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Concursos Bike-Sharing. Shapefiles from the 2015 Population Survey. The INEGI just published the results of the latest population survey along with updated shapefiles to reflect the changes to the Mexican population.

Shapefiles from the 2015 Population Survey

At the end of this post you’ll find a script to download the updated manzanas (blocks), urban AGEBs, rural AGEBs, municipios, streets (ejes viales), states, services, and localities (localidades). It’s 7GB of the latest shapefiles available for free! If you don’t know how to run the script or prefer to simply download the data, you can subscribe to my newsletter (one email per post) and you’ll get the shapefile download links directly in your inbox as a bonus. Download the shapefiles for free If you join over 1,500 subscribers to my newsletter from Harvard, Stanford, Uber, McKinsey, the SSPDF, and many more, you’ll receive the 100+ shapefiles described in this post (It’s more than 7GB of data and totally free) The script creates a directory for each of the 32 states and Federal District where you’ll find all the shapefiles. P.S. P.P.S. Changing the way you learn. EcoBici.

Bicicletas EcoBici en la Ciudad de México.


EcoBici es un sistema de bicicletas compartidas de la Ciudad de México, complementando la red de transporte público de la ciudad. En 2013 había 276 estaciones con 4,000 bicicletas[1] con un promedio de 25,000 usuarios por día (400.000 por mes) y 95,780 miembros registrados.[2] El sistema es operado por Clear Channel Outdoors a través de su división SmartBike,[3] quien alrededor del mundo ha implementado sistemas similares en España, Francia, Noruega, Suecia e Italia[cita requerida].

Información del servicio[editar] La ciclovía recreativa de la Ciudad de México, fue lanzada en el 2007 por la Secretaría del Medio Ambiente precisamente con el espíritu de promover una movilidad distinta. El 16 de febrero de 2010 se puso en marcha la primera fase en la cual da servicio a las colonias Cuauhtémoc, Juárez, Roma Norte, Hipódromo Condesa y Condesa, a través de 85 cicloestaciones con 1,114 bicicletas.

Uso y funcionalidad[editar] Zona División del Norte[editar] Analyzing Pronto CycleShare Data with Python and Pandas. Bikeshare bicycles pandas python ipython notebook chicago bike share divvy - Oleh Dubno. Learning Seattle's Work Habits from Bicycle Counts (Updated!) Update, July 25, 2015: I included some new plots suggested by my colleague Ariel Rokem. Scroll to the end! Last year I wrote a blog post examining trends in Seattle bicycling and how they relate to weather, daylight, day of the week, and other factors.

Here I want to revisit the same data from a different perspective: rather than making assumptions in order to build models that might describe the data, I'll instead wipe the slate clean and ask what information we can extract from the data themselves, without reliance on any model assumptions. In other words, where the previous post examined the data using a supervised machine learning approach for data modeling, this post will examine the data using an unsupervised learning approach for data exploration. Accelerating the publication of peer-reviewed science. Manuscript Organization Manuscripts should be organized as follows.

accelerating the publication of peer-reviewed science

Instructions for each element appear below the list. Title Include a full title and a short title for the manuscript. Titles should be written in title case (all words capitalized except articles, prepositions, and conjunctions). Author list Who belongs on the author list All authors must meet the criteria for authorship as outlined in the authorship policy. Those who contributed to the work but do not meet the criteria for authorship can be mentioned in the Acknowledgments. Author names and affiliations Enter author names on the title page of the manuscript and in the online submission system. On the title page, write author names in the following order: First name (or initials, if used) Middle name (or initials, if used) Last name (surname, family name) Each author on the list must have an affiliation.

If an author has multiple affiliations, enter all affiliations on the title page only. Corresponding author Cover letter.