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07 Decembre : Nouvelle partie pour une nouvelle vie

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Sans titre. .jpg. Mudvayne - A New Game. Gift from Cryo - Main Menu Soundtrack (2001) Incipit. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre.


Le mot incipit (du latin incipio, is, ere : « commencer », pron. ɛ̃.si.pit) désigne les premiers mots d'un texte, religieux ou non, chanté ou non. Selon la tradition des Hébreux reprise dans le christianisme, l'incipit donne son titre au document. Usage religieux, musical et sonore[modifier | modifier le code] Religion[modifier | modifier le code] En hébreu, les livres de la Bible sont désignés par leur incipit. Les bulles pontificales et les encycliques sont aussi nommées d'après leur incipit, par exemple Pacem in Terris (« Paix sur la terre », 1963) en latin, ou en d'autres langues, comme Mit brennender Sorge (« Avec une brûlante inquiétude », 1937), en allemand, dans laquelle le pape Pie XI condamne le nazisme.

Musique[modifier | modifier le code] Dans le domaine musical, un grand nombre d'œuvres polyphoniques d'inspiration religieuse débutent par un incipit grégorien. RACINE PHEDRE. Shakespeare RomeoEtJuliette. Extrait 1 : Prologue - Juste la fin du monde - Jean-Luc Lagarce. PAUL VERLAINE Hombres [Atramenta. Mission Impossible 2 - Intro - Rock Climbing Scene. Super Mario Bros - NES Game Online - Play Emulator. NES controller. My Super Mario Bros: World 1-1 by David King Made Some Games. My Super Mario Bros: World 1-1 (Memories of Play & Making) A short autobiographical game made with Bitsy.

My Super Mario Bros: World 1-1 by David King Made Some Games

Explore World 1-1 from Super Mario Bros and collect the coins, mushrooms, flowers and stars to read my thoughts and memories about playing and making games. There are other secrets to be found too. Move with the arrow keys. On touch screen you can swipe the direction you want to move. Bitsy is a tool, by Adam Le Doux for making little games where you can walk round, speak to things and collect things. Skyrim - Intro PC version in Ultra settings (1920x1080) Sans titre. Game Boy Advance Longplay [063] Wario Ware Inc. Gameboy Advance On. Sans titre. Dragon Age 2 gameplay walkthrough HD - Fire Mage goodness.- Part 1.

TEMPRES by tak. Hyperlove - Collection by KatyD. Single Player by herecomesfran. 地獄・Hell by babylon brooks. 地獄・Hell was made for the "A Game By Its Cover 2017" jam in September 2017, based on a Famicart cover designed by TAGUCHI RYO.

地獄・Hell by babylon brooks

—TAGUCHI RYO, —translation provided by Denji 地獄・Hell is a game about cooking, rebirth, and punishment. It was made using PicoLove, a reimplementation of the PICO-8 fantasy console in the Love2D engine. Arrow keysOther keys as contextually promptedEscape key to pause. Le nouveau jeu de vampire & de romance en ligne. Gay Western Jam. (header image: "Gay Desert" by Josef Albers) To commemorate and/or reclaim the December 9, 2005 theatrical premiere of the film Brokeback Mountain (adapted from a short story by Annie Proulx) we invite all gay cowboys and/or queer cowfolks to craft a small creative work (game, visual novel, short story, illustration, poem, etc.) that has: Possible inspirations for gay and queer westerns: Recommended tools: if you don't know what to use, try Twine (guide) or Bitsy (guide).

Gay Western Jam

JAM BEGINS: ~ December 2. You can start earlier, if you like. SUBMISSIONS DUE: December 9th at midnight EST... now extended by 48 hours! Code of Conduct: racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, biphobic, etc. content will be subject to moderation. [FR] Nouvim 3000 numéro 2 (jeux textuels) This is primarily a French language interactive fiction jam.

[FR] Nouvim 3000 numéro 2 (jeux textuels)

You may participate in a very poor French ;) or even in another language, but in this later case we won't garantee any feedback on your game. If you want to ask questions on an international discussion space, you can use the forum or go on this multi-language Discord server: 1. Quoi ? Game jams. Tiny Islands by David King Made Some Games. Some feedback from my friends and I: The Good Its a lot of fun to surround mountains with forests, knowing you'll get two big point boosts.

Tiny Islands by David King Made Some Games

I love having a choice that seems equal, but choosing one tile over another in the hopes that the perfect card will appear and bag me some extra points. For example placing a forest that almost connects two forests for instance and then having another forest appear that lets me connect them and rewards my optimistic thinking. Houses are great! I think having only two cards which each give you very restricted choices is right. The Bad Some of the rules were unclear. My friends and I have noticed we often have two nice islands and finish the game by drawing an empty and sad third island.