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HTML5 Please - Use the new and shiny responsibly. Free HTML5 Slideshows - SlideMyPics. Html5slides - A Google HTML5 slide template. The 2012 version is mobile friendly, touch enabled, and has shiny new features.

html5slides - A Google HTML5 slide template

By Luke Mahé and Marcin Wichary. Demo Instructions for editing slides. Lista dei Tool online per scrivere codice in HTML5 « DiarioNascosto v3.0. Initializr - Start your HTML5 project in 15 seconds! HTML5 Snippets.


Useful HTML-, CSS- and JavaScript Tools and Libraries - Smashing Magazine. Advertisement Front-end development is a tricky beast.

Useful HTML-, CSS- and JavaScript Tools and Libraries - Smashing Magazine

It’s not difficult to learn, but it’s quite difficult to master. There are just too many things that need to be considered; too many tweaks that might be necessary here and there; too many details to make everything just right. Luckily, developers and designers out there keep releasing useful tools and resources for all of us to learn, improve our skills and just get better at what we do. Such tools are valuable and helpful because they save our time, automate mundane tasks and hence help us focus on more important things.