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The Best New Features of Windows 10. Apple's new iPad Pro has a True Tone display claimed as new, but is it really? During the company’s keynote held on March 21, Apple unveiled new hardware including the iPhone SE and iPad Pro 9.7. There’s just something off about that new iPad Pro. The smaller iPad Pro 9.7 combines the portability and lightweight of the iPad Air 2 with the fastest hardware internals and features of the iPad Pro that launched last year. Updated hardware specs aren’t the only upgrades Apple brought to the new iPad Pro. Apple also slipped in a short demo of a new software feature coming to the iPad Pro. True Tone technology is new for Apple, making its first-ever debut on the iPad Pro. Apple’s True Tone display measures the color temperature of incoming ambient light and adjusts to match the current conditions.

Not everyone has heard of Samsung’s Adaptive Display. In the menu there are several display modes than can be enabled. Even though the technology may be hard to spot at times, it can be easily noticed when switching between screen modes. How Hackers Are Using Fake LinkedIn Profiles to Steal Your Information. The LinkedIn request seemed ordinary enough. A technology journalist named “Jenifer Lawrence” had asked to connect to me. I clicked OK without thinking.

Then I took a closer look at her profile. Meet the other J.Law — posing on LinkedIn as a technology journalist who doesn’t know how to use a spelling or grammar checker. There was something a little off about it. For one, there was her name — like the famous actress but oddly spelled. That’s because “Jenifer” was a fake, one of an unknown number of fake profiles plaguing LinkedIn, the social network for job seekers that claims hundreds of millions of members. Still, “Jenifer” was convincing enough to persuade more than 500 others, including several well-known tech journalists, to add her to their LinkedIn connections. “Sarah,” a friend of “Jenifer,” is one of a nest of fake journalist profiles we found on LinkedIn. Fake profiles are hardly unique to LinkedIn. An epidemic of fakes A fake recruiter’s LinkedIn profile. Seriously, LinkedIn? 10 Design Myths That Simply Aren’t True — The App Entrepreneur. 1. Good design means “Apple quality” When most people think about design, they imagine Apple products in their head.

That’s not design — that’s an outcome of design. As Dieter Rams explains, the world is used to “normal products” — products that fit into peoples’ lives and make them “get used to” doing things in certain ways. Design is a mindset — an opportunity to be insanely thoughtful about something, to create a radically better way of doing it in ways no one imagined before, and to try and make the world a better place. 2. Design is not a paint job that can be done in the last minute — it’s a lot of tough decisions that need to be made from day one. 3. Business problems can be solved with design — it requires a proper mindset and collaboration between business, product, design, and engineering. 4.

Designers aren’t slow — good design takes time. 5. Popular designers are expensive, good designers aren’t. 6. Brilliant jerks are everywhere, not just in design. 7. 8. 9. 10. 8 Tools to Take Your Content Marketing Efforts to The Next Level. In a recent survey by Smart Insights, content marketing was indicated as the top performer for driving commercial results in 2015. Needless to say, it’s becoming more and more imperative for digital marketers to create not only consistent online content, but engaging content as well. And that can be a very daunting and overwhelming process. The following list includes 8 tools that I find particularly helpful as a content marketer.

Each tool tackles a different obstacle: content management, visual content creation, personalizing email outreach, idea generation, scheduling, writing and note-taking, idea organization and content discovery. 1. CoSchedule (Content Managing) I only recently discovered CoSchedule and immediately fell in love. 2. Noah Kagan, the founder of AppSumo, did a study that analyzed over 100 million articles online and found that Infographics were the most shared format of content, on average. 3. 4. is a relatively new tool and is completely free to use. 5. 6. 6 Steps to Optimize Any Social Profile for Maximum SEO Value.

