Project VIGILANT secures the ability to "Attribute Actions to Actors". We have sworn to defend the Constitution of the United States of America, and our providing this research strengthens the common defence. - Project Vigilant
Cybercop Login Page Cybercop Login Page This system contains data belonging to the U.S. Government. This computer system, including all related equipment, networks, and network devices (specifically including Internet access) are provided only for authorized U.S.
Big names help run Project Vigilant Big names help run Project Vigilant It’s tempting to look at a secret group of cybercrime “monitors” and dismiss them as a group of lightweights trying to play cops and robbers in the Internet world. Nothing could be farther from the truth. As referenced in this column yesterday, Project Vigilant has been operating in near total secrecy for over a decade, monitoring potential domestic terrorist activity and tracking various criminal activities on the Web. In a series of exclusive interviews with some of the group’s leaders, it’s clear that the people doing this work are among the most sophisticated and experienced experts in today’s rapidly moving world of Internet security. Many of them are very recognizable names in technology circles, yet their public profiles, posted for all to see on sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook and even their own webpages, omit any reference to Project Vigilant.
Secret group aids fight against terror Secret group aids fight against terror In the fight against terror, the U.S. needs all the help it can get, even if that assistance comes from unpaid volunteers. For the past 14 years, a significant volunteer group of U.S. citizens has been operating in near total secrecy to monitor and report illegal or potentially harmful activity on the Web. Flying “under the radar” and carefully discouraging any press coverage that focused on the group, Project Vigilant has quietly operated in the eddies and whirlpools of Internet research, feeding tips and warnings to federal, state and military agencies. The group claims over 500 current members, although their names and identities are still mostly secret.
Forbes‘ technology writer Andy Greenberg reports that at the Defcon Security Conference yesterday, an individual named Chet Uber appeared with revelations about the case of accused WikiLeaks leaker Bradley Manning and government informant Adrian Lamo. These revelations are both remarkable in their own right and, more important, highlight some extremely significant, under-examined developments unrelated to that case. This is a somewhat complex story and it raises even more complex issues, but it is extremely worthwhile to examine. Uber is the Executive Director of a highly secretive group called Project Vigilant, which, as Greenberg writes, “monitors the traffic of 12 regional Internet service providers” and “hands much of that information to federal agencies.” More on that in a minute. Project Vigilant and the government/corporate destruction of privacy - Glenn Greenwald Project Vigilant and the government/corporate destruction of privacy - Glenn Greenwald
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Ira Winkler Ira Winkler Information about the new book... American corporations now lose as much as $300 billion a year to hacking, cracking, physical security breaches, and other criminal activity. Millions of people a year have their identities stolen or fall victim to other scams. In Spies Among Us, Ira Winkler reveals his security secrets, disclosing how companies and individuals can protect themselves from even the most diabolical criminals. He goes into the mindset of everyone from small-time hackers to foreign intelligence agencies to disclose cost-effective countermeasures for all types of attacks. This unique book is packed with the riveting, true stories and case studies of how he did it-and how people and companies can avoid falling victim to the spies among us.
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