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Untitled. Light My Shed 3 by Gama Sonic. Light my Shed 3 - Now with 48 LEDs!!

Light My Shed 3 by Gama Sonic

Never need to replace batteries or bulbs!! Light your shed, greenhouse, boat house or garage with this easy-to-install solar charged light. No electrical wires to install, just secure the solar panel on the side of the building, and the light inside and let the sun do the rest. Light my Shed can be easily installed on all types of metal: metal, wood or plastic. It is charged by a powerful Mono-Crystal solar panel and the light fixture holds 48 LEDs. Solar Powered: Save money on your electric bill with this solar powered shed light. Great For Sheds, Gazebos and More! Long Lasting LED's: No bulbs needed for this fixture. Voltage We designed our plastic shed light kits to function on 4.8V. Warranty One year limited warranty against defects in construction.

Why Affordable Quality Lighting? Heatguard Water Heater Tank Booster-24409. So your water heater doesn't seem to last long enough; guests, teenagers, large whirlpool tub.

Heatguard Water Heater Tank Booster-24409

And you tried the "turn up the temperature some more". The problem is it makes it difficult to safely control the temperature at each faucet in the house, especially for guests that are unaware. You could replace your water heater with a larger unit. Go-Anywhere heating panels. Product Description Features & Benefits: Install applications: T-bar ceiling, suspended with wire or chain, or can be surface or flush mounted to drywall with additional frameƒOur most popular panel for yoga studiosSuspend via wire or chainPays for itself in energy savings and requires no maintenanceHard wired 120, 208, 240 or 277 volts.

Go-Anywhere heating panels

NOTE: Does not plug into a 120 volt electrical outlet.Controlled with hard wired line voltage or low voltage thermostatBirch white stock finish and can be painted. Thing Explainer: Complicated Stuff in Simple Words: Randall Munroe: 9780544668256: Books. Magma Cardbus Host Interface Card - 68-Pin CBHIF B&H Photo Video. CardBus Host Card for Laptop – CBHIF – Magma. Cards and Backplanes – Magma. VoIP Devices_AMOR8210.

Broadband wireless multimedia Videophone AMOR8210 is a new generation of communication product designed for future home and office communication scenarios.

VoIP Devices_AMOR8210

Video communication can be conducted via touch-screen monitor, and DECT wireless handset is integrated to replace the pure voice communication on the traditional telephone. Other functions include multimedia playback and digital photo frame, online life information searching, remote monitoring wireless care phone (IP camera) WCP3681, health care and emergency calls, and LBS value-added services. In addition to home and business applications, Videophone AMOR8210 provides Web API interface for ISP or system integrators to develop cloud value applications.

They can design their own customized value-added services to meet specific market demands. Transnational communication is cost-reduced, or even free The extension number in the company is the phone number of the Videophone. 2WIRE 019461/D PCMCIA Wireless NIC Card, 2WIRE 019461D, Wireless Card, Laptop Network Adapter.

Alloy Steel N Male Plug To UHF Female Jack RF Adapter Connector. Volkswagen Jetta 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 including SportWagen Repair Manual on DVD-ROM  -  Bentley Publishers - Repair Manuals and Automotive Books. Volkswagen Jetta2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009Repair Manual on DVD-ROM The Volkswagen Jetta: 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 Repair Manual on DVD-ROM is the DVD-ROM publication of repair information for the A5 platform Volkswagen Jetta.

Volkswagen Jetta 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 including SportWagen Repair Manual on DVD-ROM  -  Bentley Publishers - Repair Manuals and Automotive Books

This comprehensive repair manual contains the repair information provided by Volkswagen to their factory-trained technicians, making it an invaluable resource for the Volkswagen Jetta (A5 platform) owner. It provides clear & complete step-by-step procedures to help you understand, care for, and repair your 2005-2009 Volkswagen Jetta. Wiring diagrams, component locations, campaign circulars and technical bulletins are also included in this manual. Engines covered: 16V AC Adapter Adaptor For Fujitsu Lifebook C6592 C6598 C4230 C65 Battery Charger Switching Power Supply Cord.