The logic here is this: by linking to another site in my campaign, I’m taking the valuable authority my Twitter account generates and am providing an authoritative link back to my main website. My website,, is an important link in my campaign’s link structure, so I’m linking back to it here. Step 6: Write a Unique Bio With Your Name Your bio is another prime opportunity for you to use your full name or keyword. Clients sometimes feel weird about this concept of writing in the third person, but the reasoning is simple - search engines don’t know what “I” refers to, but they sure as hell know your name. Unfortunately, Twitter leaves us very little room and I wanted to include @Brandyourself and a number of relevant hashtags so I actually skipped this step in my optimization process. Closing Note This is a great place to mention a caveat. These 6 steps are all important defaults but they are just that — defaults.

How to Secure Your Social Media Accounts: 5 Tools Social Media Examiner. Are your social media accounts secure? Interested in ways to prevent security breaches? There are tools you can use to protect your social and online accounts, and prevent them from being compromised. In this article you’ll discover five tools to keep your company’s social media safe. Discover how to secure your social media accounts with these five tools and apps. #1: Get Alerts on Suspicious Activity One way to keep tabs on access to your social accounts is to install an intrusion detection system on your mobile devices.

One app you may want to try is LogDog (currently available only for Android), which takes on the role of a 24-hour-a-day watchdog. LogDog checks for suspicious activity and unauthorized access to your online accounts and sends an alert to your phone so you can take back control of compromised accounts. The application closely monitors your online accounts, continuously scanning for a variety of unauthorized-access indicators. . #2: Login Securely With a Password Manager. Six Tips To Stay Ahead of Social Media Trends. Small business owners have enough on their plates. They have to watch expenses, create marketing pieces, go to sales meetings, follow trends in their industry and keep up with trends on social media.

They might have trouble staying on top of them all, but if they fail to pay attention to social media trends, they could miss golden opportunities. Besides new features added to Facebook, LinkedIn Twitter and Pinterest, new social media sites are launched that do different things. Being on the forefront of social media changes can be accomplished. Here are a few suggestions on ways you can do just that. 1) Create a stream on Twitter with popular hashtags You can start your goal of staying on top of social media by using social media. 2) Make a Twitter list of influencers in the industry Experts in social media often hang out in the social media sites. 3) Use Google Alerts on terms and influencers 4) Join LinkedIn Groups LinkedIn discussions can get lively. 5) Subscribe to social media blogs. How Long Does It Take for Social Media Marketing to Start Paying Off?

You’ve got your Twitter account going and you’ve made a few good jokes. You’ve garnered a few followers on Facebook. Every day, you put a little time into yours social channels. How long until you start seeing some actual sales or conversions? “Marketers hoping for quick returns from their social media marketing will be sorely disappointed by the long-term plans required to fulfill those campaign goals,” writes Jonathan Crowl for “Social media strategy can require years to take root and start generating returns.” According to Crowl, almost half of marketers in a survey reported that they used social media for two years before they saw an impact on sales. “Conversely, 49 percent of all marketers taking this survey report that social media has not helped them improve sales,” the report states.

Tom Martin of Converse Digital says most social media marketing strategies tend to take about 6 months to see any pay off. Image via Ultimate-windows-10-cheat-sheet-everything-know-181223052. Windows 10 Laptop More than 14 million people have already upgraded to Windows 10, but you might not be one of them. You’re probably scared that things will go wrong, that your data might be lost, or that Microsoft will soon have you searching for drivers. Don’t worry — that last one won’t happen. The entire process is much simpler than you think, and below you’ll find everything you need to know before and after the install. DON’T MISS: Windows 10: The first 5 things you need to do immediately after you install it Before you upgrade If you haven’t registered for the upgrade yet, do so from the upgrade tool available in the lower-right corner of your screen — click the Windows icon and perform the necessary steps.

Canada's New Income Opportunity Traders Education Centre Sponsored Alternatively, you can check that manually by following this guide. How to install Microsoft will notify you when it’s time to upgrade (see the pop-up message in the image below). The hassles after the install. Windows Shortcuts 101 - The Ultimate Keyboard Shortcut Guide. Advertisement People love taking shortcuts in all aspects of life; computers are no exception. Shortcuts, particularly ones performed by keyboard, can save you hours of time once applied properly.

