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#AuthRes August: Top 20 Musicuentos songs. I just posted about some great newish songs I’ve found, but the majority of songs I use in my classroom are tried-and-true successes from the last 12 years of teaching.

#AuthRes August: Top 20 Musicuentos songs

The fact is, most new music that comes out, however engaging it might be, is not comprehensible and does not repeat enough to be useful for acquisition. When I find a song that is the perfect combination of repetition, comprehensible language, and high student appeal, it stays around for a long time. So what are those gems? In a very unscientific way I’ve compiled for you the list of what I would say are the top 20 most successful and popular songs in my class. La llave de mi corazón – a.k.a.

Locura de marzo week 1 - Señ Locuras de amor 2017. Spanishsongs. Listen to (and learn) new holiday music! Music is a big part of holiday traditions and I love how each culture has unique songs that connect to the season.

Listen to (and learn) new holiday music!

There’s nothing wrong with Jingle Bells, but I like to expose students to music that is really original to the target culture (not just a translation). What songs should our students recognize or be able to sing if they were immersed in the target culture? What do the lyrics tell us about the culture? 15 Ways to Use Authentic Music in Spanish Class.

Menu 15 Ways to Use Authentic Music in Spanish Class Tuesday, December 13, 2016/Allison, Authentic Resources, Comprehensible Input, Games and Fun, Holidays and Culture, Music, Technology/4 comments 15 Ways to Use Authentic Music in Spanish Class Welcome to the Secondary Spanish Space!

15 Ways to Use Authentic Music in Spanish Class

We are a group of Spanish teachers who have come together to share ideas and resources. Use music as a part of your weekly routine Música miércolesMake sure to incorporate music with a set day devoted to it. Top 10 Latin Summer Songs of 2014 (Video) There’s one time of year when caliente, that tired adjective for Latin music, feels fresh and yes... hot!

Top 10 Latin Summer Songs of 2014 (Video)

Celebrate summer 2014 with this list of ten seasonal singles for summer dancing, romancing, or warming up to watch a World Cup match. 10. “Me Interesas,” Noel Torres Norteño/banda singer Noel Torres continues to thrive in regional Mexican music with songs of love and romance. Add some drama in the form of cinematic videos and it's evident that the heartthrob will be melting hearts all summer long. 9. The ultimate windows down, dancing outdoors music, salsa is the natural soundtrack of summer, and Ricardo Lemvo’s blend of African and Cuban rhythms is the breeziest. Click here for a free download. 8. The Puerto Rican’s heartthrob’s first single in a couple of years is immediately memorable, up tempo and has just the right touch of flamenco and acoustic guitars. 7. Soy Yo by Bomba Estereo. I’m sure by now you’ve heard about this song and video.

Soy Yo by Bomba Estereo

If not, you’re gonna love it. Here’s how I recently used it in my class: 1. Students work on “Soy Yo” packet by Kara Jacobs. I used 5 pages: the vocab page, the paragraphs where students write out the Spanish word by pulling the vocabulary from the paragraph, the full story (circle the answer), and the Imaginemos page. I actually used this as a sub plan and it took a majority of my students almost the entire 40 minute class period. 2. 3. 4. Edpuzzle automatically scores the students’ responses. The grading is the best part of it! You can also use Edpuzzle if you want to assign a video to students and make sure they watch it by disallowing “skips” so they students have to watch to whole video before it is marked as complete. 5. To girl actor: ¿Tienes un balón? Related lesson: Vasquez Sounds: Me Voy. Fandom powered by Wikia.

Music is a wonderful authentic resource to use in the language classroom.

Fandom powered by Wikia

According to Schoepp (2001), using songs in the language classroom can decrease the affective filter, present opportunities for developing automaticity, and offer repetitions of authentic, colloquial language. If you've ever taught with songs, it's easy to see these benefits! However, it's easy to get stuck in a routine when teaching with songs. Netflix Unit: Continued Reflection. Feedly. Read more, know more. If you haven't seen the video for "Soy yo" from Bomba Estéreo, check it out below.

feedly. Read more, know more.

I am sure that this song and video will be one of the favorites of the semester.I used this song last year (but with this cool video) in Spanish 1 because it is catchy and because of all the "soy" reps. This year, I am doing a bit more with the song/video. I created this slideshow below which includes information about the band and then, starting on slide 9, some vocabulary introduction and a description (in very basic level 1 Spanish) of what happens in the video. I have also created some other activities here. These are my goals for this mini-unit:I can comprehend a story with visuals to support my comprehension.I can read a story and comprehend it without visuals.I can understand and pick out cognates.I can understand some words in Spanish because of the context, the visuals, or the actions of the teacher.I can answer questions about a story and about myself.

Google Docs - create and edit documents online, for free. He llorado song activities – Williamson CI & TPRS. Here are some activities for the song ‘He llorado’ by Juán Magán feat.

He llorado song activities – Williamson CI & TPRS

Gente de Zona. Wavin’ Flag: David Bisbal y K’naan. Music, going beyond the cloze – Williamson CI & TPRS. Artista de la semana + Failing Forward. Thanks to influences from my amazing PLN, especially @karacjacobs and @dwphotoski I finally have an organized, streamlined method of doing something I’ve wanted to do better for a long time: leverage students’ interest in music to teach them language skills.

Artista de la semana + Failing Forward

While I have been doing music activities for years, I wanted my students to know more about the artists and culture beyond just the lyrics of their songs. Kara, Dustin, and I–as well as some other #langchat teachers–have been assembling slide shows about musical artists, and this was the missing piece for me. I had also begun using Bryce Hedstrom’s idea of Persona Especial in class, so using the slide shows with similar questions is a way of increasing the repetition of high frequency vocabulary, but without it getting boring. As we work our way through the presentations, students answer generic questions about the artists. Let me take a moment to tell you about failing forward, though.

#AuthRes August: Top 20 Musicuentos songs. Authentic Songs for My Spanish I Class - SPANISH MAMA. Who doesn’t love teaching Spanish songs in class?

Authentic Songs for My Spanish I Class - SPANISH MAMA

Music sticks in our minds, uses repetitive language, and makes us fall in love with culture. For a long time, I used authentic songs badly. I wanted to do more, but because my class was textbook and grammar-centered, I felt like I had little time. I didn’t know how to maximize the lyrics, or make them comprehensible. Martina Bex, Kristy Placido, and Mis Clases Locas have helped tremendously in knowing how and why to teach with music. Salcedo dis. Authentic Songs for My Spanish I Class - SPANISH MAMA. #AuthResAugust: New(ish) Music! My first summer out of grad school, I went to an AP Spanish Language workshop that was generally uninspiring except in one respect: the leader was the first person who connected pop music and pedagogy for me.

Now, I wouldn’t be Musicuentos without the música, so let’s go with a music version of #AuthResAugust!