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S Guide to Protecting Electronic Devices and Data at the U.S. Border. Amid recent reports that security researchers have experienced difficulties at the United States border after traveling abroad, we realized that it's been awhile since we last discussed how to safeguard electronic devices and digital information during border searches.

s Guide to Protecting Electronic Devices and Data at the U.S. Border

So just in time for holiday travel and the 27th Chaos Communication Congress in Berlin, here's EFF's guide for protecting your devices and sensitive data at the United States border. The Government Has Broad Legal Authority to Search Laptops, Phones, Cameras, and Other Devices at the U.S. Border. The Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution prohibits unreasonable government searches and seizures. This generally means that the government has to get a warrant to search a location or item in which you have a reasonable expectation of privacy. If you've had your devices detained by border agents for an extended period of time, please contact EFF. A manifesto for the simple scribe – my 25 commandments for journalists.

Who owns what

Culture Clash: Journalism?s ideology vs blog culture. Why Facebook Is Not the Cure For Bad Comments: Tech News and Analysis « Attacks on the Press in 2010. Why the Internet Weakens the Authority of the Press. Like PressThink?

Why the Internet Weakens the Authority of the Press

More from the same pen: Read about Jay Rosen's book, What Are Journalists For? Excerpt from Chapter One of What Are Journalists For? "As Democracy Goes, So Goes the Press. " Essay in Columbia Journalism Review on the changing terms of authority in the press, brought on in part by the blog's individual--and interactive--style of journalism.


Inside Story - The WikiLeaks copycats. Wikileaks team "cloned" version of. Spinoff wikileaks. Klokkenluideronline. Wie doet er mee met, op zoek naar de waarheid. Daniel Elsberg. Digital Journalism Home. IMMI Icelandic Modern Media Initiative. Press release // The Internet, February 28th, 2013 // For immediate release Today, a group of forty security, privacy and human rights advocates and organizations from around the world released an open letter to Ögmundur Jónasson, Icelandic minister of interior, regarding the ongoing discussions on the possibility of establishing Internet pornography censorship in Iceland.

IMMI Icelandic Modern Media Initiative

The group, consisting of individuals and organizations from 19 countries, including Germany, Poland, the United Kingdom, Palestine, Argentina, Peru, Guatemala, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Jordan, and the United States, objects to the manner in which the discussion has been carried forth, saying that “it is tempting to regard filtering the internet as a quick and easy way to restrict unwanted speech, opinions, or media, which the government regards as harmful for either them or the people. Obama signs US legislation to stymie Britain's libel law. President Obama yesterday signed into US law legislation aimed at protecting American authors, journalists and academics from Britain's libel laws.

Obama signs US legislation to stymie Britain's libel law

The Securing the Protection of our Enduring and Established Constitutional Heritage Act, known as the SPEECH Act, makes libel judgments against US writers in foreign territories unenforceable if they are perceived to counter the First Amendment right to free speech. The British-based Libel Reform Campaign has expressed concern that Britain's reputation is being damaged internationally due to what it calls "our restrictive, archaic and costly libel laws, which cost 140 times the European equivalent.

" The SPEECH Act is inspired by the Libel Terrorism Protection Act passed by the New York State assembly in February 2008, after American academic Dr Rachel Ehrenfeld was sued in London by an Arab businessman Sheikh Khalid bin Mahfouz. Only 23 copies of her book Funding Evil were sold in Britain compared to thousands distributed in the US. Freedom of Expression inEU wikileaks-1.01. ALEV] Freedom of Expression in Europe. GAP Government Accountability Project. The Reykjavik Grapevine Features / Information Without Borders?

HackInTheBox A'dam1-2 July2010 keep knowl. Hack In The Box (hackinthebox) Rop Gonggrijp (rop_g) Rop Gonggrijp. PART 1/6 Rop Gonggrijp - Frank Rieger - We lost the war - 22nd Chaos Communication Congress. PART 2/6 Rop Gonggrijp - Frank Rieger - We lost the war - 22nd Chaos Communication Congress. My keynote at 27C3. Right here exactly five years ago Frank Rieger and myself held a lecture that was called “We lost the war”.

My keynote at 27C3

It was about how we felt the fight over privacy and wider civil rights was going. For those of you who weren’t there: it wasn’t a very happy story. ICFJ International Center for Journalists. ICFJ. 5 Innovative Websites That Could Reshape the News. This series is supported by The Poynter Institute’s Mobile Media blog – your guide to the intersection of mobile and media.

5 Innovative Websites That Could Reshape the News

Sign up to receive the blog in newsletter format and be entered into a drawing to win an iPad at Few industries are experiencing greater upheaval at the hands of technological progress than the news media. New ideas are popping up every day, so we've collected five of the most interesting ones for your consideration. The previous generation of sites that redefined the news birthed several household names — Twitter, YouTube and Digg, to name a few. It's no secret that newspapers have struggled as blogs and social networking sites have grown in prominence, but in the rapidly changing worlds of mobile and web technology, the distribution methods for news information are once again shifting.

