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Hidden archeology

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Historiska kartor. Unknown Alien Metropolis Is Uncovered Off Ice Land. A Giant Energy Machine? 5 Incredible characteristics of the Bosnian Pyramid. Ivan Ivan has been part of the team at Universe Explorers since February 2015.He is a freelance writer, editor-in-chief of He also writes for Svemir Online and Ancient Origins.History, Archaeology, Space and world’s mysteries are some of the topics he writes about.You can follow Ivan on Facebook" Latest posts by Ivan (see all) From the presence of a mysterious underground energy beam with a radius of s 4.5 meters and a frequency of 28 kHz with a strength of 3,9 V, to the presence of ultrasound Beams at the Pyramids of the Sun, here we have 5 incredible characteristics of the Bosnian Pyramid which suggests this could, in fact, be an extremely advanced ancient structure.

A Giant Energy Machine? 5 Incredible characteristics of the Bosnian Pyramid

The idea that the Bosnian Pyramid is, in fact, one of the oldest Pyramids on the surface of the planet, and that it belongs to a set of other ancient structures in the area is heavily disputed by numerous scientists who refuse to accept the notion that there are highly advanced structure located in Europe. Sacred Sites at Sacred Destinations - Explore sacred sites, religious sites, sacred places. Ancient Giants. Greco-Roman mysteries. See Western esotericism for modern "mystery religions" in the Western cultural sphere.

Greco-Roman mysteries

Definition[edit] The term "Mystery" derives from Latin mysterium, from Greek mysterion (usually as the plural mysteria μυστήρια), in this context meaning "secret rite or doctrine". An individual who followed such a "Mystery" was a mystes, "one who has been initiated", from myein "to close, shut", a reference to secrecy (closure of "the eyes and mouth")[4]:56 or that only initiates were allowed to observe and participate in rituals. The Mysteries were thus cults in which all religious functions were closed to the uninitiated and for which the inner workings of the cult were kept secret from the general public. Characteristics[edit] Mystery religions form one of three types of Hellenistic religion, the others being the imperial cult or ethnic religion particular to a nation or state, and the philosophic religions such as Neoplatonism. Mysteries thus supplement rather than compete with civil religion.

Great And Never Explained Mysteries Of Nevada's History. - Nevada is full of archaeological and anthropological discoveries - antiquities, no one is able to explain.

Great And Never Explained Mysteries Of Nevada's History

One of these shocking discoveries gives us evidence that man existed in Nevada more than 200 million years ago. 10 Ancient Sites That Might Be Stargates, Portals And Wormholes. Space Many ancient cultures speak of portals to other worlds and gateways to star systems where their “creators” reside.

10 Ancient Sites That Might Be Stargates, Portals And Wormholes

Conventional wisdom tells us these tales are merely myths and legends. However, recent declassified FBI files have stated that our Earth has been visited by beings from other dimensions and planets. NASA has announced that “portals” do indeed appear to be hidden within the Earth’s magnetic field, making some wonder if the legends of stargates, portals and wormholes may have some degree of truth to them. 10Gate Of The Gods, Hayu Marca, Peru In 1996, it was discovered by Jose Luis Delgado Mamani while he was trying to learn the layout of the area for a job he had recently taken as a tour guide. Reversing the Elements Back to the Soul. The cosmic elements that have created the entire universe are forces the soul needs to create and ma...

Reversing the Elements Back to the Soul

Ancient Giants. Lost Sea. Ancient Astronauts From Toro Muerto - Peru. - The petroglyphs of Toro Muerto cover an area, which is 200 meters wide and about two kilomoters long.

Ancient Astronauts From Toro Muerto - Peru

Carved by the hand of man, on volcanic boulders of a large desert plateau, Toro Muerto petroglyphs constitute unique records of prehistoric visits of ancient astronauts on earth. Toro Muerto - hidden in a ravine about 165 km west of Arequipa, heading toward Cotahuasi - lies in the region known of many sacred places of Peru. Petroglyphs have been dated to 10,000 BC, and can still be found in contemporary locations. Particularly interesting are prehistoric figures that do not depict humans but rather uknown beings. Pierres d'Ica. Figurines d'Acambaro . En Images. Enigmes < Enigmes Archéologie.

Pierres d'Ica. Figurines d'Acambaro . En Images

Paléontologie < Pierres d'Ica. Figurines d'Acambaro En 1976, Robert Charroux a publié un livre « L’énigme des Andes » dans lequel il retrace notamment sa rencontre avec le Dr Cabrera et les pierres d’Ica. Ces pierres gravées constituent selon ses propres termes une véritable « bibliothèque préhistorique ». Combats entre hommes et dinosaures ou interventions chirurgicales nous sont comptés. En 1945, W. Pierre Tréand, archéologue reconnu, découvre en 1986 au cours de fouilles à Serre-de-Brigoule (sud de la Drôme en France) des silex qui portent les traces d’une intervention humaine.

Étant pragmatique, j’ai abordé avec prudence, mais sans à priori les découvertes énumérées ci-dessus. Il ne s’agit pas dans ce dossier de retracer chaque découverte dans leurs détails. Mon objectif est d’analyser les faits et d’essayer de fournir des réponses qui ne relèvent pas de la pure fantaisie. Thoth, The Ancient God. The Hypogeum, Malta.