DC Water Heating Elements. DC Water Heater Element 24 volt 400 watt. Hurricane Wind Power Diverion Dump loads. Loading...

Hurricane Wind Power Diverion Dump loads

Please wait... Google+ Advanced Search | Search Tips Email: Phone: 540-761-7799 Fax: 540-301-5957 Categories Get the <a href=" Vision Video</a> widget and many other <a href=" free widgets</a> at <a href=" Not seeing a widget? Hurricane Wind Power. - CMX. - CFVT-8C.

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Seek Thermal Camera Android. Mini BoostPack 12V Capacitor Car Battery. You might like to research the formula for energy storage in a capacitor, namely e=0.5×C×v^2, closely resembling newton’s ke=0.5×m×v^2 When you connect two capacitors in series, you get half the capacitance but twice the voltage.

Mini BoostPack 12V Capacitor Car Battery

Given the energy storage formula’s v^2 term vs the linear C term, this means you get twice the energy storage. So yes, his 6x350F capacitor bank gives 350F/6=58.3F, but 350F,2.5v=1093J, and 58.3F,15v=6558J so conservation of energy is preserved. YES, charge storage is reduced. However, potential energy is voltage * charge, and every extra capacitor increases the energy stored. For the purpose of starting cars, the (whatever) must supply several hundred amps at minimum 10v for a few seconds.

In this application, as long as the (whatever) can 1) supply the required current and 2) maintain sufficient voltage for the required period, it *will* succeed. 12V BoostPack Starts Freezing Cold Engine – Capacitors Replacing Car Batteries. ClearSpan High Tunnel Greenhouse. WE BEAT PRICES. RAYCORE Building Systems SIPs. 4-inch Straight Block. MetRockSCIP - Structural Concrete Insulated Panels. Polyurethane Structural Insulated Panels. Imer Mighty Small 50 Sprayer Mixer- Free Shipping!

Kushlan Portable Electric Direct Drive Cement Mixer — 6 Cubic Ft., Model# KPRO600DD. Three Hole Quick Shot – Monolithic Marketplace. Three Hole Combination Quick Shot – Monolithic Marketplace. ASUS MeMO Pad 7 ME176C 7-in Atom Z3745 Tablet Review - Bay Trail Meets Android. In many ways, the Google Nexus 7 has long been the standard of near perfection for an Android tablet.

ASUS MeMO Pad 7 ME176C 7-in Atom Z3745 Tablet Review - Bay Trail Meets Android

With a modest 7-inch screen, solid performance and low cost, the ASUS-built hardware has stood through one major revision as our top selection. Today though, a new contender in the field makes its way to the front of the pack in the form of the ASUS MeMO Pad 7 (ME176C). At $150, this new 7-inch tablet has almost all the hallmarks to really make an impact in the Android ecosystem. Finally. The MeMO Pad 7 is not a new product family, though. I have to admit that my time with the ASUS MeMO Pad 7 (ME176C) has been short; shorter than I would have liked to offer a truly definitive take on this mobile platform. The ASUS MeMO Pad 7 has a 1280x800 resolution IPS screen. The rear of the ASUS MeMO Pad is a pseudo rubber/plastic type material that is easy to grip while not leaving fingerprints behind - a solid combination.

Continue reading our review of the ASUS MeMO Pad 7 ME176C!! Gateway to Venture Capital. Custom Seat Covers for Cars, Trucks & SUVs at The custom seat covers we offer are tailored to fit the seats on each make and model, so you can expect a perfect fit on your car or truck, with no looseness, bunching, or wrinkling.

