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World famous sapphires. Origin of Malachite Stone - Malachite Stone is a popular stone with its intense green color.

Origin of Malachite Stone -

It is also one of the protective gemstones. Malachite has an awesome number of qualities that make it a magnificent stone to be utilized for supernatural purposes, specifically its energy to shield you from negative energies. Malachite is also very helpful to protect its wearer from accidents. These green gems have a phenomenal activity to help you to make a move, and to roll out improvements throughout your life where required. It helps inventiveness, upgrades the advancement of your intuition, and is a solid stone for the heart, both for the physical heart and to help your healing emotionally.

Gemological Properties of Malachite Stone Formula: Cu2CO3(OH)2 Color: Bright green, dark green, blackish green, commonly banded in masses; green to yellowish green in transmitted light Hardness: 3.5–4.0 Luster: Vitreous, silky, or dull Specific Gravity: 3.6–4. How To Test Yellow Sapphire Gemstone? How To Buy Sapphire Gemstone? Sapphires are the most precious gemstone in the world.

How To Buy Sapphire Gemstone?

The rarity of the sapphires is very high. It is the second hardest gemstone after diamond. The Mohs scale of diamond is 10/10 and the Mohs scale of sapphire is 9/10. How To Select Emerald Gemstone. Complete Guide To Jade Stone - Gemlab Laboratories. Jade is a special and historical stone that is believed to promote wisdom, peace and balance.

Complete Guide To Jade Stone - Gemlab Laboratories

Jade is the symbol of love. It is a green mineral rock. This gemstone has been used in china where it cuts into different types like beads, pendants, etc. 10 Facts About Turquoise. Complete Guide To Zircon Gemstone. Zircon is a very beautiful gemstone.

Complete Guide To Zircon Gemstone

Zircon is a historical gemstone used for thousands of years. It is a very beautiful and important stone. Zircon is found in many colors. It is also used as an alternative stone of diamond. Interesting Facts About Kohinoor Diamond. The World Most Expensive Gemstones - All the gemstones are very precious and rare in its form.

The World Most Expensive Gemstones -

It takes millions of years for precious stones to frame in nature, and just a small amount of those will ever be discovered, mined, cut and sold as gemstones. The value of gemstone totally depends on many factors, including rarity, quality, setting, and even politics. Now, we are talking about the world most expensive gemstone. A Complete Guide To Tiffany Stone - Tiffany Stone is also known as Bertrandite.

A Complete Guide To Tiffany Stone -

It is a natural gemstone. The color of this stone is purple, lavender, white gemstone sometimes with patches of mauve, yellowish-brown and Black. Cleaning fancy colored diamond jewelry. Gemstone for good fortune. Complete Information About Kyanite Gemstone - GemLab. Kyanite Gemstone is very beautiful blue color gemstone.

Complete Information About Kyanite Gemstone - GemLab

Its specialty is that, it is free from inclusions and flaws. Kyanite is a gemstone quality aluminum silicate sometimes referred to as disthene, rhaeticite or cyanite. Its name is derived from the Greek word ‘kuanos’ or ‘kyanos’, which means ‘deep blue’, alluding to its typical blue color. Gem lab trusted name in gem certification. Awesome Opal Gemstone & Its Varieties - Opal is a very lovely gemstone of beauty, charm, wealth and divine grace.

Awesome Opal Gemstone & Its Varieties -

It bestows the power of fulfillment to the wearer to enhance financial prosperity. Precious Valuable opal gemstone can streak various hues, for example, splendid yellow, orange, green, blue, red or purple. Ametrine gemstone. Moonstone Promotes Clarity Of Vision - The Moonstone is related to the Moon and was the stone of the goddess Diana.

