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Mind Mapping. SCoPE. We've talked a lot about different analytics tools.


Compiling them into a single list may help. Add any tools or other information about them to the table below. (It's looking like this table could be sorted into a few different tables based on different types of analytics tools...) Anyone know of a tool that can extract tags from IM or twitter text by analyzing the text for meaning? There is no "discussion tab" that I can see. Long way: You apply the porter stemmer algorithm to bring each word to their morphological root: You get rid of all the function words: You then sort words by frequency count and keep the most frequent ones.

Easy way: Paste your text there: create wordle from text. This type of analysis really is by word frequency, avoiding the words that are known to not bear meaning. A real meaning analysis is somewhat more complex. Machine Learning: A Love Story. A simple URL shortener. Dashboard Everything. Course: Learning and Knowledge Analytics. Lak11 Week 3 and 4 (and 5): Semantic Web, Tools and Corporate Use of Analytics « Hans de Zwart: Technology as a Solution… Two weeks ago I visited Learning Technologies 2011 in London (blog post forthcoming).

Lak11 Week 3 and 4 (and 5): Semantic Web, Tools and Corporate Use of Analytics « Hans de Zwart: Technology as a Solution…

This meant I had less time to write down some thoughts on Lak11. I did manage to read most of the reading materials from the syllabus and did some experimenting with the different tools that are out there. Here are my reflections on week 3 and 4 (and a little bit of 5) of the course. Use cases for analytics in corporate learning Weeks ago Bert De Coutere started creating a set of use cases for analytics in corporate learning. Portfolio management through monitoring search terms You are responsible for the project management portfolio learning portfolio. There are three more titles that I wanted to do, but did not have the chance to do yet. Using external information inside the companySuggested learning groups to self-organizeLinking performance data to learning excellence Book: Head First Data Analytics I have always been intrigued by O’Reilly’s Head First series of books.

Stellabastone. Launching Elluminate Live! Start Session Optionally, you can pre-configure your computer and test your audio using one of our Configuration Rooms prior to your session.

Launching Elluminate Live!

Please visit our "First time Users" section in the Support Portal to view configuration rooms for Blackboard Collaborate web conferencing. Note: When joining a Blackboard Collaborate web conferencing session for the first time you will see a Security Dialog. Blackboard Collaborate web conferencing is asking for you to run this application without a verification of its digital signature. Due to the dynamic abilities of our software we are unable to sign certain application files. Welcome to CCK11 ~ CCK11. Lak11_Orientation. Learning and Knowledge Analytics. Best content in Learning Analytics. Stephen Downes: 'Connectivism' and Connective Knowledge.

On Jan. 17 George Siemens and I will launch the third offering of our online course called 'Connectivism and Connective Knowledge' -- or CCK11.

Stephen Downes: 'Connectivism' and Connective Knowledge

We use the term 'connectivism' to describe a network-based pedagogy. The course itself uses connectivist principles and is therefore an instantiation of the philosophy of teaching and learning we both espouse. If you're interested, you can register here: The course is a MOOC -- a massive open online course. What this means is, first, that it may be massive. Our first offering attracted 2200 people, our second about 700 people. It also means, second, that the course is free and open. The way CCK11 is set up is that we've defined a twelve-week course of readings.

What is important about a connectivist course, after all, is not the course content. Let me explain why we take this approach and what connectivism is. What we learn, what we know -- these are literally the connections we form between neurons as a result of experience. 1. Reflections on the Knowledge Society » Semantic Web and Language Technologies. Stephen Wolfram: Computing a theory of everything. Login. Awesome: DIY Data Tool Needlebase Now Available to Everyone.

If you've been within shouting distance of me over the last month, you've probably heard me singing the praises of Needlebase, a great new point-and-click tool for extracting, sorting and visualizing data from across pages around the web.

Awesome: DIY Data Tool Needlebase Now Available to Everyone

I've been using it for all kinds of things and now you can too. When we first reviewed Needle here on ReadWriteWeb, it was in closed beta and new users had to request an account. Now it's open and available for all: free for personal use or by subscription for commercial use. Check out some examples of ways I've used this exciting new technology below. Needlebase allows you to view web pages through a virtual browser, point and click to train it in understanding what fields on that page are of interest to you and how those fields relate to each other. For example, I've already used Needle to do the following. And here are a few ways I've used Needlebase so far. Investigative journalism Data Re-Sorting Enter Needlebase. Event Preparation Other Uses. Tour. Interactive visualization Comments about this visualization Form for posting a new comment Detail of a comment contributed by anonymous user Screenshot showing part of the collection of visualizations on the site.