Custom Seat Covers for Cars, Trucks & SUVs at

They’ll accommodate the specific features of your seats including head rests, arm rests, switches for power adjustment and lumbar support, and seat-mounted air bags. If you’re looking for comfortable protection with a sporty look, choose Neosupreme seat covers. Constructed from material similar to that used to make wet suits, they are extremely durable, provide protection from the elements, and are UV resistant. For the ultimate look and feel of luxury, you can’t beat our leather seat covers. 3-9×42/ Multi Coated/ Reticl: Range Finder/ Quick Release Mount/ Red, Green, & Blue Illum./ Red Dot & Mount Incl. (SKU: SRFS3942RGBH) Illuminated Scope 3-9×42/ Multi Coated/ Reticl: Range Finder/ Quick Release Mount/ Red, Green, & Blue Illum./ Red Dot & Mount Incl.

3-9×42/ Multi Coated/ Reticl: Range Finder/ Quick Release Mount/ Red, Green, & Blue Illum./ Red Dot & Mount Incl. (SKU: SRFS3942RGBH)

(SKU: SRFS3942RGBH) Gear Review – • The System gives you all the benefits of a 3-9X42 Scope for long range & with a Red Dot Sight for close range targets •This is the perfect platform for the DH1S1B Micro Red Dot Sight •Specially designed Reticle to estimate range using a simple mathematical formula. Volkswagen Jetta 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 including SportWagen Repair Manual on DVD-ROM  -  Bentley Publishers - Repair Manuals and Automotive Books. TASCAM DA-3000. The TASCAM DA-3000 makes ultra-high-quality recording fast and simple whether you're working in your studio or running live sound. With the DA-3000 rackmount recorder, you get your choice of recording in up to 24-bit/192kHz PCM linear or in DSD (direct stream digital) format up to 5.6MHz. What's more, you can record straight to inexpensive SD/SDHC or CompactFlash media for added convenience and portability.

And with the same digital converters found on TASCAM's highly popular DV-RA1000HD, you know you'll get phenomenal sound quality every time you record to your DA-3000. TASCAM DA-3000 DSD Master Recorder at a Glance:Amazing DSD sound quality High-quality analog circuitry and AD/DA conversion Outstanding live recordings are easyAmazing DSD sound quality Instead of going into the technical details of how the DA-3000's DSD digital audio format works, let's just say it sounds amazing. Video - 12 Gauge Microphones. GAS Sigma 500. Boss GP-10 with GK-3 Pickup. Harnessing the power and potential of Roland's GK technology has never been easier or more affordable than it is with the BOSS GP-10. The GP-10 multi-effects processor lets you use your axe to harness a wide range of guitar, bass, and synth tones, including the classic Roland GR-300! But that's just the beginning. You can easily access alternative tunings and 12-string sounds as well, or tap into a massive collection of COSM amps and effects.

Top it off with USB connectivity that lets you send both audio and MIDI to your computer, and there's no limit to what you can do with a BOSS GP-10. Inteliscope - Your Premium Tactical Accessory & App for iPhone. VOVOX. iConnectivity iConnectMIDI4+ 64 Port USB MIDI Interface. iConnectMIDI4+ much like it’s little sibling iConnectMIDI2+ in that it sets out to reinvent what it is to be a MIDI interface by introducing new technology and combining pre-existing technologies in an intuitive way. iConnectMIDI4+ is not only a 64 port MIDI interface for PC, MAC, and iOS*.

It also introduces four exciting new features to enable musicians to professionally integrate more than one computer or an iOS device into their music making environment. The first of these technologies allows for more than one computing device to access the same MIDI resources. This is useful in many ways such as, sending midi from a controller or synth to daw and an iOS device simultaneously, setting up redundancy in a live MIDI environment, sending MIDI from multiple computing devices to one another, and more. iConnectMIDI4+ also features Audio passThru™.

