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Stepping Stones Child Care: Fall, Apples and Pumpkins Fun. Pumpkin Exploration What does it look like? Smell like? Feel like? Taste like? And after a bit they were touching it with their hands :) Then we made a what does the inside of a pumpkin look like and added colored spaghetti and seeds from the pumpkin. What does your Pumpkin Jack look like? Friendship Applesauce: Even though all the apples look different, they are great together! More cooking fun! Warm apple cider in an apple cup Apple patterns and number games. Pick a number and then go and find that many apples Apple Prints Sunflowers How many apples tall are you? What does the inside of an apple look like? Fall watercolors on napkins and then cut out into leaf shapes (also works on coffee filters) We went on a leaf hunt and then I used cookie cutters to cut letters out for an alphabet game Simple tree with some clear contact paper and buckets of leaves.

Butterfly Life Cycle Activity - Mama Miss. A couple of weeks back the kiddos and I got to attend a super fun event at our local wildlife conservatory, the Monarch Butterfly Release! We got to see the monarchs being released and also got to see some monarch’s that were still in their chrysalis’s. It was soooooo fascinating & interesting – I personally have never seen something like this, especially as up close as we got – so it was just as much fun for me as it was for them :) If you don’t have the opportunity to see these guys up close & personal – this is a great site to learn more, and see some fun videos too. I came away from that lovely experience wanting to incorporate it into a learning activity of some sort for the kiddos. So, we turned it into a little homeschool-preschool activity and had V & T’s little friend, L, over for some learning fun too! We started off by sitting down on the floor & reading this monarch butterfly book of mine.

Book/Story Time monarch butterfly book Pasta Craft/Activity Handwriting/Drawing Exercise. ACTIVITÉS POUR APPRENDRE L'ALPHABET. Apple Math Activities for Kids: 7 Math Activities with Numbered Apples [Free Printable] - Early Learning Ideas. It may not feel like fall here in Texas, but the season is upon us. It is nearly time for apple orchards, apple pie, apple cider, and of course, apple math activities. This week I made some numbered apple circles (you can get them below) and I will show you a bunch of ways that you can use them to practice early math concepts with kids. Count Apple Erasers in Muffin Tins To get your copy of the printable numbered apples, CLICK HERE and I will email them to you. I made them just the right size to fit in a muffin tin. Count Puff Ball Apples The same number circles fit in shallow plastic yogurt containers.

Dice Counting Game (1 or more players) Each player needs 6 containers labeled with the 1-6 apple circles, and a basket of apple counters (puff balls or erasers will work). Numeral Recognition Dice Game (1 or more players) Each player needs 6 containers labeled with the 1-6 apple circles and 6 plastic apples. Apple Grab Bag and Ten Frame Sensory Ten Frame Compare Numbers. Pumpkin Pie Playdough Recipe - The Best Ideas for Kids. Maple Playdough - The Best Ideas for Kids. Apple Pie Playdough Recipe - The Best Ideas for Kids. Popped Bubble Art. I've done this activity with my kids a few times now and it never fails to fascinate them - and me!

Simply color bubble mix with food coloring and blow bubbles onto paper - as the bubbles land and pop, they create beautiful works of art. It goes without saying that this project is best done outdoors. A great one for those lazy summer afternoons. Project Info Materials Bubble Mix Bubble Wands Food Coloring Paper Instructions Pour 1 tablespoon of bubble mix into a small, shallow bowl.

Tips Caution: Food coloring will stain surfaces and clothing. Reviews Useful supplies Related Books Related Projects. 100 Calm Down Strategies for Kids | And Next Comes L. My son needs a lot of help self-regulating some days so we are constantly introducing him to new calm down strategies. We already make use of our visual calm down cards and the various DIY sensory hacks that I have made for him, but we still haven't pinpointed the exact strategies that work best for him on a regular basis. Some days certain calm down strategies work, but fail to help the next day. Thankfully this list of 100 calm down ideas for kids is massive, so we certainly have lots of strategies left to try! This post contains affiliate links. Simple Calm Down Strategies for Kids This list of calm down ideas for kids covers a wide range of sensory inputs, from oral motor to proprioceptive. Other Ideas You'll Love. Transportation Centers and Activities (Road Number Mat Freebie too) - Pocket of Preschool.

