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Web Development, Web Designing, SEO, E-Commerce Solution, Open Source Development, Mobile Application and iPhone Application Development Firm.

Web Development

Give Website a Life with UI/UX Web Design - Skynet Technologies. Identify & Research Getting to Know You and Your Users!

Give Website a Life with UI/UX Web Design - Skynet Technologies

We start by making understanding of your business, planning and target. We speak to key person and dive deep into data you already have, including the performance of existing site if any. Our Primary Goal is to start research on your target users quickly. It involves creating and analyzing quantitative research include surveys, user testing, user visits, conversions, etc. on existing site. Website/Content Strategy Visualize the Direction of Website is all About Business Goals! Before a design can be developed, a throughout analysis of Website Proposed Structure and Content is needed. Planning Give a Clear Path & Timeline for Final Deliverables! In the Planning Phase, Our Team architects the blueprint of sitemap, which gives you the clear structure and hierarchy of the Website Pages. UX/UI Design Give Website a Life! Content Writing/Copy Writing Finding the Words to Convert Your Customers!

Search Engine Optimization. World’s Favourite Open-Source Platform! - WooCommerce Web Development - Skynet Technologies. WooCommerce Theme & Extension Customization WooCommerce provide flexibility for plugins, extensions and themes to customize, adjusted and coded tailor to the functionality of your ecommerce website or online store!

World’s Favourite Open-Source Platform! - WooCommerce Web Development - Skynet Technologies

To easily set up your store, selling and purchasing process, WooCommerce provide complete freedom to customize your online store! Our developers have experience in working on several plugins & themes; they can help you to customize everything from scratch to suffice your requirements! WooCommerce Store Optimization Optimize Your WooCommerce Store to increase performance, boost sales, increase search engine rankings, increase the loading speed and many more benefits! Ecommerce Solution to transform your visitor into customers! - Skynet Technologies.

Indentify, Research and Technical Discovery Getting Know You and Your Users!

Ecommerce Solution to transform your visitor into customers! - Skynet Technologies

We start by making understanding of your business, planning and target. We speak to key person and dive deep into data you already have, including the performance of existing site if any. Troubleshooting in your website? Contact Us for Website Maintenance Services - Skynet Technologies. September 16, 2019 Many times organizations make the mistake of believing that designing and launching a website is a one-time task.

Troubleshooting in your website? Contact Us for Website Maintenance Services - Skynet Technologies

Engaging and converting visitors is without a doubt the single most important objective of a website. However, if a visitor has to struggle to navigate on your website it would be largely counterproductive even if you have a promising product or service to offer. It’s not even about infrequently fixing minor bugs. In today’s time and age, for any brand, a website is the most valuable business tool. Result Driven E-Commerce Solutions for your online store - Skynet Technologies. Upgrade your website with the newer version of Joomla 4.0! - Skynet Technologies. Excellent Open-Source Development Services. You like an Open Source Software or want to use it but want to add in your template or want to add a new module to suit your needs.

Excellent Open-Source Development Services

Our open source customization team will be happy to help you. The open source applications are better way to save time and start a business right away.. But open source solutions might not be well suited in some case for your business plan, for this reason our open source customization team provides you with a facility to modify the open source products to suit your needs adding in a new design, a new module or changing virtually anything in the product. Our strength lies in our team of experienced and qualified professionals, who are dedicated to providing and fulfilling customer requirements. We aim in providing the highest quality of open source development services in every aspect of development from initial contact to post development support.

Benefits of using Open source software. Top 15 ecommerce trend in 2020 - Skynet Technologies. August 26, 2019 The Ecommerce market is becoming more and more competitive and to stay ahead of the competition, it is important to analyze and adopt the latest eCommerce trend on time.

Top 15 ecommerce trend in 2020 - Skynet Technologies

Take advantage of emerging trends in the eCommerce industry to ensure long term success of your eCommerce website. Here are some of the most important eCommerce trend that will double your conversion rate in 2020. Let us help you to upgrade your eCommerce website and take your business to the next level in 2020. Skynet Technologies is a specialized custom shopping cart development company, having years of expertise in shopping cart management, shopping module integration, payment gateway integration, order management and other shopping cart featured to enhance your online store visibility and increase sales volume. We have a team of dedicated developers having in-depth practice knowledge and years of experience in managing simple to complex shopping cart solution efficiently and smoothly.

