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To Cut Food Waste, Spain's Solidarity Fridge Supplies Endless Leftovers. Issam Massaoudi, an unemployed Moroccan immigrant, checks out what's inside the Solidarity Fridge.

To Cut Food Waste, Spain's Solidarity Fridge Supplies Endless Leftovers

Massaoudi says money is tight for him, and it's "amazing" to be able to help himself to healthy food from Galdakao's communal refrigerator. Lauren Frayer for NPR hide caption itoggle caption Lauren Frayer for NPR. This Comic Will Forever Change the Way You Look at Privilege. This Comic Will Forever Change the Way You Look at Privilege Toby Morris describes himself as “an Auckland-based illustrator, art director, comic artist and recently the author of Don't Puke On Your Dad: A Year in the Life of a New Father.”

This Comic Will Forever Change the Way You Look at Privilege

His recent comic, The Pencilsword's “On a Plate” illustrates the concept of privilege, and delivers the truth with a punchline that literally hits you in the gut. He places two individuals side by side, showing how financial security and benefits, or the lack of it, affects them even if they come from households that love and support them, leading to two completely different outcomes. Source: Thewireless Read the rest of the comic on The Wireless here.

Let's hope this comic changed your mind about privilege, the way it did ours. This comic first appeared here, and is the property of Toby Morris and The Wireless. (H/T: The Wireless) A Young Generation Sees Greener Pastures In Agriculture. Marya Gelvosa and Josh Gerritsen run a small farm on Maine's rocky mid-coast, providing their local community with beef, lamb and heritage poultry.

A Young Generation Sees Greener Pastures In Agriculture

They're decades younger than the average American farmer, but they love the lifestyle. "It's very fulfilling work," Gelvosa says. Josh Gerritsen/Donkey Universe Farm hide caption.


Let Your Children Grow Up to Be Farmers  "Don't Let Your Children Grow Up to Be Farmers.

Let Your Children Grow Up to Be Farmers 

" That was the title of an op-ed piece in the New York Times circling around my Facebook feed this week. You may have read it yourself, but if not here's the gist: There is no money in farming with integrity as a small business model. It's a nearly-impossible way to make a living. Those organic veggies at your local farmers' market, the CSA share you may or may not have invested in, the truck hauls to busy city centers to deliver box club splits...

It's a dog-eat-dog shit show, a constant competition between "hobby" farms (some are recreation of the wealthy for land tax breaks in the same farmer's market as commercial growers) and nonprofit farms who have boards of directors to hand out new tractors instead of resorting to begging a bank for a loan. Let your children grow up to be farmers. Let them know what it is like to be free from fluorescent lights and laser pointer meetings. Let your children grow up to become farmers.

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Women's Rights, Health, ... Rock Church - Michael Jr. - Gifted. Marina Abramovic and Ulay. UK's child refugees tell their unique stories. It is not news that millions of children worldwide are displaced by war and human rights violations every year; only recently, we heard of the Syrian children being used as human shields in the conflict.

UK's child refugees tell their unique stories

With organisations acting as necessary and admirable mouthpieces for them, however, it means that we rarely get to hear from the children themselves. A new series of animated short films, Seeking Refuge, is seeking to change that. The five films, which look at the experiences of five young people who fled their home countries and sought asylum in the UK, are aimed at nine- to 16-year-olds. They will be broadcast online and on BBC2's Learning Zone to coincide with Refugee Week. Young female refugees face specific issues. Andy Glynne, managing director of Mosaic Films, the Bafta-winning company behind the films, started using the testimony of young refugees living in the UK eight months ago.

They found participants after extensive research and working with key organisations and schools. How To Make Money Doing What You Love. It's painful to sit behind a desk inside a walled office when your soul just longs to do something creative, meaningful, and exciting.

How To Make Money Doing What You Love

It longs to use its unique talents and experiences to do good in the world and get paid well to do it. It dreams of working from a laptop anywhere in the world. The good news is that this is possible. It's not only possible but necessary for your happiness. Five years ago, I was sitting in a business suit and high heels behind a desk working as a corporate banker in New York City. Here are some tips for getting clear on your purpose and creating a business that supports your dreams: 1.