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Emerald Premium Grade

Gems. Ruby Gemstone (Manik) Ruby is said to give name, fame, vigor, virtue, warmth and the capacity to command to its user.

Ruby Gemstone (Manik)

It can also raise the individual far above the status in which he was born. Different Types Of Cat's Eye Gemstone. Cat’s eye gemstones are a kind of interesting gemstone which have a stunning appearance and changes with the light.

Different Types Of Cat's Eye Gemstone

It’s a visual marvel wherein the gem exudes a slit reflection that resembles a cat’s eye, hence the name. The technical term for this phenomenon is chatoyancy, which is a derivative of a French term meaning the eye of the cat. This phenomenon is found in only a few rare gemstone and lesser-known gems and is even rare in the commonly known gemstones. This unique phenomenon makes these gemstones collectors’ items. They add beauty to the appearance and when it’s added to jewellery it attracts attention.

Chrysoberyl cat’s eye. Which Zodiac Ascendant Should Wear Blue Sapphire. This gemstone belongs to the mineral corundum variety and chemically it has aluminum oxide.

Which Zodiac Ascendant Should Wear Blue Sapphire

It is the 2nd hardest mineral after diamond, having a rating of 9 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness. Blue Sapphire is found only in few places in the world and the most famous of them are found in India, mainly in Kashmir, Myanmar, and Sri Lanka. The finest quality blue sapphire is found in Sri Lanka. Saturn‘s General Characteristics. Among the nine planets in the universe, Saturn is the 2nd largest planet of the solar system and it is the sixth planet from the sun. This planet is the farthest away from the earth and is the most extraordinary among all planets. In astrology, Saturn, also known as ‘Shani’ is the slowest moving planet in space but has quite strong effects on a person horoscope.

If Saturn is beneficial towards a person, that person may become a great scholar with a good command over the language. Lucky Gemstone Or Birthstone For June Born- June born people are known to be some of the most creative individuals in the whole zodiac cam wear their lucky gemstone for good fortune.

Lucky Gemstone Or Birthstone For June Born-

However, like all other people, they may experience major issues while dealing with the challenges of life. Most June people are vulnerable to mental anguish and confusion from time to time, which can make it difficult for them to be productive. So if you are born on the month of June, it is very important that you get the lucky precious stones for the month of June. There are three main stones associated with people who were born on this month; these are Pearl gemstone, Moonstone, and Alexandrite. So Let’s Have A Look At The Various Unique Properties Of These Lucky Gemstones.

Blue Sapphire- September Birthstone. Best Gemstones For Heal Your Marriage Related Problems. What can be done to heal marriage related problems?

Best Gemstones For Heal Your Marriage Related Problems

Is there a simple way to bring back the happiness that marriage promises to keep till eternity? Well, yes, there is! Some Alternative Of diamond Engagement Rings Which Are Affordable. However, diamonds are also very costly, which means that not everyone can afford them.

Some Alternative Of diamond Engagement Rings Which Are Affordable

However, the good news is that there are a lot of great alternatives to diamond that are equally beautiful and does not cost you that much. One more intriguing reason for which many people prefer to go for alternate stones when it comes to their engagement rings is that diamonds are typically the classic choice and which is why most people tend to prefer them. However, by going for engagement rings in alternate stones, you can actually have a unique looking ring that helps you to stand out from others.

If you are looking for a stylish engagement ring that becomes a major piece of conversation among your friends, then you should definitely go for an emerald gemstone ring or a similar ring with stones like peridot, sapphire or aquamarine. A Complete Guide Green Onyx Gemstone. A variety of the microcrystalline quartz, the beautiful Onyx gemstone belongs to the chalcedony family.

A Complete Guide Green Onyx Gemstone

Formed through a natural phenomenon when silica gets deposited in lava gas cavities, Onyx is one of its kind with unique stripes or bands that are created during its formation. Onyx is a variety of semi-precious gemstones The word Onyx originates from the Greek term ‘onux’, meaning claw or fingernail. As the bands on the stone represent colors of a nail, the stone has been named so. While usually, the stone is black in color, you can also find pink, red, brown and even green onyx gemstones. Like emerald, Onyx is also very helpful to strengthen the positive powers of Mercury planet. Designs Of Precious And Semi-Precious Stones Jewelry.

So, if you want to explore the different designs that the world of gemstone jewelry is offering at present, then keep reading.