Customized Static Website Design from Leading Company - Skynet Technologies. At Skynet Technologies, a leading web design company, we combine knowledge, experience and talent to produce cutting edge visuals in web designing.

Customized Static Website Design from Leading Company - Skynet Technologies

Our Static website packages provide absolute solution to the businesses or individuals, to post simple information about themselves or about their company onto the static web pages. E-Commerce Website Development - Custom Web Development - Skynet Technologies. You name it and we have it.

E-Commerce Website Development - Custom Web Development - Skynet Technologies

At Skynet Technologies, our specialization lies in offering end-to-end solutions for all your web related requirements. Whether you are looking to develop a quality E-Commerce website or looking for experts who can migrate your existing website to a new technological platform, Skynet Technologies offers you its expert development services in almost all aspects of web domain. With our years of experience in developing web solutions for different businesses, we understand the importance of investing time in understanding client's business practices first before jumping into the development.

By taking this approach, we are able to use our experienced web development team and latest technical tools optimally to provide you a quality solution that promises a wholesome new experience. From a simple database website development to complex web based solutions; we intend to offer one stop solution for all your web related requirements. Magento E-Commerce Development Company. Send us an inquiry for any type of website design requirements - Skynet Technologies. Explore Salesforce Development and Maintenance Service - Skynet Technologies.

Looking for a WordPress Migration & Upgradations Services? - Skynet Technologies. 10 Keys To A Successful Ongoing Business Website Maintenance - Skynet Technologies. July 22, 2019 Start-ups, Small to Large businesses, Enterprises and Corporations usually starts with a professional website development which soon becomes outdated due to lack of Website Maintenance Services.

10 Keys To A Successful Ongoing Business Website Maintenance - Skynet Technologies

In today’s competitive market, it is vital to ensure that your website is up-to-date with current information, security updates, version upgrades, features enhancement and more to keep your website running smoothly and efficiently. Having a website with up to date information can give a better user experience and enhanced visibility on Google SERPs. Let’s have a closed look at Top 10 reason for any size and type of companies need a professional website maintenance services for ongoing business success. Troubleshooting Bugs or Error are common and they can arise anytime without any prior acknowledgment. Broken Links A website with error messages, 404 pages, not-working contact forms and broken links can lead to potential loss.

Backups. SDK application development - iPhone Application Development - Skynet Technologies. New Features Coming Soon in Upcoming PHP 7.4! - Skynet Technologies. July 16, 2019 The next minor release of PHP 7, that is PHP 7.4 will be released on November 28, 2019.

New Features Coming Soon in Upcoming PHP 7.4! - Skynet Technologies

PHP 7.4 will significantly boost website performance, speed and improves the code reliability/maintainability. Following are some of the changes and new features that will make your PHP website faster, reliable and scalable. Spread Operator in Array ExpressionArrow functions (or short closures) for cleaner one-liner functionsNull Coalescing Assignment OperatorTyped Properties 2.0 in classesIntroduces the WeakReference classCovariant Returns and Contravariant ParametersSignificant boost in performance because of PreloadingNew Custom Object Serialization MechanismDeprecations Let’s have a closer look at why you should upgrade your site to the latest version of PHP 7.

PHP 5.6 and PHP 7.0 has already reached its end of life. PHP is one of the most widely used server-side programming language. See the below table to know more on Currently Supported Versions. Upgrading Drupal 7 to 8 to 9 - Essential Prep Tips - Skynet Technologies. Up to date your WordPress website with latest security updates - Skynet Technologies.

Get Customized PHP Development Services for Business of All Types - Skynet Technologies. E-commerce Shopping Cart Solution - Skynet Technologies. Power your business with Certified Android App Development Company - Skynet Technologies. Get a quick quotation for Custom OsCommerce Application Development from Skynet Technologies. Are you looking for update your legacy Laravel Web application? - Skynet Technologies. Salesforce CRM Development –Skynet Technologies. Salesforce CRM Development –Skynet Technologies. Salesforce CRM Development –Skynet Technologies. Upgrade WordPress Website to the most recent version - Skynet Technologies. June 5, 2019 WordPress 5.2.1 is released! It is basically maintenance released available with 33 bug fixes includes site health check feature, plugin compatibility check, block editor improvements, accessibility enhancement and internationalization.