Need some ideas for a transportation theme? I'm here to help! I'm sharing my favorite, most engaging transportation themed activities with you. And I created Road Number Mats FREEBIE for you too! So go grab you lesson plan book and get ready to be inspired! This post contains affiliate links. Truck roll and count is a low prep, hands counting game your students will love.

I don't know about you but I'm always trying to find ways to sneak in fine motor everywhere I can. How many are hiding games are a fun way to teach informal subtraction. Make measuring fun using real objects. Freebie alert! Transportation shape collages combine art and math! There are so many different ways to sort types of transportation.

Try to sort things in many ways not just color, size, and shape. Race to 20 is a fun counting game for my little learners. Want to practice addition? Transportation is the perfect theme to teach about maps. I filled my bookshelf with tons of transportation books. Boat writing tray! DIY Family Car Games: Magnetic Patterns Book - Say YesSay Yes. This week’s family car game activity (see the first two here and here) is Henry’s favorite so far. It’s also been the most time consuming to make, honestly, probably about 2-3 hours start to finish but it’s one we’ll keep for a while I think. The idea is that the child uses the patterns on the paper as guides and tries to copy the pattern onto their magnetic board with the colorful tiles. The chips and board are magnetic so they don’t fall off during the car or plane ride’s bumps and jolts.

Although, they aren’t super magnets so there’s a plastic bag to store them in as well when you’re done playing the game. This is a fun busy activity for little hands at home too, and great for pattern, shape, and color recognition. Preschool Letter Recognition Activities - Planning Playtime. I have a 3-year-old at home with me this school year, and we have been working on a lot of preschool letter recognition activities. Learning letters is great preparation for kindergarten, and it is important pre-reading and writing practice.

We try to mix it up and keep it fun so he doesn’t lose interest, and it has been so exciting to try out a lot of different methods. With a bit of creativity (and a bunch of crap in the closet), we make school time playtime around here. We thought we’d share a few of our favorite activities. This was such a simple activity to prep for, and he had a great time with it. I love these adorable letter find worksheets for preschoolers. Cupcakes are a favorite of mine, and I tend to have a stockpile of cute, colorful cupcake liners in the cupboards at all times. *This post may contain affiliate links. It’s hard to go wrong when you’re using legos. If you haven’t tried this activity with your kids yet, you should. 10 Hands-On Ways for Preschoolers to Practice the Alphabet.

One of the main goals of preschool literacy instruction is to teach young children the alphabet. For some children, this comes very easily and naturally but for many others, it takes a lot of time, energy, and practice. It is tempting to think that sit-down practice with paper and pencil is the best way for our preschoolers to practice. Don’t do it! There are so many better ways… ways that incorporate movement, sensory experiences, fine motor skills, shapes, and more. Go ahead… Ditch the worksheets! 1. Supplies:Letter cut-outs, felt letters, or magnetic letters (for models)Basket of craft sticks Children choose a letter and then arrange the craft sticks to make the shape of it. 2.

Supplies: Children use the cube letter templates as a guide while they build the letter out of cubes. 3. Alphabet coins or other small letter tiles. Children choose a letter coin. 4. Children use their fine motor skills to transfer the manipulatives onto the dots to create each letter. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Apple Pie Sensory Bin ⋆ Sugar, Spice and Glitter. A Crafty LIVing - Arts, Crafts & Activities for Babies, Toddlers & Preschoolers. Guess the Scent - Munchkins and Moms. My kids don’t often get to use their sense of smell as part of our preschool lessons, so this activity was a special treat for them! While cleaning out my kitchen cabinets today I came across our collection of cooking extracts (I use them in our homemade play dough recipe).

As is typical, a mundane household chore led to preschool lesson inspiration…which also led to me abandoning my cabinet cleaning. Priorities I decided to use my extracts in a smelling station activity for my preschoolers! Smelling Station Supplies This post contains affilate links Setting up the Smelling Station I printed off the Smelling Station sign and set up this quick sensory activity for my boys! My kids sat down so fast ready to start their scent investigations…after a quick picture with the nose, that is.

