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Happiness With Others 5: Expect Misbehavior. Ah, expectations, the killers of happiness with others.

Happiness With Others 5: Expect Misbehavior

Learning to be happy - The Happiness Hypothesis. The darkness before the dawn “Being happy is something you have to learn.”

Learning to be happy - The Happiness Hypothesis

Harrison Ford Ford certainly has known plenty of unhappiness. Why you shouldn’t work 9-5 - Matador Network. The average American today works 8.8 hours per day (Bureau of Labor Statistics), but how effective are we really working 8 hours per day?

Why you shouldn’t work 9-5 - Matador Network

Before we dig in, I decided to do some background research about how the 9-5 came to be in the first place. The answer comes from a man named Robert Owens, who started a campaign during the Industrial Revolution. Back then, 14-hour days were the norm in order to maximize the output of the companies’ factories. Owens bravely advocated the notion that people should not be working for more than 8-hours per day. His famous slogan was: “Eight hours labour. The 888 rule soon became the standard when Ford implemented the 8-hour day with Ford Motors Company in 1914. “With fewer hours worked by the employees and double the pay, Ford managed toincrease his profit margins by two-folds. Know When to Walk Away.

Growing up, few of us learn when to keep going toward a long-range goal and when to consider stopping.

Know When to Walk Away

Knowing how and when to quit involves initiating a set of steps, a process known as goal disengagement. Maybe you assume that “just stop” is all you need to know. But it’s more complicated than that, according to Mastering the Art of Quitting: Why It Matters in Life, Love, and Work, by Peg Streep, the author or coauthor of 11 books, and Alan Bernstein, LCSW, who has served on the faculty at New York Medical College and New York University. One of Streep and Bernstein’s more helpful suggestions is to understand and recognize intermittent reinforcement. This anti-quitting motivator arises when your efforts toward some distant goal pay off once in a while. You may also be familiar with the psychological phenomenon called the sunk cost fallacy. The 4 Questions To Ask Yourself When Faced With A Difficult Decision In Life. I think we can all agree that life can be a real b*tch at times, as it puts us in situations that require us to make difficult decisions – decisions that, no matter what, would entail heartache, headache, or both.

The 4 Questions To Ask Yourself When Faced With A Difficult Decision In Life

Some of them require a true sacrifice, while others involve big risks. To help you deal with such trying moments in your life, here are four questions you could and should ask yourself before making the final decision. I hope at the end of the list, you will find the answer that is already in your heart and make the right and best choice. So here we go: 1. Listen to your heart. 10 ‘Smart’ Easy Ways to Get Yourself Motivated Today.

We all have days that we need a little extra boost of energy to GET THINGS DONE during the day.

10 ‘Smart’ Easy Ways to Get Yourself Motivated Today

Success and Happiness: It's Your Heart vs. What the Others Think. How do you know you are successful in life?

Success and Happiness: It's Your Heart vs. What the Others Think

You can either judge your achievements by other people’s standards or by your own definition of success. So the first step to success is knowing what success means to you. [Love, Sex And Relationship] What Makes Men Fall in Love — PART 2. There’s into you, and then there’s head-over-heels gaga.

[Love, Sex And Relationship] What Makes Men Fall in Love — PART 2

These little things tip a man over that edge. It’s a baffling question: Is there some specific moment or event that makes a guy suddenly decide “Yes, I think I love her”? Well, the answer isn’t clear-cut, but there are some general principles. “Men have certain innate needs that must be met before they truly feel connected to you,” says Paul Dobransky, MD, author of The Secret Psychology of How We Fall in Love. “When a guy realizes, consciously or not, that you’re ideal on all these levels, that’s when he’ll commit.” Fear of Happiness Underlies Some Mental Illnesses. Unhappiness is often viewed as something to be prevented, avoided or eliminated.

Fear of Happiness Underlies Some Mental Illnesses

Yet recent studies reveal that for some people, feeling good is what scares them. Recognizing this fear and targeting it with therapy may be a critical first step before other mental illnesses can be treated. People fear positive emotions for many reasons, such as feeling unworthy or believing good fortune inevitably leads to a fall, according to two new studies. Mohsen Joshanloo, a psychology graduate student at Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand, developed a Fear of Happiness Scale, on which participants indicate their level of agreement with statements such as “Having lots of joy and fun causes bad things to happen.” Such beliefs can plague people in many countries, according to a study by Joshanloo published online in October 2013 in the Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology.

Past research supports the idea that an aversion to positive emotions often coexists with mental disorders. An Antidote to the Age of Anxiety: Alan Watts on Happiness and How to Live with Presence.