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The Lay of the Land. 5 colors of gismu. A bit of jabberwocky. January 24th, 2010 - graywyvern.

Weirdly, the new russian owners of livejournal seem to have added part of an article on russian-chinese relations to my blog, 7 years after i last used it. i'm trying to find out now what page pearltrees was actually linked to, here. sorry! possibly this one (for the lojban link): ROMOI MU'E JAMNA ko vorme le mokca co nalbalvi joi nalpurci ku zi'o le cfipyboi .i tcati ritli clinoi ni'o carvi .i vacri le terdi poi mi nelci ke'a .uusai .uinai ku'o lo remna selcne galfi .i pu'e zu'i ku mi'o fange daspo le mokca porsi .i do spuda fi le respa sance .i cnisau .i ve vorme co se ckape lei pacna befi lipimo'e le picti .i bebna je ja dimna se danmo (' "Armageddon": You be the doorway between the moment that is not-future mixed-with not-past, & nothing, in the confuser-ball structure: tea ceremony instruction-message... Rain. Air, of earth which i am fond of (strong pity!) (sadness!), with composition humanly-altered modified. By process the-usual, we-including-you are foreign-destroyers of the moment-sequence. You reply with a hissing [reptile sound]. Familiar-feeling. Doored-structure endangered by the mass of hopers of-likelihood- too little a trillionth. Foolish and or fatal smoke-source.') – graywyvern

Let it go. Good that you asked for help!

let it go

Okay, let’s start with the most serious mistakes: Grammatical mistakes. First, missing articles: > a1. .aunai snime cu carvi le cmana Not grammatical. “snime” is probably missing a “lo” or “loi”. > a5. .i tcima cu simsa le mi menli sevzi “tcima” without article … > b5. .i cusku na selxanka mi again, no article for “cusku” Remember: All sumti have to have an article. Different grammatical failures: > a2. .i vi claxu lo pluta > Here there is no path. “vi” expects a sumti after it to indicate the location. I am not sure with this one: From the rubaiyat. A tanka by saigyo. Lojban palindromes. From Lojban fatmi'u lerpoi.

lojban palindromes

My tr.: no woman no cry. My Lojban translation of Basho's most famous haiku. A tanka by oe no chisato. The hexadecimalist heresy. A short history of blogs.

the hexadecimalist heresy

A curious episode in the recent history of Lojban was the Hexadecimalist Heresy. A certain Lojbanist, observing that Lojban had single-syllable words for numbers up to fifteen, maintained that the default number base of Lojban must be Base-16 (i.e. counting ...8, 9, A=10, B=11, C=12, D=13, E=14, F=15, "10"=16 in conventional notation). This created an immense & vituperative controversy, only ending when the arch-hexidecimalist withdrew from the community. Lojban remains default-decimal today, but in the imaginary city of Lojbanistan called "La Xagvar", where nonconforming Lojbanists are said to congregate, it is still the customary greeting to ask, "What base do you count in? " Zbalermorna. The bumper sticker. A lojban rap album. Released June 21, 2015 With its 16 original tracks and its unique Lojban lyrics, ZA'O, the first Lojban album of all time, ventures to explore the many possibilities of Lojban rap music -- previously largely uncharted territory.

a lojban rap album

The themes on this album range from despair to hope, from depression to joy, from anxiety and fear to the one true love. And it's all real. One track even features a verse written in Toki Pona, a little something from me for the Toki Pona fans out there. This also makes it the first rap record ever to feature Toki Pona lyrics (if you haven't guessed, the track is NASA).

A tanka by shunzei. 2 new translations. (vamana, via ancient ufo dot org) "97.

2 new translations

To make a prairie it takes a clover and one bee,-- One clover, and a bee, And revery. The revery alone will do If bees are few. " Emily Dickinson. Rain a lojban fable. Ziryroi.

An alternative alphabet suggestion for lojban

Links to Useful Lojban Resources. Python parrot sketch. The Lojban Reference Grammar. A name for the fourth moon of Pluto. Alice. La nicte cadzu. Lojban home.