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Kaggle Live-Coding: Putting together your data science portfolio. Overview of the Data Science Interview Process. How to Build a Compelling Data Science Portfolio & Resume. Creating a great data science resume. I hear a familiar story from a lot of aspiring data scientists: “I have sent out my resume to 25 companies, and I haven’t heard back from any of them! I have pretty good skills, and I think I have a pretty good resume. I don’t know what’s going on!” Your resume probably sucks My immediate conclusion after hearing your story: your resume probably sucks. If you are not getting any responses from any companies, and your skills are a reasonable match for the job description, then it almost certainly means that you are getting sabotaged by a bad resume.

What is the purpose of a resume? The only real purpose of a resume is to get job interviews. List all of your job experiencelist all of your technical skillsshow off your great educational background Your resume should explicitly include only the exact items that will help you get a job interview. What makes a good resume? A good resume tells a story that is targeted to the job description and company. Crafting your story What I have no experience?