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Engadget The 1 percent have long had smartphones from Porsche and Vertu to quench their high-end thirst, but when it comes to dual-SIM handsets, the elite have had to settle for something a little more ordinary. For those in need, Gresso created Azimuth, the first dual-SIM luxury handset. Starting at $2,000, the phone is made of titanium, with both the keys and logo crafted out of 18K or white gold.


Girl With a Purpose (GWAP) (Please press the Play button to load the presentation above). There are many of us who went to school and were tempted to sleep through History class, thinking that a "boring" subject like History, couldn't possibly be important, as it just didn't have any bearing on the present or the future. It was not until my History teacher reemphasized a central truth - that people really haven't changed much since "ancient times" and that history often repeats itself, that I began to take my History classes more seriously. You see, technology may have made us more efficient and more effective at getting our work done and enabling a better quality of life... Girl With a Purpose (GWAP)
Market Opportunities Unlimited (MOU) Blog Market Opportunities Unlimited (MOU) Blog Today, the Copyright Alert System (CAS), went live across the five (5) major ISPs in the United States. The CAS is simply a method of: 1) Alerting copyright owners that their original content that has been published online, has been pirated 2) Slowing down Internet access to those pirating the online content or disabling their viewing of videos, via their browsers, until they remove the infringing copy of the content. [Copyright is the exclusive right given to original creators of content [whether this content be in written, audio, video, (dramatic production), film, broadcast or pictorial form], to make copies, license or otherwise exploit their work, commercially, for a limited period of time.