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Gaza and Ramallah: Learning as a community UNRWA and OLPC have been working together in Gaza and the West Bank to implement community laptop programs this year. In many schools in such as this one in Ramallah, students use their XOs in class and out. These girls are on their way home. Lessons don't last all day, and children from the nearby towns often spend time outside reading and playing (and sometimes laughing) once school lets out. This year Ramallah held an XO Summer Camp to help hundreds of students learn how to use, repair, and teach with their laptops. One Laptop per Child

One Laptop per Child

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One World Youth Project One World Youth Project The Challenge: We are not adequately preparing our youth with the global life skills needed to succeed in our increasingly interconnected 21st century society and economy. We approach this challenge from two sides:
TakingITGlobal - TakingITGlobal - Panorama Next Issue August 2013: We See Things Differently We See Things Differently is a collaborative campaign being led by youth, to collect and connect our histories, our vision and our strengths to remake the world within this generation. TakingITGlobal - TakingITGlobal - Panorama
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First Here, Then Everywhere First Here, Then Everywhere Welcome to First Here, Then Everywhere, the only online network by and for young environmentalists. Founded by Chloe Maxmin, FHTE is a place for young environmentalists to speak out and share experiences with other activists around the globe. Here you have the opportunity to connect with other young environmentalists, share insights, ideas, troubles, accomplishments, and questions. Become a part of this powerful network. MISSION: The mission of this site is to unite young environmentalists around the world to fight climate change.
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Tools for Schools Tools for Schools Back to Schools for Everyone Hello, It’s the time of the year when everyone is gathering their supplies. But the ones whom have been less fortunate are not. Yes! Grab that deal by 1 get 1 free for pencils.
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The Mission for Tools for Schools is to give children in Third World countries, pencils, erasers, and other supplies that are needed to learn and become educated members of society. My goal is to collect used pencils, erasers and recycle them by giving them to those children who do not have access to basic school supplies. Pencils are essential in the learning process and give every child a chance to succeed in their future. Tools for Schools Tools for Schools
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