Designs Of Precious And Semi-Precious Stones Jewelry

Navaratna Jewelry The stunningly beautiful “Navaratna” or nine gems when come together to form an exotic piece of jewelry, it is called Navaratna jewelry. These gems include precious and semi-precious stones of ruby gemstone, diamond, emerald, blue sapphire, pearl, coral, topaz, hessonite, and cat’s eye, yellow sapphire. As each of these gemstones carries special energies and properties, wearing them together brings a whole host of benefits for the wearer. Not only does this form of jewelry protects the wearer from negative energies, but it also creates positivity all around and brings good luck. Which Zodiac Ascendant Should Wear Blue Sapphire. Emerald Gemstone: Birthstone For May Born- Wearing your gemstone month’s birthstone is a great way of enhancing your good fortunes.

Emerald Gemstone: Birthstone For May Born-

It helps you to work on your hidden skills and talents, as well as opens up many doors for you so that you have success in personal and professional lives. So, if you are born in the month of May, you should wear the Emerald gemstone. The emerald stone is known for its strikingly bright green color that immediately captures the attention of any onlooker. Emerald stones have also been long associated with royalty and many royal families across the world have got their own collection of emeralds that have got historical significance.

Rahu: Different Houses and Remedies. Rahu in 1st House If Rahu is in this house, then as per astrology, the native will get a higher position and get good results from the government.

Rahu: Different Houses and Remedies

Malefic Rahu means that the native must not take electrical equipment or blue/black colored clothes from the in-laws, or their son could be affected badly. Amazing Alternatives To Gold Jewelry. If you are one of them and you are in search of the perfect options that can help you revamp your jewelry collection with choices that are as gorgeous as traditional gold but give a unique feel, then keep reading. This article will list all such alternatives that you can try to go beyond the traditional metal, gold. Diamonds Diamonds are hailed as a girl’s best friend. And with their sparkle and high durability – they certainly are! From western wear to traditional, you can rock any look by complementing it with diamond jewelry. This eternal jewelry option never goes out of style and can be embraced in different forms – be it rings, a bracelet, a spectacular necklace or a dainty pair of earrings. Case Study 2: Customer Queries About Astrological Gemstones.

Que: Can I wear Pukhraj and Panna together for Mesh Lagna? Ans: First, the compatibility of pukhraj and Panna is not good because the lord of Pukhraj Jupiter and Panna Mercury are mutual enemies towards each other. So don’t wear these two gemstones together. Secondly, if you are talking about mesh lagan (Aries) you cannot wear Emerald (Panna) but you can wear pukhraj (yellow sapphire) for Mesh Lagna (Aries).

Que: What is the difference between the standard, fine and premium grade? Ans: This grading has been done on the basis of clarity, color: STANDARD GRADE: Normal color, Normal clarity FINE GRADE: Either good color or good clarity. Que: On the certificate, it is mentioned whether it is south sea or freshwater pearl? Ans: Generally it is not mentioned on the certificate, first it depends on the policy of Gemstones Company whether they want to mention or not, secondly some companies may provide you a certificate with the origin, but they may charge some additional charges for this.

Best Ruby Gemstone And Its Different Origins All Over The World. Ruby gemstone one of the 9 gemstones that are considered to be the most precious after diamonds. It is known for its beauty and sturdiness, which is because of its mineral composition, which is corundum. Given the unique combination of strength, beauty, and durability, it is said to be even rarer than diamonds. The color of a ruby gemstone ranges anywhere between red to reddish-brown; however, the most popular and in-demand color is the blood-red; which is unlike Sapphire, which has a variety of colors ranging from yellow, green, purple, pink, except red.

In fact, one could very well say that red Sapphire could be a Ruby, owing to their similar chemical combination. Blood red rubies, are known as the Burmese Rubies or pigeon blood rubies or Burma rubies and are considered to be extremely rare. What Is The Difference Between Synthetic & Natural Ruby? Ruby gemstones are known for their beauty and the royalty that they bring to the world. For ages, ruby gemstones have made excellent possessions by gem and jewelry lovers. However, the rising popularity of natural ruby stones made its way to the creation of synthetic rubies in laboratories. Imitations of natural rubies, synthetic ones may look absolutely similar to natural stones, but they don’t carry the same healing and mystical properties as the former stones do.

