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PSOAS Release Party! By Jonathan FitzGordon - Corewalking. Paper Back or eBook: 84 pages Language: English Product Dimensions: 0.2 x 4.9 x 7.9 inches Your psoas muscle is the main hip flexor of the body and the main engine of walking.

PSOAS Release Party! By Jonathan FitzGordon - Corewalking

It is essentially responsible for holding us upright while standing. We believe that knowing how your body works is the first step to relieving chronic aches and pains. Please select a format: Giving Back For every program we sell, we will provide another program to people or organizations in need. Shipping Information There is an additional charge of up to $25 for international shipping. Money back guarantee does not include shipping costs. Discounts and Promotions Product discounts are available for the following persons: – Active and retired soldiers. – Healthcare professionals, including yoga teachers, pilates instructors, Chiropractors, and rolfers. – Those in chronic pain who lack the financial means to purchase our products.

If you qualify for a discount, please contact us at Iliopsoas - The Flee/Fight Muscle for Survival. Introduction Survival is biologically encoded in our genetic DNA.

Iliopsoas - The Flee/Fight Muscle for Survival

Unconditional reflexes respond before a thought crosses our minds. Triggered by internal and external sensory stimulus, these involuntary muscular responses ignite for protection. Large and powerful, the iliopsoas muscle expresses our basic need to survive in the face of danger. Understanding the iliopsoas as part of the survival response offers both therapist and client a fresh perspective and more thoughtful approach to personal healing.

Standard Iliopsoas Protocol Standard practice for most massage and bodywork training programmes is one of either passing over the importance of the iliopsoas or teaching a variety of manipulations with the intention of addressing the unresponsive or constricted muscle. Located deep within the physical core, either the muscle is recognized as not easily accessible and therefore out of the range of basic massage or a major postural muscle, an integral component for realignment. Conclusion. A Window into the Glutes: Anatomy lesson for the... The Right Touch: Craniosacral Therapy for Kids with Special Needs. Lillian, a friend’s 14-year-old daughter who has significant social anxiety, recently came to our house for a dinner party.

The Right Touch: Craniosacral Therapy for Kids with Special Needs

It took her a long while to get comfortable in the small crowd, but what amazed me was her transformation when her mother and I talked about her craniosacral therapist. As Lillian repeated the therapist’s name, her whole demeanor changed: She smiled, her face lit up and her entire body seemed to relax fully for the first time that evening. Carol McLellan, a craniosacral (CST) instructor for Upledger Institute International, isn’t surprised by my story. “Children all along the spectrum of autism and learning disabilities, including ADD, ADHD, dyslexia and dyscalculia, also respond well to CST,” McLellan wrote in a 2012 article in Massage Today. John E. Go with the flow This technical definition can’t begin to describe the level of relaxation CST brings to a patient. “Everybody knows what it is like when life is smooth and you have this ease, and you call that ‘flow.’

How a Mysterious Body Part Called Fascia Is Challenging Medicine. I suspect all of these new age types are drawn like moth to flame to anything science has not explained because claiming knowledge of it gives them an oddball sense of superiority.

How a Mysterious Body Part Called Fascia Is Challenging Medicine

If it was fully understood then they would have no interest in it... Or the difficulty running trials protects them from people disproving that their treatment works. I would agree with you, but it seems they're just as likely to point to the science to support their claims. There is a long tradition of alternative therapists looking to basic research in search of validation or legitimacy. If you've ever heard anyone say "science is just now beginning to confirm what [insert alternative therapeutic practice here] has known to be true for thousands of years," then you know what I'm referring to. Correct. "So far no large scale randomized controlled trial (RCT) has been conducted/completed about Rolfing. Also, that which does not (yet) have a quantifiable explanation lends itself better to their gobbledygook.

Five Easy Ways to move Lymph Fluid. Let’s face it, stagnation is not a good deal.

Five Easy Ways to move Lymph Fluid

It means you are stuck. This really is true in all aspects of our lives, including your lymph system. SomaLab. Five-Week Outcomes From a Dosing Trial of Therapeutic Massage for Chronic Neck Pain. Table of Contents — March/April 2014, 12 (2)