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Australia. Förstå och tolka innehållet i talad engelska och i olika slags texter, samt formulera sig och kommunicera i tal och skrift.


Även reflektera över livsvillkor, samhällsfrågor och kulturella företeelser i Australien. Lärarens reflektioner Jag började arbetsområdet genom att be eleverna brainstorma om Australien, vad vet de redan nu? Är det ”put another shrimp on the barbie”, surfare, Sydney eller aboriginer? Vad det än är så skriver jag upp deras påkomna ord/begrepp på whiteboardtavlan och vi reflekterar sedan tillsammans över orden. Introduktion Efter den inledande övningen går jag igenom arbetsområdets syfte, mål och kunskapskrav. Uppgiften lämpar sig bra för att i step 1 låta eleverna arbeta i par eller mindre grupp och sedan köra en snabb genomgång så att alla är på banan.

Metod och uppgifter This is a project about Australia where you will get to know the country, its history, culture, tradition and language. A. Then answer these questions – write the answers: B. Australia: What to Know Before You Go, Activities, Accommodation, Dining. Visits to Australia are rarely about just one thing.

Australia: What to Know Before You Go, Activities, Accommodation, Dining

Trips usually combine a variety of activities and locations: cities and outback, nightlife and wildlife, rainforest and reef, fine dining and fine wine. Given the incredible landscapes and thousands of animal species unique to the continent, your trip will undoubtedly feature experiences found nowhere else. Getting Here Reaching Australia involves an overnight flight (13.5 -15 hours) nonstop from Los Angeles, Dallas, or Vancouver. Trans-Pacific flights touch down in Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne. Getting Around It should be said that Australia is a very large place. Train journeys are also popular, especially through the outback. Popular Activities Diving and Snorkeling: Some Australia’s most incredible sights are underwater. Accommodations Australia is known for its luxury resorts—mostly in remote locations like deep in the Outback or on islands off the Great Barrier Reef. Dining What to Wear. Australian History Timeline. The Official Full Version Of The Australian National Anthem With Lyrics.

Top 10 Bands From Australia. Since we’re giving away tickets to see [lastfm]Muse[/lastfm] and [lastfm]Linkin Park[/lastfm] in Australia all week long, I figured we could take this Aussy theme a step further and make a list of the continents’ top 10 bands.

Top 10 Bands From Australia

Besides cool accents, kangaroos and cricket, Australia’s actually pretty good in the music department too. Four generations of music, including bands like [lastfm]The Living End [/lastfm]and [lastfm]Jet[/lastfm] and other shades of rock from the land down under await. 10. [lastfm]30 Odd Foot of Grunts[/lastfm] Russell Crowe and The Ordinary Fear of God* Oh yeah, and Russel Crowe’s in here too.

*Sorry Russell…we’re still recovering from the Smokeout Festival… 9. These Sydney bred pop-rockers are constantly compared to the US rock band and KROQ favorites [lastfm]Paramore[/lastfm]. 8. 7. 6. 5. Silverchair might be Australia’s most decorated band, having won a record 21 Australian Recording Industry Awards since their debut album Frogstomp 15 years ago. 4. Who Are Australia's Aboriginal People?

Aboriginal Walkabout. Aboriginal Art Symbols - Japingka Aboriginal Art Gallery. Most people will recognise Aboriginal art symbols as being an integral part of Aboriginal artworks, even from the very first exhibition they see.

Aboriginal Art Symbols - Japingka Aboriginal Art Gallery

Often there are information sheets provided that help explain the images in the painting. You might find yourself looking at the artwork and then looking at the information board and taking in the meaning or the story. In my case, this happened in the 1970s when we first started seeing Central Desert artworks at the Art Gallery of Western Australia. These were paintings coming from Papunya community. I remember the experience of seeing those first paintings and taking in the brief information boards that went with them.

Individuals Use Symbols Differently According To Context This group of artists from Papunya were using symbols from the Western Desert and the Central Desert traditions. Water & Lightning Rain Dreaming by Long Jack Phillipus Aboriginal Symbol Meanings Vary Symbol Ideas Evolve Through Sharing Communication About Cultural Sharing. Aboriginal Art Symbols - Iconography. Aboriginal People do not have their own written language, and so they make use of many common symbols (often called iconography) in their artwork.

Aboriginal Art Symbols - Iconography

Although these vary from region to region, they are generally understood and form an important part of Australian Indigenous art. A few of the more common ones, and some variations are shown here. A painting may have several levels of story depending on whether the story is being told to children, initiates, or among elders or law people. The meaning of the symbols can change depending on the context of the story concerned.

Man with boomerangs & spears Men around a campfire Human footprint Eagle prints by Clifford Possum Emu, bush turkey & kittyhawk Budgerigar footprints Dingo & goanna Kangaroo tracks Snake tracks Rockholes Flowing water or rain Smoke, fire, blood or water River Women sitting around waterhole Waterhole symbol Women sitting around waterhole with coolamons & digging sticks Waterhole Waterholes Woman, women with body paint shown by the dots. I’m Aboriginal, But I’m Not… Aboriginal People Respond To “Australia Day” Why Is Australia So Anti-Immigrant?