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Webpage. A desert is a barren area of land where little precipitation occurs and consequently living conditions are hostile for plant and animal life.


The lack of vegetation exposes the unprotected surface of the ground to the processes of denudation. About one third of the land surface of the world is arid or semi-arid. REI37. Sites de production d’énergie à La Réunion. Thousand Wonders - Explore our beautiful world. The Himalayas from 20,000 ft. : great video. Les photos du jour. En images : en Chine, la nature reprend ses droits sur un village déserté. Il y a des dizaines d’années, ce village chinois accueillait des maisons de pêcheurs.

En images : en Chine, la nature reprend ses droits sur un village déserté

Aujourd’hui, ces habitations sont devenues le royaume d’une immense végétation. Crédit photo : Tang Yuhong Sur la côte Est de la Chine se trouve l’embouchure du fleuve Yangtze, un cours d’eau assez colossal qui abrite environ 400 petites îles, qu’on appelle l’archipel de Zhoushan. Si au siècle dernier, l’économie de cet archipel se basait principalement sur la pêche, le développement économique enclenché dans le pays a tout bouleversé, provoquant le départ de nombreux habitants.

La conséquence cet exode rural massif ? Le photographe chinois Tang Yuhong s’est rendu sur place, et nous rend aujourd’hui compte de cet étrange paysage sur lequel la nature a repris ses droits. Climate 'key driver' in European forest disturbances. Chile quake hazards remain high. Image copyright AFP Scientists say the potential remains for further big earthquakes in North Chile, along the stretch of coast hit by a Magnitude 8.2 tremor in April.

Chile quake hazards remain high

Six people lost their lives and 13,000 homes were destroyed or damaged in the event, which also triggered a tsunami. Two teams have now reviewed all the seismic and geodetic data from the quake that struck near Iquique City. Animals in the Savanna. African rock python African rock python The rock python is Africa’s biggest snake.

Animals in the Savanna

It can grow up to 7m (23ft) in length, and can easily kill and eat a gazelle. How Many Trees Are There? Venezuela’s Hunger Is No Game.

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Take A Look At New York's Tiny, Secret Libraries. "The premise of Little Free Library is take-a-book, return-a-book," explains Ian Veidenheimer of The Architectural League of New York, who helped coordinate the project to bring these tiny libraries to New York.

Take A Look At New York's Tiny, Secret Libraries

When the project has deployed in other cities, the books are usually guarded by a small "book shelter" in the shape of a bird house, but in New York they gave it a more design-centric treatment. Since 2009, the Little Free Library project has brought thousands of micro-libraries to towns and cities across the world. This summer, New York City institutions PEN World Voices Festival, a celebration of international literature, and The Architectural League of New York (TALNY), a cultural nonprofit, teamed up to activate the project in public spaces across the city. Earth's Relentless Warming Just Hit a Terrible New Threshold. The number of climate records broken in the last few years is stunning.

Earth's Relentless Warming Just Hit a Terrible New Threshold

But here's a new measure of misery: Not only did we just experience the hottest April in 137 years of record keeping, but it was the 12th consecutive month to set a new record. It's been relentless. GREEN MAGIC HOMES - The most beautiful Green Homes ever. Can you imagine living under your garden, your flowers, your trees, in a green vibrant living landscape?

GREEN MAGIC HOMES - The most beautiful Green Homes ever.

All this is can be possible with GREEN MAGIC HOMES technology. Todd Allison and the Petunia Violet. The Abandoned Fishing Village of Gouqi Island. In the mouth of the Yangtze River off the eastern coast of China, a small island holds a secret haven lost to the forces of time and nature—an abandoned fishing village swallowed by dense layers of ivy slowly creeping over every brick and path.

The Abandoned Fishing Village of Gouqi Island

Houtou Wan Village is located on Gouqi Island, which belongs to a group of 394 islands known as the Shengsi Islands in the Zhoushan Archipelago. It's one of many examples of small villages in China that have become ghost towns due to urbanization, inaccessibility, depletion of resources, and shifts in industry, among other factors. Once a thriving settlement merely half a century ago, Houtou Wan Village was gradually deserted when the small bay could no longer meet the needs of the increasing number of fishing boats.

Above photo credit: Jane Qing Photo credit: Jane Qing Photo credit: Xie Yixuan Photo credit: Xie Yixuan Photo credit: 晴天下微笑的绿蓑衣. Explore Rome's Forgotten Brutalist Ruin in 17 Amazing Photos - Abandoned Places. Friday, January 15, 2016, by Jenny Xie All photos by Oliver Astrologo This jaw-dropping stack of concrete boxes and beams, interspersed with glass windows and one wild sphere, looks a bit out of this world but it's not.

Explore Rome's Forgotten Brutalist Ruin in 17 Amazing Photos - Abandoned Places

Yorkshire walk - Fountains Abbey - Walks - Yorkshire Life. Le Wwoofing, des vacances utiles et enrichissantes. Si vous vous intéressez un peu aux vacances alternatives – ce qui est sans doute la raison pour laquelle vous surfez actuellement sur Voyageons-autrement – vous devez avoir entendu parler du Wwoofing.

Le Wwoofing, des vacances utiles et enrichissantes

Burgas - most beautiful city in Bulgaria. The 100 Most Amazing, Unique, and Beautiful Hotels In The World. The 100 Most Amazing, Unique, and Beautiful Hotels In The World You may have enjoyed looking through the 100 Most Beautiful Places In The World, and the overwhelmingly positive reactions I’ve gotten from that post have encouraged me to create this list of the 100 most amazing, unique, and beautiful hotels in the world. Also see the 100 Most Beautiful Places in the World and the 50 Greatest Festivals in the World.