Moonstone Promotes Clarity Of Vision -

The most effective time to utilize the moonstone is in a full moon. It has been worn as a talisman to convey great feelings to the wearer, while ensuring those of a touchy sort. It can rejoin sweethearts who have fought. Amethyst Healing Properties. Embed Code Embeded for hosted site: Click the code to copy <div class='visually_embed'><img class='visually_embed_infographic' src=' alt='Amethyst Healing Properties' /><div class='visually_embed_cycle'></div><script type='text/javascript' src=' class='visually_embed_script' id='visually_embed_script_472831'></script><p> From <a href=' Embeded for

Amethyst Healing Properties

How to Wear Natural Gemstones ? How to wear Natural Gemstones ? How To Care For Your Precious Colored Stones? Most colored stones are durable, but some stones require special care. Take care of your delicacies by: Using safe cleaning methods like Warm Water, mild, detergent free soap and a soft toothbrush, Pulsed-water dental cleaning appliance and lint free gem cloth. Do not use a toothbrush on soft gems because they scratch easily. Instead, use a clean makeup brush and warm soapy water. Before Cleaning any jewellery make sure you cover the sink’s drain. When you set jewellery down, lay it gently on a soft pad. Ultrasonic cleaners can shake stones loose from their mountings and cause problems for porous stones like lapis and turquoise. Why is Amethyst Called the Birthstone of February Month ? Why is Amethyst called the Birthstone of February Month ?

What To Look For When Buying An Emerald Stone? Genuine gemstones are rare to find and this is the very reason why it is considered so vital to learn about the physical attributes of a gemstone. If you will be aware about these, the chances of being fooled by unscrupulous sellers are reduced to a minimum. Choosing an emerald is as vital as wearing it because only a good quality emerald will be able to bring desired results for the wearer. Therefore, the best bet is to look for a certified emerald from a reputed seller. One needs to learn about the physical attributes of a good quality emerald, so as to make sure that he purchases nothing but the best, as only a good quality emerald can bring the desired astrological benefits for the wearer.

A good quality emerald is deep green in color, has no visible flaws (though totally flawless emeralds are very uncommon) and is relatively hard, yet sensitive. You must know about the physical attributes of a good quality emerald so that you can check out its ingenuity. Facts About Diamonds. Natural Vs Synthetic Diamonds.

In modern times, Diamonds are considered as a symbol of relationships. But like relationships, no two diamonds are same. Natural Diamonds, which are created by mother nature, mined by humans and then brought to their real charm are the ones which allure and mesmerize the gemstone industry. Because of huge shortages of industrial diamonds in war and other areas, ASEA, GE and De Beers embarked into the world’s most wanted scientific breakthrough of producing Synthetic Industrial Diamonds in 1956. What many of us do not know is that a large proportion of diamonds available in the market today are synthetic ones.

With the advancement in High Quality Single Crystal Growth Technology, segment of synthetic gems is growing in the gem market. How Wearing Emerald Gemstone offers Therapeutic Benefits too ? « Gemstone World. How Wearing Emerald Gemstone offers Therapeutic Benefits too ? Posted on Updated on Color therapy has been known for its healing benefits since times immemorial and has been used as one of the holistic healing therapies to combat various physical ailments and diseases. Color therapy is based on the principal that human body is formed by cosmic energies of seven colors and a balance between these energies leads to optimal health and wellness. However, if there is a deficiency or excess of any of these colors in the body, it can result in imbalance and subsequently, ailments.

How to Identify a Fake Diamond ? How to identify a fake diamond ? Latest Blog Post From GemLab Laboratories. Ruby Gemstone » Buying a ruby gemstone or Manik stone online is considered to be edgy by the gem buyers. Because they feel, it is quite difficult to trust on online gemstone dealers. Buying Ruby gem from online gemstone dealer involves a lot of difficulties and fears in the mind of a buyer. The reason behind anxiety is that many gem sellers available online openly indulge in selling fake or artificial gemstones as real stones and charging a huge amount of the customers. And, it becomes extremely hard for a gem buyer to differentiate between a fake gem seller and legit gem seller online. GemLab Laboratories - The Real Certified Gemstones.

