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Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial intelligence (AI), also known as machine intelligence, is an aspect of computer science that deals will the designing of intelligent mechanical systems that work and react like humans. Learn More on

Impact of AI on Globalization - Great Learning. Technology and globalization are closely tangled.

Impact of AI on Globalization - Great Learning

The movement of goods, ideas, and people are accelerated and widened by new forms of communication as well as transport. And, in turn, technological development has been upgraded by the assortment of notions and the rising scale coming from global reach. During every phase of globalization, technology has played a pivotal role in shaping both perils and opportunities. Out of all, Artificial Intelligence is one such recent evolution that is becoming an integral driving force and is impacting globalization significantly. Artificial intelligence (AI), therefore, is a technical term that refers to objects extensively being used to figure out contexts or the impacts of actions in response to the figured perspectives.

As the Internet of Things (IoT) branches out in the next few years, transforming how consumers work, think, and basically live will be possible with the age of omnipresent computing. How does AI help the Healthcare Industry to make CMS Valued Programmes - Great Learning. Healthcare- one of the critical pieces of all of our lives, is observing a tremendous transformation in terms of medical service provisions.

How does AI help the Healthcare Industry to make CMS Valued Programmes - Great Learning

But that is not all. The pharmaceutical industry is moving by leaps and bounds when it comes to improving patients’ lives, not just in terms of health but in terms of money as well. You ask how? Here is the answer. The Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) – a US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) federal agency, that works in unison with state governments, has taken it upon itself to administer Medicaid and other health insurance portability standards. As a federal agency, CMS is known across the healthcare industry for its value-based programs that empower and reward medical care service providers based on their quality of service to us, patients. What are the Value-based Programs? This might have been the first question that popped into your mind while reading the above paragraph.

Top 10 Startups In India That Use AI to Solve Daily Problems - Great Learning. Artificial Intelligence (AI), the most celebrated technology in the 21st century, is all set to bring a series of revolution in the tech industry.

Top 10 Startups In India That Use AI to Solve Daily Problems - Great Learning

If AI is still alien to you, you should better get acquainted with this AI for the advantages it has to offer. AI is the conceptual machine designed by humans that is smart enough to perform even the most complex cerebral tasks on its own. Because of its accuracy and agility in performing tasks, AI has been embraced by various industries like Healthcare and medicine, Education, Marketing, Small business, Retail and e-commerce, Public Relations and Recruitment, and human resources for daily assistance. The leading start-ups in India are leveraging AI to solve daily problems and grow their respective businesses. 1. OYO, a hotel booking start-up founded by a 19-year-old boy is now India’s go-to app for booking hotels at a reasonable price. Rivigo serves major brands like Marks & Spencer and Maruti Suzuki, with its unique driver relay mode. 2. 3. Computer Vision Tutorial - Great Learning. What is Computer Vision?

Computer Vision Tutorial - Great Learning

Computer vision is a field of study which enables computers to replicate the human visual system. It’s a subset of artificial intelligence which collects information from digital images or videos and processes them to define the attributes. The entire process involves image acquiring, screening, analysing, identifying and extracting information. This extensive processing helps computers to understand any visual content and act on it accordingly. Computer vision projects translate digital visual content into explicit descriptions to gather multi-dimensional data. Role of Deep Learning - Great Learning. What is Deep Learning?

Role of Deep Learning - Great Learning

Deep Learning is a subset of Artificial Intelligence – a machine learning technique that teaches computers and devices logical functioning. Deep learning gets its name from the fact that it involves going deep into several layers of network, which also includes a hidden layer. The deeper you dive, you more complex information you extract.Deep learning methods rely on various complex programs to imitate human intelligence. This particular method teaches machines to recognise motifs so that they can be classified into distinct categories. Machine Learning Tutorial by Great Learning.

Simple Definition of Machine Learning Machine Learning is an Application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) it gives devices the ability to learn from their experiences and improve their self without doing any coding.

Machine Learning Tutorial by Great Learning

For Example, when you shop from any website it’s shows related search like:- People who bought also saw this. What is Machine Learning? Arthur Samuel coined the term Machine Learning in the year 1959. He was a pioneer in Artificial Intelligence and computer gaming, and defined Machine Learning as “Field of study that gives computers the capability to learn without being explicitly programmed”. In this article, firstly, we will discuss Machine Learning in detail covering different aspects, processes, and applications. Here’s a video by explaining what is Machine Learning from the ground up. Now you may wonder, how is it different from traditional programming? A Complete Beginner's Guide to Artificial Intelligence - Great Learning. Scope of big data analytics in India. Reading Time: 2 minutes With everyone talking about it and recognizing it as one technology trend that can’t be ignored, we are truly in the era of Big Data.

Scope of big data analytics in India

As Big Data and analytics continues to become mainstream, the market is growing at a staggering pace. According to a report by IDC, the big data and business analytics market will grow to $203 billion by 2020.