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Printstagram - We Print Your Instagram Photos. DIY. Restaurant Deals, Happy Hours And Specials - Los Angeles - Bliss Cities. Artist Folds Creases On Paper To Form Architectural ‘Drawings’ German artistSimon Schubert folds paper to create architectural ‘drawings’.

Artist Folds Creases On Paper To Form Architectural ‘Drawings’

In his series titled ‘Papierarbeiten’ (which means “paper work” in German), architectural drawings are created without any pen or pencil, color or shadings. Schubert just meticulously folds the pieces of paper to create creases that resemble the lines of the buildings’ structures—and eventually form a ‘drawing’. Hipster Habit App, Improve Yourself In 30 Days. Make an eBook: How to Easily Create a PDF eBook that Rocks. Last Update October 5th, 2016 So you want to learn how to make an eBook?

Make an eBook: How to Easily Create a PDF eBook that Rocks

I can help you with that. The trusty eBook is still an extremely powerful online format that is only going to get stronger as more people switch to smartphones and reading devices like Kindles. If you run a blog then you probably know about giving away a free eBook in order to lure more people onto your mailing list. This tried and tested strategy still works wonders. How To Make An eBook.

Advertisement Making an eBook is easy, regardless of your coding experience.

How To Make An eBook

This is good, because 99.9% of your time should be spent on writing and getting your book out there, rather than on technology. EPUB And Kindle Any electronic book can be called an eBook, but because over 90% of all eBooks are read on Amazon’s Kindle, Apple’s iOS devices (iPad, iPhone and iPod) and the Barnes & Noble Nook, I’ll focus on the formats for those platforms: EPUB This is an open standard adopted by Apple (iOS), Barnes & Noble (Nook) and many other makers of eBook readers (such as Sony). Aside to geeks: The current version of EPUB is based on XHTML 1.1, which was officially proposed in 1999. What Kind Of Book Makes The Best eBook? EPUB was truly designed to display text, possibly with some inline images. eBooks don’t handle pictures well. Also keep in mind that more than half of all eBook-reading devices are black and white, which is another reason to steer clear of picture-based books.

Coding By Hand <? The Free Recyclable Personal Organizer. Kid Towel Tote - Martha Stewart Kids' Crafts. Stop Overpaying for Products, Services, Monthly Bills, and More This Weekend. Referring to the DreamHost section of the article, I am a current customer and have made a couple promo codes for my fellow lifehackers in the past, which are effective for the lifetime of your paid account with them: LH2FREE - Two free lifetime domain registrations (normally $9.95/year each) LHFREEIP - A free lifetime unique IP for SSL, anonymous FTP, etc (normally $3.95/month) Alternatively, DreamHost has given me five exclusive "DreamHost Invitations" that provide $15 off a one year plan or $100 off a two year plan.

Stop Overpaying for Products, Services, Monthly Bills, and More This Weekend

I only have two remaining; first-come, first-served! If you'd like to use any of these discounts/promotions, sign up at [] and enter one of the above promo codes into the promo code field (towards the end of the signup process, after submitting your mailing address). How to Organize Mail Flexibly Using Virtual Folders in Mozilla Thunderbird. Filtering incoming mail to folders based on the sender or certain keywords is a practical way of getting mail pre-organized in Mozilla Thunderbird.

How to Organize Mail Flexibly Using Virtual Folders in Mozilla Thunderbird

Most Messages Belong to More Than One Folder Unfortunately, most messages really belong to more than just one folder. If you file your mail manually, you probably have problems deciding which folder is the right folder, but this one folder per message approach is even more detrimental to the usefulness of the folders: relevant messages often do not show up in a folder because they have been moved to a different one. Fortunately, there's still search, and you can probably find the missing message employing Mozilla Thunderbird's search dialog and a number of criteria. Hack Your Brain to Use Cravings To Your Advantage.

Google: Here's What Our Sci-Fi Glasses Look Like. We're more than a quarter of the way through 2012, and as you may have noticed, we have failed to acquire silver jumpsuits or jetpacks.

Google: Here's What Our Sci-Fi Glasses Look Like

In fact, aside from that headset in your ear, smartphone in your pocket and tablet in your purse, everything is looking quite boringly un-futuristic. But if Google has its way, we will start wearing some very science fiction-like glasses by year's end. The search giant's research arm launched a Google+ page Wednesday for Project Glass, its augmented reality glasses project. The page revealed that Google researchers have started testing the glasses, with an Android-run heads-up display, that the New York Times suggested Google will start to sell this year for roughly the cost of a regular smartphone. [Update: a Google spokesperson has indicated to Mashable that the company selling the glasses this year would be "extremely unlikely. "] Think of a kind of monocular Geordi LaForge, and you're almost there.