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Video editing/making

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Free Video Converter. Dynamic presentations for a real-time world. Video Slideshow Maker with Music. Mugeda - Cloud Based HTML5 Animation Platform. 12 Useful YouTube Accessories for Teachers and Students. If you can access it in your school, YouTube has a ton of useful educational content.

12 Useful YouTube Accessories for Teachers and Students

Here are ten tools that can make using YouTube in your classroom a better experience for everyone. Removing Related Content and Banner Advertisements. A Cleaner YouTube is a browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Once installed A Cleaner YouTube allows you to display YouTube videos without any of the "related videos," comments, or display advertising. There are other tools that do the same thing, but what makes A Cleaner YouTube different is that not only can you display videos without the related materials, but you can also search YouTube without viewing any of the "related videos," comments, suggested videos, or advertisements.

View Pure is a simple little tool that strips way all of the distractions of related videos, comments, and promoted videos. makes it possible to view YouTube videos without displaying the related videos and associated comments. Free Video Downloader. Instant screencasts: Just click record. Creare Screencast: Ecco i Migliori 5 software gratis. Molti mi hanno chiesto che programmi uso per registrare e creare i video tutorial presenti su JuliusDesign.

Creare Screencast: Ecco i Migliori 5 software gratis

Oggi voglio condividere con voi i migliori 5 softwatre gratis per creare screencast accattivanti in modo totalmente gratutito. CamStudio Software per Windows che permette di creare screencast in formato video avi o in formato flash, molto semplice da usare Copernicus Software opensource per Mac, molto veloce e leggero da utilizzare in quanto tutto viene salvato direttamente su RAM.

Download per Mac Jing Software per Windows e Mac, permette di creare screenshot e screencast via web, tramite un’applicazione desktop molto facile da configurare. Webinaria Software opensource per Windows, permette di creare screencast in formato Video avi e in formato Flash .FLV, interessante la combinazione con desktop e web cam Download per Windows CaptureFox Letture Consigliate per Mac MacPcScreencastVideoWebdesign. Vidmap - Geotagging for Videos. Plastic Animation Paper - PAP:Pro 4.0 for free. German online TV recorder BONG.TV - record any TV show and your favorite movies online. Aufnahme mit einem Klick, da keine Zusatzhardware notwendig ist.

German online TV recorder BONG.TV - record any TV show and your favorite movies online

Auswählen Stöbern, suchen und finden: unser umfangreiches TV-Programm hilft dir deine Lieblingssendung schnell zu finden. Sendung gefunden? Dann klicke auf REC. Aufnehmen Ein Klick startet den persönlichen Videorekorder zur Aufnahme in der Cloud. Ansehen Wir informieren dich, sobald deine Aufnahme fertig gestellt ist - bequem per E-Mail. Weil wir glauben, dass Unterhaltung ohne Einschränkungen am schönsten ist. Damit nie wieder eine Lieblingssendung verpasst wird. Für Familien, Ob Kindersendung oder Familienfilm, Dokumentation oder Lehrvideo. Für Serienliebhaber, Mit dem intelligenten Serien-Manager verpasst du keine Folge deiner Lieblingsserie. Für Sammler. Der automatische Favoriten-Finder hilft dir jeden Lieblingsfilm zu finden. Komplettpakete für jeden Anspruch. Mooplay : build your own player on top of an html5 video element. Making Future Magic: iPad light painting. Rimodellati nei video con MovieReshape.

The HTML5 Media Framework. Creaza Video. - create your own custom intros for videos in minutes.