I’ve used my discretion to choose what I think are the most wonderful and amazing hotels- which means that some of the more famous “unusual” hotels are omitted from this list because they are downright ugly and I don’t see why anybody would want to stay in them. 27 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do In Tasmania. H5C4DD.jpg (1920×1200) Paris convention and visitors office - Official website - Paris tourism. Sean Goebel Photography: Timelapse. Six Great Swiss Mountain Escapes. Our picks for mountain villages guaranteed to help you hit the rest button. The Swiss Alps are popular for a lot of reasons, but what about a do-it-yourself modern-day detox? High up in their hills is a network of old villages that harken to the past—tiny communities that move at a slower pace, foster personal relationships (even going so far as to chat up strangers), and—perhaps best of all—are devoid of cars.

Sistine Chapel. Travel Romania - Bran Castle - Dracula's Castle. Bran Castle, situated between the Bucegi and Piatra Craiului Mountains, 30 km far from Brasov, is the only touristic point that attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists because of a legend: Count Dracula’s Legend, although the historical sources state that Vlad Tepes (Vlad the Impaler) dropped by only once, in his way to Brasov. Bran Castle. Initially, the Bran Castle (in Slavic „brana” means „gate”) was a stronghold known as Dietrichstein, built by the Teutonic Knights in 1212, stronghold that was conquered by the Saxons living in Transylvania towards the end of the 13th century. The first documentary attestation dates from 1377, when Ludovic I D’Anjou gave the inhabitants of Brasov the privilege to build the citadel in the place of the old stronghold.

Atlas of True Names. Top 10 Hideaways & Inns - Travel. From the National Geographic book Auberge du Soleil Rutherford, California Magic Beauty Of Italian Coastal Cities. I think you would not refuse to live in any of these towns in Italy. There’s a calm, picturesque, sunny and these cities are located near the azure sea. Just paradise! Vernazza – one of five localities of the Cinque Terre.

As in most of the national park, in Vernazza prohibited movement of road transport. GREEN FLOAT - a Floating City in the Sky : DigInfo. Too beautiful to be real? 16 surreal landscapes found on Earth. These bizarre locations may seem like a series of elaborate movie sets, but they are real destinations that you might want to see for yourself. Photo: Greg Mote/Flickr The Wave, Arizona, U.S. Photo: Shutterstock Travertines, Pamukkale, Turkey Photo: Shutterstock. This Lake In Tanzania Has A Deadly Secret. These Shocking Photos Show The Haunting Reality. Tanzania’s Lake Natron is one of the most serene lakes in all of Africa, but it’s also the source of some of the most eerie photographs ever captured.

You see, Lake Natron has a very deadly secret, it turns any animal it touches to stone. The 10 Most Beautiful Cities in the World. Ce que voient les drones 1. Top Amiens, France Things to Do on VirtualTourist. Inside New York’s Most Beautiful Subway Station, Abandoned Since 1945. Old City Hall Station (all photos by the author for Hyperallergic) North-end. Кольсайские озера. Отдых, Как доехать, Цены, Экскурсии, Карта. Skellig Michael. Carefree. Wind farm. Visitors agenda. Hertzsprung–Russell diagram. The Global Solution to Extinction. The one major reserve in the United States that has been subjected to a complete census is the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Cool Space Facts for Kids. DIY - Concrete Garden Edging - Quiet Corner. Looking for an inexpensive, lasting way to set apart your planting beds? Changes of flowering phenology and flower size in rosaceous plants from a biodiversity hotspot in the past century : Scientific Reports. Allatok. Seagull Steals Chips From Store! What is a Pineapple Express? Schools Science Clips - Rocks and soils. How Earthquakes Trigger Tsunamis - Bang Goes The Theory, Preview - BBC One. Geograph Britain & Ireland. 2.NWplateRollover. How to Assess Soil Composition. GeographyIQ. Plate Tectonics Explained. Geology and Ecology of Colorado Springs natural wonder. Roderick Murchison. Scotland's geological foundations - Scottish Natural Heritage. 020015ar. Exploding Taupō. Drain the Ocean. Fault formation in thick clay beds (PIV strain analysis) Rock Types and the Rock Cycle: Igneous Sedimentary Metamorphic.

Humans Are Once Again Attempting to Reach Earth's Mantle. 3 types of rock- a science song. Why geysers on Saturn's moon have nonstop eruptions. Nouvel Age : les origines. La tempête du sciècle. Une nouvelle cartographie de Mercure. This is Not a Simulation. Huge ocean confirmed underneath solar system’s largest moon. To Scale: The Solar System. When is a comet not a comet? De l’eau salée s’écoulerait sur la planète Mars. Pendant qu'une Lune s'éclipse, une autre apparaît. Et si la mystérieuse Planète 9 était une exoplanète volée par le système solaire ? Neptune la 8ème planète. Uranus : deux hypothèses pour une planète couchée. Reconnaître la FLORE (> 20000 photos) 9000 variétés de FLEURS, PLANTES, ARBRES et ARBUSTES. Metatron - Enchanted Rock - Austin Texas. John Gribbin - Moon dance. KSA to build 5 solar power stations. 100 Greatest Discoveries: Earth's Magnetic Field. Multilingual Universe from 'Mitaka' Pacific Northwest Seismic Network.

Photos from INSIDE Chemtrail Planes Like You’ve NEVER Seen. The New & Improved HAARP ? - 2011 Morel Sightings Map. Firefly populations fading worldwide. Earth has captured a second moon, says NASA. Earthquakes 101. Nature, Vocabulary, ESL, Memory Game, river, lake, ocean, waterfall, jungle, mountain. Alcohol-Free Cannabis Tincture.