However, WordPress 5.2.1 maintenance released is considered as short-cycle maintenance release and WordPress 5.2.2 is expected to release on June 13, 2019. WordPress is free and open source software developed by a community of developers. Each new version updates comes with a number of bug fixes, new features, performance improvements, security enhancement, and more. In this blog, we will cover some of the most important benefits of updating WordPress for your business. Why your business needs the latest version of WordPress? Security: Updating to the most recent version of WordPress would help you to stay updated with the new industry standard and avoid the security vulnerability present in the older WordPress version. Share this on: Send inquiry for next generation Salesforce Development and Maintenance - Skynet Technologies.

Send Inquiry for any type of Website Maintenance Service - Skynet Technologies. Get a quick quotation for Laravel Web Development - Skynet Technologies. Drupal Web Development in India - Skynet Technologies. E-Commerce SEO Package - Skynet Technologies. Increased Keyword Position and Organic Traffic Client Boss Laminating has over 30 years of experience in providing lamination services in Orange County. They are a full-service lamination house and specialize in book laminating, brochure laminating, restaurant menu laminating, poster laminating, banner lamination, large format laminating, business card laminating, ID card laminating, photo laminating and any kind of special material or document can be laminated exactly as per customer requirements.

Challenge Being a leading lamination service provider in Orange County CA, Boss Laminating focuses on expanding its business in California with the help of SEO. Solution In order to provide excellent user experience, we begin with Website Redesign. Professional Ruby on Rails website maintenance service - Skynet Technologies - USA. Need migration and version upgrades for CodeIgniter Website? - Skynet Technologies. Laravel and CakePHP Maintenance. Laravel and CakePHP Maintenance. App Crash Monitoring? - Get Solution for Mobile App Maintenance - Skynet Technologies. Mobile Application Maintenance and Support Service Company - Skynet Technologies. Are you Looking for PHP Website Maintenance Service? - Skynet Technologies. Magento Maintenance and Support Packages USA - Skynet Technologies. Best WordPress Website Maintenance and Support Service! - Skynet Technologies.

Professional Drupal Website Support and Maintenance - Skynet Technologies. Website Maintenance Service and Packages - Skynet Technologies. Does your Website need Maintenance, Security update or an upgrade of any kind? Then we've got the solution for you. A website with proper and regular maintenance tells your visitors you care about them and respect their time enough to present the most current information, also with the fewer or no 404 errors it is good for Search Engine as well. Our Website Maintenancesolution takes over the responsibility for updating and operating your site so that you can concentrate on what's important to you. Benefits of Website Maintenance Provide your website visitors with updated information on products & services, specials, hours of operations and other key information about your business.

Create Website - Create a business website with Drupal - Skynet Technologies. Developing Dynamic Web Applications Using Magento CMS - Skynet Technologies. We believe every customer is different and has different needs, either they own a startup company or a well established business. At Skynet Technologies our Job is to identify precise customer requirements and recommend them an effective and affordable solution.

Most of the Dynamic Websites we build are content management systems developed in WordPress, Joomla or Drupal based Open Source products or if required we can also offer Custom private label CMS based Solution. Dynamic Website design can be simple or complex depending on the customer's design / development needs. It is really effortless to install any Open Source product, select a particular free theme and start adding content / logo. Normally it takes a few hours or a day to start off with a Standard Dynamic Web Design. For Custom Dynamic Web Designs, We would work more closely with our customers to identify their design element requirements and accordingly we would create initial layouts / logos.

How to choose Right E-Commerce Platform for Business? - Skynet Technologies. Why Drupal Is the Best CMS for SEO Services - Skynet Technologies. Why You Should Consider Joomla CMS for Startup Businesses? - Skynet Technologies. What is Joomla CMS? Joomla CMS is an award-winning Content Management System (CMS) which is exceedingly used in development of a wide range of applications ranging from simple to complex websites and available in various modules with up-gradation options. It is written in the PHP script and supported by MySQL database. Joomla CMS completely allows owners to maintain their online site with minimum effort and with absolutely no costs or license fees involved. Why Skynet Technologies for Web Design Services in India?

