - GalliumSource.

Miracle Berry Fruit Tablets. Miracle Fruits (sometimes called Miracle Berries) have been a secret wonder of the world for centuries.

Miracle Berry Fruit Tablets

Though they were first documented by a French dude in 1725, they'd been consumed for many generations prior. They were eaten before meals to make the meals taste better. "How? " you ask. By making sour and bitter foods taste sweet. Now you know we wouldn't sell you something without trying it first. Please note: Highly acidic foods (like pure lemon juice) will taste wonderful, but will still harm your mouth if you drink too much. Miracle Berry Fruit Tablets Dissolve half a tablet on your tongue and sour and bitter foods will taste sweet.Flavor-bending effects can last up to 1 hour.No harmful side effects (other than wanting more).Each tablet is 3/8" in diameter and is two servings (10 tablets/20 servings per box).Take 1/2 a tablet - or take a whole one for a more intense experience.Ingredients: Miracle Berry powder and corn starch - nothing else!

Ferrofluid Science Project Set 60cc Bottle and Assorted Magnets: Office Products.