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Case Study 2: Customer Queries About Astrological Gemstones

Case Study 2: Customer Queries About Astrological Gemstones
Que: Can I wear Pukhraj and Panna together for Mesh Lagna? Ans: First, the compatibility of pukhraj and Panna is not good because the lord of Pukhraj Jupiter and Panna Mercury are mutual enemies towards each other. So don’t wear these two gemstones together. Secondly, if you are talking about mesh lagan (Aries) you cannot wear Emerald (Panna) but you can wear pukhraj (yellow sapphire) for Mesh Lagna (Aries). Que: What is the difference between the standard, fine and premium grade? Ans: This grading has been done on the basis of clarity, color: STANDARD GRADE: Normal color, Normal clarity FINE GRADE: Either good color or good clarity. Que: On the certificate, it is mentioned whether it is south sea or freshwater pearl? Ans: Generally it is not mentioned on the certificate, first it depends on the policy of Gemstones Company whether they want to mention or not, secondly some companies may provide you a certificate with the origin, but they may charge some additional charges for this.

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Which Gemstone Is Good For Business And Financial Growth? Astrological implication Emerald gemstone is recommended to the persons whose Mercury planet is ill posited in the birth chart. Since this gemstone is linked with Mercury, it imparts intellectual power, good memory power, wisdom, good intuition power and so on. If an individual has Mercury in a favorable position in the birth chart, then Emerald would prove to be beneficial. It is good for the persons in fields of politics, business or orator and public relations.

How to Start a Tasteful and Professional Jewelry Collection Many women think that fashion jewelry is only for casual dressing or parties. But wait, that’s not the reality! We can make the best use of jewelry to look our best in the office and stand out from the rest. Are you wondering how? If so, then let’s help you with some easy and simple jewelry tips that will take boredom away from your professional dress code – after all the right jewelry can do wonders! Find out how: Triangular Red Coral Gemstone Benefits The triangular red coral gemstone is a triangular shape gemstone which has a tendency to catch every human eye due to its brilliant red color and astounding shine. The triangular red coral stone is an adorable and special type of coral gemstone. Alike red coral and white coral gemstone it also captures the celestial power of Mars as per Indian astrology. The triangular red coral can best be worn as triangular red coral rings, triangular red coral necklace, and triangular red coral pendants. Human has a tendency to wear gemstones, especially for gaining astrological benefits or to compliment overall physical appearance by adopting different triangular coral jewelry.

What Makes Ruby (Manik) So Powerful? If there is one gemstone that exudes immense exclusivity and panache while holding a lot of significance in the world of astrology, then it has to be the Ruby gemstone. What is the importance of Ruby gemstone? What Are Astrological Benefits Of Ruby (Manik) Gemstone? Known for its spellbinding beauty and exotic looks, this gem is also a possessor of some immaculate powers. Perhaps, this is the reason why there are many Ruby lovers across the world. By representing ‘Sun’ the King of Zodiac, the ruby gem carries some excellent powers that are hard to find in any other gemstone.

8 Most Successful Remedies To Mitigate Manglik Dosh! Must Follow Eliminate your fears and doubts about the remedy for Mangalik Dosh. In Hindu mythology, Mangal Dosha is a celestial mix that happens if Mars (Mangal) is present in the first, second, fourth, seventh, eighth, or twelfth place of the ascendant birth chart or horoscope. A man conceived within the sight of this condition is termed a Manglik. A man who’s mangalik faces a great deal of trouble as far as marriage. According to astrologers, a Manglik individual ought to tie the knot with a Manglik then the impact of dosh counterbalanced. Some of the astrologers believe that implying some useful remedies help in nullifying the ill-effects of Mangal Dosh.

What Is The Difference Between Synthetic & Natural Ruby? Ruby gemstones are known for their beauty and the royalty that they bring to the world. For ages, ruby gemstones have made excellent possessions by gem and jewelry lovers. However, the rising popularity of natural ruby stones made its way to the creation of synthetic rubies in laboratories. Imitations of natural rubies, synthetic ones may look absolutely similar to natural stones, but they don’t carry the same healing and mystical properties as the former stones do. Let’s try and understand synthetic and natural rubies a little better.

Top Ten Benefits Of White Coral or Moonga Stone The white coral gemstone is comes from sea water on the branches of plant reef. The white coral gemstone is also produced in the same manner alike red coral gemstone. Similarly, just like a red coral stone, this stone is also known to carry impelling magical properties along with it that ensures in bringing positive changes in the lives of its wearer. 10 Rare Gemstones That Are Awesome Still in doubt? Well here are our top 10 gemstones that we think every collector should own. Luz Opal with Galaxy IndiseSunset fire opalOcean inside an opalBismuthLightning Ridge black opalRose Quartz GeodeOpal FossilAzuriteBurmese TourmalineFluorite Read more Still in doubt?

Red Coral Gemstone Suitability As Per Each Rashi Or Zodiac Sign! Gemstones play an important role in our life, especially for those who believe in Astrology. For them Gemstones nothing less than God’s Grace! You must gain the knowledge of Red coral gemstone as per Rashi through this article. Some Best Looks From The Met Gala 2018 Met Gala is the biggest fashion event in term of dressing. The Met Gala 2018 is fashion’s biggest night. See every red carpet look of your favorite celebrities. Gemstones Which Should Not Be Adopted With Red Coral The red coral gemstone is an auspicious gemstone. It belongs to ferocious planet Mars . It has immense capability to affect the life of an individual significantly. Emerald: Birthstone of May Month Wearing emerald stone can bestow a lot of great qualities that can bring social success. It can enhance the qualities of loyalty and faithfulness in a person and give rise to lasting and rewarding friendships. Metaphysically, the emerald gemstone can boost one’s faith, memory, and clairvoyance. The emerald stone is also associated with numerous healing properties and can cure ailments of the spine and the eyes.

Health Benefits Of Wearing White Coral Gemstone The white coral gemstone is associated with the dominating planet Mars according to astrology that altogether brings positive results in the lives of its wearer. The planet Mars signifies the strength, vigorous, ardor, sexuality, aggressiveness, anger and cruelty. The excellent gemstone is composed of 83 percent of calcium carbonate following iron and magnesium in a small amount.