Let’s try and understand synthetic and natural rubies a little better. What Is The Difference Between Synthetic & Natural Ruby? How To Care For Your Opal Jewelry? Made of amorphous (non-crystalline) silica, opal gemstones can contain up to 21% water. Even though most of the opals that are used in jewelry have around 1% to 6% of water, they are highly vulnerable to rapid temperature changes. Here’s how you can take good care of these beautiful gemstones: Everything You Need To Know About Burma Ruby. Benefits of Ruby Ruby imparts high status and a huge amount of wealth to the wearer.

It helps an individual to remain focused by removing all the confusion. Professionals and students can draw benefits by wearing Ruby. Astrological Benefits Of Wearing Natural White Sapphire- Do You Know Anything About Natural Ruby Gemstone? List Of Some Rare Gemstones That You Never Know. Different Types Of Cat's Eye Gemstone. YouTube. Check the List of Famous Mining places of Ruby gemstone. Embed Code For hosted site: Gemology - Diamonds - GemLab Laboratories. GemLab Laboratories - The Lab Certified Natural Gemstones.

Importance of gemstones inclusions. COMPLETE GUIDE TO TANZANITE GEMSTONE. Posted on October 5, 2019. Gemstones Name That Starts With Alphabet A- Gemstones, especially the Navratnas, play a central role in the spiritual and the overall well-being of a person. They are governed by various spheres of the solar system who confer their positive impacts on the wearer through the gemstone. Know More About Cultured Pearl Gemstones- The pearl gemstone, also known as a moti is the only precious object that is not produced as a mineral from the crust of the earth but grow organically inside a living organism. The pearls grow inside the body of a mollusk when some external elements enter its shell and functions as an irritant.

In order to prevent it from disturbing the main body of the mollusk, the organism covers it with layers of calcium carbonate which eventually leads to the creation of a pearl. Proper Guideline About Gems Certification- The Top 5 Gemstones from Africa- Complete Guide To Navratna Gemstone. 5 Fancy Cut Of Diamond Gemstone. 5 Interesting Facts About Emerald Gemstone. Some Of World’s Rarest And Beautiful

15 Facts That Makes Opal Stone More Beautiful Proper Guideline About Gems Certification- Gemstones Name That Starts With Alphabet A- Gemstone Information - Top 4 Most Valuable Gemstones In Asia. The Top 5 Gemstones from Africa- Complete Guide To Star Ruby Gemstone. Genuine Way To Identify Gemstone Is Real Or Fake. Complete Guide To Gemstones Cutting Style. Gemstone's Name That Starts With Alphabet A- Diamonds - GemLab Laboratories. - Ceylon And Bangkok Sapphire Gemstone. Know More About Cultured Pearl Gemstones- Some Of World’s Rarest And Beautiful Diamonds - GemLab Laboratories. Appropriate Information About Pearl Stone. Some Of World’s Rarest And Beautiful Complete Information About Cultured Pearl Stone.

15 Facts That Makes Opal Stone More Beautiful Proper Guideline About Gems Certification- Ruby Gemstone (Manik) Blue Sapphire Gemstone (Neelam) Origins Of Emerald Gemstone. Complete Guidance About 9 Gemstone. Complete Information of February Birthstone. Complete Guide To Gemstones Cutting Style. Complete Information About 9 Gemstone. 15 Facts That Makes Opal Stone More Beautiful Few Precious Gemstone And Mineral. Emerald Gemstone (Panna) - Few Simple Tips For Buying Gemstone. Some Precious Gemstone and Mineral- 15 Facts That Makes Opal Stone More Beautiful Red Coral Gemstone (Moonga) Different Types Of Pearl Stone. Precious gemstone facts and history. Beautiful Catseye Gemstone for Astrology // ring // jewelry.

Know More About Cultured Pearl Gemstones- A Stone Related To Every Month. Some Of World’s Rarest And Beautiful SOME TIPS ON HOW TO IDENTIFY STONE AND CRYSTALS. Color in Gemstones - Know More About Cultured Pearl Gemstones- SOME TIPS TO IDENTIFY STONE AND CRYSTALS. Pearl Gemstone (Moti) Complete Guide To Iolite Gemstone. A List Of Precious Gemstones. A List of Australian Gemstones. A List Of Australian Gemstone. Refractive Index Of Gemstone. Some Precious Gemstone and Mineral- Complete Guide to Navratna Gemstone. MOST VALUEABLE GEMSTONE FROM AFRICA. Gemstone cutting style. Complete Information of February Birthstone. What is the Difference between Natural and Synthetic Diamonds? Information of color changing gemstone. Gemstone Meaning and Its Properties. Complete Guide To Gemstones Cutting Style.

December Gem Types-Birthstones.