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Software e didattica - 3.2.6 - Video e animazioni - Parte 1

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K-Lite Codec Pack (Full) Synfig Studio. Synfig Studio Portatile. Pencil2D. VirtualDub. VirtualDub Portatile. VirtualDub - Filtri aggiuntivi. In this article, we will talk about some of the various technical details of video files and codecs and take a look at a number of tools that can be used to convert, compress, and edit video files. If you have ever watched a video or movie on your computer you have been exposed to the world of video codecs. Perhaps it was an unpleasant meeting when you received a ‘missing codec’ message that made it impossible to view your content. So what was that message all about? Let’s find out. What is a Video Codec?

A codec is an algorithm that is used to encode data like a video clip. It must be decoded when played back, and the word codec is a contraction of the words ”coder/decoder”. Video codecs can be lossy or lossless based on their impact on the quality of the original video file. Lossless codecs can achieve compression of about 50% while retaining the quality of the original media file. Lossy codecs trade some video quality but can compress files down to around 10% of their initial size. Avisynth. Kdenlive. Moviesoup. Avidemux. Avidemux Portatile. Avidemux - Tutorial rapido. Avidemux - Tutorial vari su YouTube. Avidemux e DVDStyler - Guida al DVD Authoring. In questa guida vedremo come realizzare, in tre semplici passi, un DVD video utilizzando Avidemux 2 e DVDStyler. L'esempio condotto nella guida è stato realizzato con le versioni Windows dei due software. La realizzazione di un DVD Video si compone di tre fasi principali: montaggio (editing) e codifica, secondo il formato conforme DVD (DVD-compliant), delle sorgenti video in singoli file che costituiranno i “titoli” del DVD; creazione del DVD video (DVD authoring): assemblaggio dei titoli video precedentemente codificati e creazione dei menu di selezione; scrittura del supporto DVD.

Fase 1: Video editing e codifica dei file video con Avidemux 2 Lanciamo Avidemux 2 e carichiamo il video dal menu File → Apri: se Avidemux richiede l'indicizzazione del file rispondiamo “Si”. Possiamo editare il video tagliando, ad esempio, alcune parti: Per aggiungere spezzoni video, cioè altri file, allo stesso video, basta selezionare la voce “Aggiungi...” dal menu File. Avidemux 2 - Video Editing. DVDStyler. DVDStyler Portatile. DVDStyler - Guide su YouTube. Subtitle Edit. Overview Subtitle Edit is a free (open source) editor for video subtitles - a subtitle editor :) With SE you can easily adjust a subtitle if it is out of sync with the video in several different ways.

You can also use SE for making new subtitles from scratch (do use the time-line/waveform/spectrogram) or translating subtitles. For a list of features see below or check out the Subtitle Edit Help page. On my blog you can download latest beta version and read about/discuss new features. Also, you can watch a few videos about installing and using Subtitle Edit. Dny238 has written a nice tutorial about Syncing Subtitles with Subtitle Edit :) A Subtitle Edit dll (LibSe.dll) is available for programmers (BSD New/Simplified license). Features Create/adjust/sync/translate subtitle lines Convert between SubRib, MicroDVD, Advanced Sub Station Alpha, Sub Station Alpha, D-Cinema, SAMI, youtube sbv, and many more (200+ different formats!)

Subtitle Edit main window Subtitle list view right-click menu. Subtitle Edit Portatile. SubtitleCreator - Browse /SubtitleCreator at SubRip. Mpg2Cut2. VideoLan Movie Creator. VLC Media Player. VLC Media Player Portatile. [rev2] eliminazione delle lingue supplementari con notevole riduzione della dimensione del software (utilizzando l'INI principale). [rev 2 fixed] crash nella memorizzazione delle skin -Link- [rev3] -Link- [rev4] bug salvataggio dati in %AppData%\vlc -Link- , cambiato splash screen[rev9] eliminata copia impostazioni predefinite per disabilitare gli aggiornamenti automatici (x-default), bug fix creazione cartella dvdcss in %AppData%, bug fix normalizzazione percorsi su file dal nome ed estensione non definiti (salvataggio playlist), aggiunta gestione cache (file *.cache-2), rimosso codice per eliminazione lingue supplementari[rev10] bug fix gestione cache[rev11] modificata variabile LANGUAGE, eliminata gestione file cache, eliminata rimozione cartella dvdcss, bug-fix normalizzazione percorsi su file recenti e playlist -Link- [rev12] rimozione parametro "--no--plugins--cache" -Link-

Animata. PhotoLapse. PhotoFilmStrip. PhotoFilmStrip - Guida di Gustavo Barbieri. Alternate Pic View ExeSlide. A program to create self-executing slide shows or GIF-animations. The program supports several image formats and can create slideshow output files as the following formats (the generated output files can then be provided without this program): - .EXE-file (self executing, can be burned to CD or sent via e-mail) - .EXE-game (3 mini-games available, you can change the background(s)) - .SCR-file (screen saver-file, can be used as screen-saver) - .GIF-file (animated GIF image) - .SWF-file (flash slide-show) - .AVI-file (images as film) The display time for each picture can be set for the complete slide-show or individually per picture. For .EXE- or .SCR-files you have also the possibility to add a background music file. You may install this program together with Alternate Pic View and it integrates itself into the Tools-menu.

Changes in this version: - Ukrainian translation added.