Wordpress Theme Development Company. WordPress is a very popular open source blog publishing application. WordPress Customization can help in building basic WordPress websites and Content Management tasks. It provides many rich features including a user-friendly workflow, rich plug-in architecture and an advanced templating system. It is written in PHP scripting language and uses MySQL as a database. How to implement and customize drupal module.

Ecommerce Solutions UK. We develop websites that make existing business processes, customer data and sales tools available to Internet users. Joomla Website Development. Parallax Effect With CSS. Application Development UK. Skynet Technologies. Wordpress Services USA. Open Source Platform. Drupal Development Company. Skynet Technologies. Search engines are perhaps the heart of internet. Everyone seems to be using search engines to fulfill their information quest by quoting a search term and getting effective results within few clicks. Now the question comes, why do I need Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services? In the crowd of billions of websites, it is quite difficult to make it into the top pages of search engines. Without getting top positions in search engine rankings, it is next to impossible for a website to drive traffic that can be converted into sales later on.

Ecommerce Shopping Cart. Android App Development USA. We provide offshore iPhone App Development, iPad App Development, iOS App Development and Mobile Application Development and porting services that enable clients to experience the benefits of mobility such as instant availability and access, real time integration with dedicated automated devices M2M, GPS systems, SMSC gateways integration, compatibility and integration with the existing information systems, connectivity with GPRS and other locations based services, user friendly features, picture supporting facilities, videos, sounds and much more. Currently we offer App Development in iPhone / iPad and iOS Mobile Applications Development across all Apple's iOS platforms and devices. Mobile software provides users with access to real-time information anytime, anywhere on any mobile device and with integration to iCloud; sharing data across network would be robust.

Mobile Application Development technology is growing and people are just fond of using it. Skynet Technologies. Meta Description Tag. Wordpress Customization. Online Marketing Company India. Skynet Technologies is an innovative Internet Marketing company based in Jamnagar (Gujarat). As an Indian Internet Marketing specialist, Skynet Technologies’ goal is to achieve optimal website performance and profitability, for clients operating in the global marketplace.

The company utilizes powerful website promotion and search engine optimization techniques to deliver a one-stop Internet Marketing service which is both effective and affordable. Strategic Internet Marketing. SEO Friendly PrestaShop Design - Skynet Technologies. PrestaShop is an efficient E-Commerce Shopping Cart Software that has lightweight database for much quicker processing but with the capacity of handling voluminous data. PrestaShop is a free Open Source E-commerce solution that comes under the open software license. Founded by Igor Schlumberger and Bruno Leveque in 2007, PrestaShop is based on Smarty Template Engine. Since PrestaShop can be accessed from any computer with a standard Web browser, you can manage it from anywhere in the world where there is Internet access. We provide the best PrestaShop Customization services for the development of robust, secure, and scalable E-Commerce solutions.

OpenCart Developnemt Services - Skynet Technologies. OpenCart is an Open Source Shopping Cart platform. An online store includes numerous features; OpenCart Shopping Cart system provides you very fast, much easier, great scalable and affordable E-Commerce Web Development Solutions. BigCommerce Shopping Cart Web Development - Skynet Technologies. BigCommerce is a PHP based Shopping Cart Software for E-Commerce Websites.

Modify Ecommerce Shpoonig Cart Software - Skynet Technologies. The idea and its sequel The modified eCommerce Shopsoftware is a freely published open source shop system under the GPL license. Custom Ecommerce Template Design - Skynet Technologies. Typo3 Customization Services - Skynet Technologies. Drupal Development Services - Skynet Technologies. Wordpress Development Services - Skynet Technologies. Mambo Website Design India. Zen Cart Development India. PhpBB Forum Design India. Custom Magento Development. X-Cart Web Development for Business. Volusion Customization - Skynet Technologies.

OSCommerce Shopping Cart Design India. Joomla Web Design Company. Skynet Technologies. SugarCRM Development - Skynet Technologies India. Open Source for Website Development. Skynet Technologies. Customer Relationship Management Company. Custom Product Catalog Development India. Shopping Cart Development Service. E-Commerce Web Development. Email Marketing Agency. Skynet Technologies. Relevance Keyword Ranking Service. Professional Web Analysis Service. Search Engine Submission Service India. PPC Management Service. Internet Affiliate Marketing. Multilingual Search engine Optimization Services.