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Technorati What’s this ‘Heartbleed’ I keep hearing about, and why should I care? Think of it like “trick or treating” and you put your hand in a big bowl of candy, and pull out something random... Read more in Technology/IT CEO Interview: What do Obamacare and HBO GO have in common? So many times I’ve seen companies fail to test the scalability of their applications or websites because it is “too hard” to simulate that much activity..


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ScienceDaily Megafloods: What They Leave Behind South-central Idaho and the surface of Mars have an interesting geological feature in common: amphitheater-headed canyons. Researchers offer a plausible account that all these canyons were created by enormous floods. ... > full story Image Perception in the Blink of an Eye Imagine seeing a dozen pictures flash by in a fraction of a second.