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HTML5 Please - Use the new and shiny responsibly. Free HTML5 Slideshows - SlideMyPics. Html5slides - A Google HTML5 slide template. The 2012 version is mobile friendly, touch enabled, and has shiny new features.

html5slides - A Google HTML5 slide template

By Luke Mahé and Marcin Wichary. Demo Instructions for editing slides Get this template: and copy/paste it to a new file on your local computer. Edit at will. If you need styles for different tags or different types of slides, please let us know. Different themes Change the class template-default on section class="slides" to use a different template: template-default = default Google template template-io2011 = I/O 2011 template Different layouts Change the outermost section class layout-regular to layout-faux-widescreen or layout-widescreen.

Instructions for presenting Press Enter, space, right arrow to advance; Backspace, left arrow to go back. Enter full-screen mode (F11 or Shift-Command-F) before presenting. You should be able to press Ctrl+R/F5 at any time to refresh without losing your place in the presentation. Caveats should work on modern Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera… and generally touch devices. Lista dei Tool online per scrivere codice in HTML5 « DiarioNascosto v3.0. Come avrete capito, quando si parla di realizzare web app o siti web, il futuro è l’ . Forse dovuto dalle pressioni fatte da Apple , forse perchè è veramente il miglior modo per realizzare contenuti compatibili con tutti i dispositivi, fatto è che dobbiamo aggiornare il bagaglio culturale. Non tutti ne hanno voglia o sono all’altezza e quindi oggi vediamo una lista dei tool online che ci permettono di scrivere codice in modo semplice e senza averne alcuna nozione.

Volete creare un sito web in HTML5? È perfetto per creare modelli in modo pulito e veloce. Volete sapere se Firefox è compatibile con i canvas HTML5? Vuoi essere sempre informato sulle ultime news sull’HTML5? Hai bisogno di trovare rapidamente un tag o un attributo? Switch To HTML5 è un semplice generatore di template di base, ma efficiente. Initializr - Start your HTML5 project in 15 seconds!

HTML5 Snippets.


Useful HTML-, CSS- and JavaScript Tools and Libraries - Smashing Magazine. Advertisement Front-end development is a tricky beast.

Useful HTML-, CSS- and JavaScript Tools and Libraries - Smashing Magazine

It’s not difficult to learn, but it’s quite difficult to master. There are just too many things that need to be considered; too many tweaks that might be necessary here and there; too many details to make everything just right. Luckily, developers and designers out there keep releasing useful tools and resources for all of us to learn, improve our skills and just get better at what we do. Such tools are valuable and helpful because they save our time, automate mundane tasks and hence help us focus on more important things.

Here at Smashing Magazine, we’re continuously searching for time-saving, useful HTML-, CSS- and JavaScript-resources for our readers, to make the search of these ever-growing tools easier. HTML and CSS Tools InitializrThis tool creates a customizable template based on HTML5 Boilerplate. Layer StylesA nice simple tool for creating CSS in an intuitive way — very much like you would do with a graphics editor. Grids.