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John and John: Guestcomic 2006: Reid, Geleijnse, en Van Tol. After almost 10 years of corrupting the minds of innocent comicreaders, I have decided to quit with John & John.

John and John: Guestcomic 2006: Reid, Geleijnse, en Van Tol

The formula is dried out and I don't want J&J to suffer the 'Garfield-effect'. I will come back with something new but don't expect it to be like the Johns. If you would like to stay up to date with my plans you can follow me on twitter. Not From Concentrate - #292/ Curvy. Sometimes Babies Die. Pancake breasts. December 31, 2013As mentioned in late October, I did a piece for the Nelvana of the Northern Lights Kickstarter.

Pancake breasts

Shouri provided the gorgeous colors. You can check it out here and here. See you in the new year! Cheers! Least I Could Do: the Comic » by Ryan Sohmer and Lar deSouza. DOGHOUSE. Comics, Quizzes, and Stories. Looking For Group. Advertisement News Latest Archive Comics Looking For Group Non-Playable Character Tiny Dick Adventures Community Forums Facebook Reddit Shop Books Clothes Stuff Mondays & Thursdays Looking For Group.

Looking For Group

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