Ok, back to the activity. Next up was peppermint. How many would you get right? Safety Skills: How to teach your child to memorize his phone number - The Many Little Joys. If your child ever got separated from you, would they know your name and phone number to give to a trusted adult? These simple activities will give your kids a key tool to keep them safe in case of such an emergency. Did you know that this week is Fire Prevention Week? Little Man is four now, and I figured it would be a good idea to start teaching him some basic emergency skills, especially knowing a phone number to give a trusted adult if he ever got lost or separated from us in an emergency situation. I suppose it’s not exactly fire safety, but it’s essential information for kids to know.

We’ve used some time during our home preschool over the past several weeks to talk about the different helpers in our community (firemen, police men, doctors, etc.) and what we need to know for emergencies when we might talk to those helpers. We talked about three things he might need to tell a grown up helper: His nameDad’s name and mom’s nameOur phone number 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Related June 26, 2017. Enjoy Life – By Matty Angel. So I was thinking today… The children and adults both had a pretty sad day yesterday. (First Anniversary of the 2011 Earthquake) I can’t help all the children and adults in Christchurch as much as I would like to, but I can make the ones who walk down the street I live in, especially on the way home from school have a bit of fun and smile!

Want to join in and convince others? Read about the-enjoy-life-initiative Roar and Stomp! By Matty Angel – 23rd February 2012. Gross Motor Sensory Play Ideas for Sensory Processing Play. These fun games are perfect for indoor gross motor sensory play! Simple to set up and great for getting out extra energy. Do you have a gross motor, sensory seeker? Do you have a VERY active child? I do, so I created these super easy indoor gross motor sensory games. We can enjoy these gross motor sensory games anytime!

For some different variations also check out our line jumping and tennis ball games too! These games are extremely useful for children with sensory seeking needs! All children will have fun with these gross motor sensory games. What do I mean by Proprioception Input & Vestibular Sensory Play? What is proprioception input? 6 Gross Motor Sensory Play idea for these lines! Create as many lines as your space allows using different angles for each one! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. He did enjoy having the medicine ball bump into him! 6. The next day he wanted to use the lines again. I hope you enjoyed our gross motor sensory play!

Please our sensory journey with us! Make Saline Solution Fluffy Slime Science Activity for Kids. Learn how to make saline solution fluffy slime so quickly you won’t believe it! This is such a simple slime recipe for making slime that I can’t wait to add it to our list of best slime recipes. 3 ingredients for super simple and very fluffy slime everyone will love! Plus it’s awesome science too. Make sure to read our slime safety notes too! I use to think making slime was an impossible activity with wasted time and effort and a disappointed kid. Plus it’s a recipe, and I don’t like to follow recipes! However, I think our recipes for making slime are really easy to follow, and you can get the ingredients on your next shopping trip. Slime is a pretty fascinating substance and it’s a cool chemistry experiment too. Now I have definitely changed my mine once we started making this super simple liquid starch slime recipe, and it has been the base for all our themed slime activities since.

I have a ton of pictures to share because my son had so much fun, and I couldn’t stop taking them! Rainbow Writing in Preschool. My preschoolers love to show off their skills lately, so they were more than eager to practice writing on our new Rainbow Writing windows! This new activity was easy to set up in just a few minutes with supplies we already had in the classroom. The kids practiced writing letters, writing their names, and drawing each other. The activity ended up being the most popular independent learning activity all week! We never mind getting messy while learning in my classroom, but this activity allowed writing with paint, without clean-up of any kind. Rainbow Writing “preschool-style” allows preschoolers to write and identify letters, numbers, shapes, and colors. Fine motor muscles are strengthened when their little fingers are are writing and erasing {squishing the bags to mix up the colors again!}

Their creations. The preschoolers were excited when they realized that colors were mixing together and it made the writing activity even more inviting! Rainbow Writing Supplies: Preschool Handwriting | Fine Motor Skills | Pre-K. Good Morning Song For Preschool - Lyrics & Video. Mom's Tot School: Butterflies! Shaving Cream Rain Clouds. Valentine's Day Q-Tip Painting Printables (Love to Learn Linky #26)

Create a Number Line 1 to 20 | Learning 4 Kids. Activité: un bac sensoriel sur le thème de l'alphabet | Florence et Atelier. Objectif Maternelle -Objectif Maternelle.