Why Buying Ruby Stone Online Is Better In Present Time? - Why Blue Sapphire Gemstone Is best to adopted as Ring ? by Blue Sapphire. Articles by Blue Sapphire Gem Expert. 10 Facts You Didn't Know About Diamonds. 10 facts you didn't know about diamonds. Balance Your Body And Mind With Therapeutic Blue Sapphire (Neelam) - There are seven gemstones in all, which are revered for their healing powers in the therapeutic science of color therapy.

Gemstone color therapy is among the ancient holistic healing sciences, which has been used for centuries. One of the vital color healing gemstones is the blue sapphire gemstone, which emits a blue color ray and helps create a balance of this color in the physical body of the wearer, resulting in the healing of diseases and ailments caused by imbalance and disharmony of the blue color. In order to get the maximum healing benefits of this colored stone, make sure that you buy a good quality natural blue sapphire. How to Select Your Diamond Online ? How to select your diamond online ? Gift Turquoise Gemstone to Your Spouse for Her Happiness and Well Being by Rajnesh Kumar. How Gemologists Check The Authenticity of Pearl Stones ? by Rajnesh Kumar. By Rajnesh Kumar GemLab The Real gemstone. Gemological Facts About Diamond Gemstone. Why Amethyst Gemstone keeps us Fascinated ?

Gemological facts about diamond gemstone. Why amethyst gemstone keeps us fascinated ? Complete Guide To Bloodstone. Bloodstone gemstone is also called heliotrope mineral. It is basically composed of chalcedony or jasper mineral with red color inclusions of hematite. The name of the gemstone is derived from the presence of the mineral hematite, which exhibits red color thus, it is called Bloodstone. This gemstone had also been referred as the birthstone for month march in earlier days. Is there a Difference between Green Beryl and Emerald? Gemological Properties of Zircon. Gemlab Laboratories - The Precious Gemstones - Complete Guide to Axinite Gemstone. Beryl Gemstone. December Gemstone Turquoise. Complete Guide To Azurite Gemstone - 5 benefits of yellow sapphire. Professions Benefited from Blue Sapphire.

The Healing Power of Gemstones. Topaz November Birthstone. When To Wear And Replace A Yellow Sapphire Gemstone? Yellow sapphire is a mystical gemstone, which is associated with the powerful planet Jupiter or Guru, the teacher and wearing it with complete rituals can help you derive maximum benefits. As the name suggests, this planet is revered among the others in the astrological system, as it occupies a higher position, being the educator. Jupiter is considered as a beneficent planet, which bestows wealth, prosperity, wisdom, respect, marital bliss, good children and good health on the native. An individual who wants to appease this planet can do so by wearing the yellow sapphire gemstone, as it signifies Jupiter and helps the wearer to derive the positive energies of this planet. A Complete Guide to Amblygonite Gemstone. In the world of gemstones there are plenty of gemstones that instantly draw the attention of gem lovers toward them due to their mesmerizing appearance and rare availability.

Gemstones Jewelry. November Gemstone Topaz. Alexandrite Gemstone: Introduction, History, Or... - Gemstones - Quora. Amethyst gemstone for february month. Robin Arora. Robin Arora. Common Guide To Apatite Gemstone. Emerald Gemstone. Importance of Mohs Scale - Gemstones - Quora. Beautiful Australian Opal Gemstone PowerPoint presentation. Turquoise Gemstone. Gemstone Knowledge: Introduction to Pezzottaite Gemstone.

5 Gemstones for Happiness. Log in. Properties Of Yellow Sapphire Gemstone (Pukhraj) by Gemlab. Ruby Jewelry Items For Men. A Complete Guide To Tiger Eye Gemstone - GemLab Blog Know About Gemstone. What Is Gem Color Saturation? - GemLab Blog Know About Gemstone. Complete Guide To Amber Gemstone - GemLab Blog Know About Gemstone. Benefits Of Ruby Gemstone. Coral Gemstone For Good Health. Emerald The Stone For Strengthening Your Relationships. Keeping Healthy with Yellow Sapphire. ‹ Log In. ‹ Log In.