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Chapter 6

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Lesson 19: giving driections real english. Giving Directions Level: Pre-Intermediate Lesson contents: - Can you tell me the way to...?

lesson 19: giving driections real english

- Go to x, and turn right at y - It's straight up the road. - A tpical reply: Go up to the lights and turn right, then turn left at the stop sign. It's the church on your right. Always watch the video without subtitles first in order to train your ears! Exercises for this lesson: How to do the lessons: Watch the video without subtitles.Do all the Exercises.Come back to this page.Watch the video with English Subtitles. Problems? Giving Directions Watch this video, then click on Exercise 1 Same video with Precise Subtitles Do the exercises before watching this video with subtitles. Teachers: In our experience, most people give horrible directions. In the editing room, we soon noticed that we had chosen the simplest replies to our questions because only the short replies were grammatically correct. Lesson 19 - Practice before watching the video!

Weve all been there lesson instructions1. Perfectly Confused: Teaching the Present Perfect Tense to ESL Students. Often I don’t really understand something until I try to write about it (to paraphrase E.

Perfectly Confused: Teaching the Present Perfect Tense to ESL Students

M. Forster). This was certainly true of phrasal verbs. So this week I’ll tackle the present perfect tense, a notorious ESL troublemaker, hoping that this will force me to clarify it in my own mind before I have to stand up in front of a class and teach it again. In case you were wondering, the “perfectly confused” in the title of the post refers not to ESL students, but to us, their unfortunate teachers, when we try to explain to our students when to use the present perfect, and why, and how it’s different from the simple past. The Ventures textbook series introduces the present perfect in Level 3.

Lesson 19: giving driections real english. Lesson 19 - Practice before watching the video! Exercise 10 - Hotel Directions Part 1 - You are the front desk.

Exercise 10 - Hotel Directions Part 1 -

A woman asks: Can you tell me the way to the jewelry shop, please? 1 - Look at this picture. You are at the Front Desk.Click here. Watch. Listen! Listening Game : 12 : Directions. (1) OK, here is how to get to my house from the train station.

Listening Game : 12 : Directions

Go out of the train station and turn left. Go about half a block and you will see a pub. At that intersection, turn right and go down that street for about three and a half blocks. Go past the post office, and you'll go past a river, and past a hospital and the first road past the hospital, you want to turn right. Go down that block two houses and you'll see my house on the right. . (2) OK, if I'm not home, then just go to my friends house, so I might be busy at work, so in that case, from my house turn right down the street and go past the gas station and keep going straight until you get to a bookstore. . (3) OK, if my friend's not home then just go an wait for me at Miki's Tavern. Have you ever? Genki English Songs for Adult Learners. Page in Japanese Listen to the song above, click the answers and see what score you got!

Have you ever? Genki English Songs for Adult Learners

Try the other Songs: Excuse me, where's the ... ? If you had a million dollars... Have you ever ... Dream Holiday. Travel, directions. How to Give Directions. Asking For and Giving Street Directions English Exercise. Introduction: Anybody who has travelled to another country or city has got lost.

Asking For and Giving Street Directions English Exercise

Sometimes maps don't help, so you have to ask somebody for directions. If you're in a country where they don't speak your language, this can be difficult. At other times, you will have to give directions to people visiting your country. In many cases, people just follow the direction the person was pointing to, and hope they will find the place they are looking for. Giving directions. Asking and giving directions. English Used When Giving Directions. Listen-asking for directions. Giving directions.

Asking and giving directions conversation English lesson. Whats the conversation on giving and asking directions about?

Asking and giving directions conversation English lesson

This conversation is between 2 people called William and Kate. William stops Kate in the street to ask for directions on how to get to the train station. After the conversation is some useful tips on asking and giving directions. Conversation on asking for directions William: Excuse me, am sorry to trouble you, but could you tell me how I can get to the train station? Kate: Yes no problem, it’s that way. William: Thank you so much! Kate: Oh, I know that feeling. William: So just to double check Keep walking straight ahead till I pass the library, then I have to turn left and take the first right. Kate: Yes, that is correct. William: Well thanks for helping me.

Kate: OK, bye. Peter Paul and Mary, Where Have All The Flowers Gone. Giving_directions_-_exercises_2.pdf. Street directions in English vocabulary exercise. Australian History Timeline. HowStuffWorks "Search" How Car Engines Work It's the reason you can put the pedal to the metal and go from zero to 60 in seconds.

HowStuffWorks "Search"

But to the uninitiated, an engine can look like a jumble of metal and wires. How Black Holes Work A black hole occurs when a massive star dies -- its enormous mass implodes and becomes so heavy that it bends space. So how do astronomers detect something that they can't see? 5 Ways to Get Rid of a Cold Each year, more than 1 billion Americans catch a cold. How RAM Works Random access memory is the most well-known form of computer memory. - Interactive Australia and Oceania. Australia Revealed: Great Barrier Reef. 1 Column Fixed, Centered. Welcome to Australia. Street directions in English vocabulary exercise. Directions Game - Following Instructions & Map Routes - English Activity for Kids. ELI 101 New Headway plus 3 Australian Climate. SUBTITLED - Giving Directions for Beginners. SEARCHING - engelsk for ungdomstrinnet - Gyldendal undervisning.