iConnectMIDI4+ also has an ethernet port. DiGiGrid MGB and Server One System. Butch Vig and Billy Bush on Waves/Abbey Road Reel ADT. Fishman TriplePlay Wireless MIDI Pickup. You've been waiting for the Fishman TriplePlay wireless electric guitar controller, even if you didn't know it. You can control software instruments from your favorite electric guitar, compose with accurate notation (both standard and tab), and even record MIDI directly into your DAW, all wirelessly. Just attach the hex pickup and wireless transmitter to your guitar's bridge, plug the USB wireless receiver into your computer, and you're ready to perform, compose, and record. You'll experience your guitar in a new way with the Fishman TriplePlay wireless guitar controller. AirPower2 Wireless MIDI. Airfy’s Beacon Wants To Make The Smart Home Smarter. Berlin-based Airfy, maker of the Airfy WiFi router that our very own John Biggs called one of the sexiest Wi-Fi routers he’d ever seen (and the man has doubtless seen a lot of WiFi routers), is launching a crowdfunding campaign for a new product today.

Rather than tackling the ugliness and (often) stupidity of WiFi routers, the Airfy Beacon is an attempt at making the smart home, well, smarter. The idea is that by placing Airfy’s Beacon sensors around the home, coupled with your smartphone and the startup’s app, otherwise disparate ‘smart’ products, such as Google-owned Nest’s smart thermostat, or smart lightbulbs from Philips, can be better integrated, bringing a level of automation not always seen.

Individual smart home products feel as though they are on the cusp of becoming mainstream. However, as William Gibson is often quoted, “the future is already here — it’s just not very evenly distributed”. Learn to Think Like an Android Developer. By Reto Meier, Head of Scalable Developer Advocacy Today I’m proud to announce the latest resource for learning to develop Android apps: Developing Android Apps: Android Fundamentals. No service, no problem. Preamps for Guitar. Carry the beat at any time. When there’s no space for your kit… When the neighbors keep complaining… When you’re tired of lugging drums around……pick up some Aerodrums. Aerodrums teaser. DrumsAnywhere: Turn any surface into a Electronic Drum Set! Hardkernel. Hardkernel. Intel Announces Galileo Gen 2 Development Board Based on Quark SoC.

As many of us are waiting for our Intel Galileo board promised by Microsoft, and right after the Raspberry Pi foundation announced the Raspberry Pi Model B+, Intel has introduced a new version of the Galileo board which they simply call Galileo Gen 2. The development board is still powered by Intel Quark single core SoC (Pentium class) and with the same key features as the original Galileo Board, but with some tweaks based on the feedback from the community. Intel Galileo vs Intel Galileo Gen 2 (Click to Enlarge) BISSELL Symphony All-in-One Vacuum and Steam Mop. Use the convenient Easy Touch Digital Controls to easily switch between the powerful cyclonic vacuum, the powerful steam mop or you can use both at the same time. 8.460" Wide Extruded Aluminum Heatsink with T-Slots - HeatsinkUSA, LLC Store. Loading... Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone. Get outstanding vocal and acoustic reproduction with this Gold Sputtered Large Diaphragm Condenser Studio Recording Microphone from Monoprice!

Monoprice 600800 Mods. Additional Product Images. Microphone Parts. Item #InVision USMIn StockStarting at $119.99! Now your mic can be protected by the same isolation technology selected by industry-leading manufacturers for their best microphones: Rycote's Lyre suspension. RA-23 FET Microphone Kit. Control Car PC with Steering wheel controls. PcDuino V2: an MiniPC with Arduino headers ubuntu android google.

Molon Labe 1 oz Silver Round. Buyers' Guide. Shark Wheel – The fastest, smoothest riding wheels with incredible grip and slide control. App Accelerator - CRV - Downloads - CRV - Downloads - Netagio – Securely Buy, Sell and Store Your Bitcoins and Gold. Instant Locate Demo. Foam it Green Spray Foam Kits. Sharp TV Models: Big Screen LED TVs. Sharp TV Models: Big Screen LED TVs. ONE™ personal thermal imager by FLIR® - See the Heat. EverStryke Perma-Match. Mushroom Observer: Activity Log.

Ultrasonic Mist Maker. Do it yourself magnetic stirrers. Buy Silver & Gold Bullion Online. Dehydrating/Smoking - VegiKILN Food Dehydrating System, 10 trays.