The Bureau of Investigative Journalism. TBIJ (TBIJ) Iain Overton (iainoverton) RSF / RWB (RSF_RWB) MIT Comm-Forum. Knightfdn. Knight Foundation Hands Out Grants to 12 Groups, but Not WikiLea. The Knight Foundation announced on Wednesday 12 winners of its News Challenge grants, projects costing a total of $2.74 million that will use new technology to spread information in local areas.

The winners included a platform for collaborating to report local news and a plan to spread virtual town halls across Vermont. WikiLeaks: Knight grants $2.74Mio to... Networks and Engaged Communities: Beginning a Conversation about Knight Foundation Research. There has been increasing interest around the world in the role that inclusive businesses, which engage and benefit the global poor, can play in the fight against the problems of poverty.

Networks and Engaged Communities: Beginning a Conversation about Knight Foundation Research

However, disappointingly few of these have achieved the scale required to make a significant difference. An analysis of over 400 such firms in Africa showed that a mere 13% of them had begun to scale. Working Wikily (WorkingWikily) Cij Center of Investigative Journalism. Global Investigative (gijn) Vrijspraak voor AIVD'ers. Online, news archives never die, nor do they fade away. Championing Independent Journalism. Frontline Club. Ushahidi in 3G: How media outlets could extend the mapping platform beyond crisis communications. Since its launch in early 2008, the crowdsourced mapping platform Ushahidi has been used to monitor elections in Burundi, to track violence in Pakistan, to coordinate aid in Haiti.

Ushahidi in 3G: How media outlets could extend the mapping platform beyond crisis communications

Its platform has been downloaded nearly 4,000 times; its mobile platform, more than 3,700. Julian Assange: The end of secrets? - opinion - 16 August 2010. Read full article Continue reading page |1|2 Lifting the lid on the whistle-blowing website WikiLeaks and its enigmatic hacker-turned-activist founder Editorial: Will someone leak the leaker's secrets?

Julian Assange: The end of secrets? - opinion - 16 August 2010

"QUICK, you've got to come now or you'll miss him," says the press officer. I'm being ushered down a corridor in the back of the Randolph hotel, Oxford, UK, to meet Julian Assange, an Australian hacker and the founder of the whistle-blower's website WikiLeaks. Society of Professional Journalists. Press Freedom Online. CPJ (pressfreedom) A World of Opportunities in News Media. IJNet (IJNet) Z Communications. Cryptome. Website for Leaked Data Shines Spotlight on WikiLeaks. Wikileaks Website to Be Abandoned. 15 July 2010 Julian Assange: "I have many other ideas, and as soon as WikiLeaks is strong enough to flourish without me I'll go on with these other ideas.

Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. Newstweek: news modification demonstration. 2011-01-07-device-distorts-news-on-wireless-neworks. Hidden device distorts news at hotspots Security researchers from Berlin-based firm, Critical Engineering, uncover the technology behind a small, seemingly harmless device that's causing havoc at hotspots throughout Europe.


Lisa Miller reports from the German capital.. Many of us are familiar with this scene: starting the day with a muggachino while we catch up with news using the local wireless hotspot on our portable computer or smartphone. This ritual practice, popular across cities throughout the western world, has recently come under threat however, from small, innocuous-looking devices 'infecting' cafes throughout Europe.. Wolfgang Buechner (wbuechner) WAN-IFRA (NewspaperWorld)

To Host World Press Freedom Day in 2011. The United States is pleased to announce that it will host UNESCO’s World Press Freedom Day event in 2011, from May 1 - May 3 in Washington, D.C. World Press Freedom (WPFD2011)

Chaîne de WPFD2011. Biography of Irina BOKOVA. Newseum Home. Newseum (Newseum) Philip J. Crowley (PJCrowley) The seven deadly sins of journalism companies. Clay Shirky predicts widespread disruptions for syndication. Credit where credit is due. Posted by Eric Weigle, Software Engineer, and Abe Epton, Publisher Technical Specialist News publishers and readers both benefit when journalists get proper credit for their work. That can be difficult, with news spreading so quickly and many websites syndicating articles to others. Jonathanstray: @chsirky predicts that the... New rule: Cover what you do best. Link to the rest ? BuzzMachine. Syndication. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Vertical Acuity. Cartoon Movement Launches. How to Crack the New York Times Most-Emailed List. All the President's Men. All the President's Men (film) 6 Corporate Media Giants Control Majority of Mainstream News. Independent News Organizations & Media.

News Corporation. News Corporation (NWScorp) News Corporation. Murdoch onder druk door nieuwe ‘phone hacking’-onthullingen « De nieuwe reporter. Journalism at City University London - City University London. CityJournalism (cityjournalism) Why the NYT will lose to HuffPo. Who reads the papers? - Yes, Prime Minister - BBC comedy.