We’ve rounded up some of the most common keyboard shortcuts in the past, but today we’re here to produce the ultimate guide on Windows shortcuts. After examining how useful shortcuts can be, we’ll first look at universal shortcuts that perform the same function in pretty much every program you could use. Download this entire article as a PDF. Why Bother with Shortcuts? If you’re not accustomed to using them, keyboard shortcuts might seem like a waste of time. Consider this: you probably only have one hand on your mouse (if you use a two-handed mouse, I’d love to see pictures). Now, you don’t have to get carried away. To be clear, this guide is written for Windows keyboards. Universal Windows Shortcuts Download: Windows Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet Windows Shortcuts Windows Shortcuts Read More. Five Tips For Managing Your Security In Windows 8.1. As we recently covered, Windows 8.1 is Microsoft’s most secure release of the operating system so far.

The company has completely overhauled many of the OS’s key security features whilst introducing new levels of protection such as Secure Boot and Dynamic Access Control. After critics have spent most of the last decade criticising Windows for its often lackadaisical approach to online safety, it seems the developers finally decided to listen and address their concerns. Although Windows 8.1 is now much improved, it doesn’t mean you should trust Microsoft (or any other company) to protect you. There are many things that the typical user can do that will go a long way to improving and strengthening their safety, security, and privacy when using their computer. Here we take a detailed look at a few suggestions, ideas, and recommendations… Windows Updates There are three main reasons for installing all the updates and patches.

Microsoft Account Trust Your PC Firewall Your Tips? How to Power Up the Windows 10 Command Prompt with CTRL+C and CTRL+V. The command prompt in Windows 10 finally has CTRL+C and CTRL+V functionality yet, by default, the much touted upgrade isn’t on. Let’s fix that oversight right now. One of the things in the Windows 10 announcement press conference that made geeks throw their hands up in the air and say “it’s about time!”

(myself included) was the announcement that the Windows 10 command prompt would finally include simple keyboard shortcut cut and paste functionality via the traditional CTRL+C and CTRL+V routes. You’d think with how long we’ve all been waiting for this the feature would be enabled by default. Alas, you’ll need to perform a little tweak first to get the keyboard shortcuts you crave. To activate the shortcuts open a command prompt (by running cmd.exe from the Windows Start Menu, for example) and then right click on the title bar of the command prompt window as seen below.

Inside the “Command Prompt” Properties box, select the “Experimental” tab. 15 CMD Commands Every Windows User Should Know. Advertisement Updated by Tina Sieber on January 21, 2017. Microsoft has slowly but surely pushed the command line aside in the Windows interface. This is not without reason. It’s an antiquated and mostly unnecessary tool from an era of text-based input. 10 Windows Command Line Tips You Should Check Out 10 Windows Command Line Tips You Should Check Out While the Windows command line is not considered as powerful as a Linux's, here are some Windows command line tips and tricks not everyone might know about.

Read More But many commands remain useful, and Windows 8 and 10 even added new features. In case you’re not sure how to access the command prompt, forgot basic commands, or would like to know how to see a list of switches for each command, you can refer to our beginners guide to the Windows command line for instructions. Our 15 Favorites Most files in Windows are associated with a specific program that is assigned to open the file by default. 2. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15.

Everything You Need To Know About Windows 8 Swipe Gestures On A Laptop. With the introduction of Windows 8, a lot of brand-new touch-friendly features have been added to make the operating system enjoyable to use on touch-enabled devices. However, for typical laptops which only have touchpads for their input, it may be a bit confusing as to how to move your mouse in order to achieve the same results. Therefore, with some tips and drivers in hand, here is how you can easily take advantage of Windows 8’s new Modern UI goodies. Synaptics Drivers Before we begin, it’s important to note that Windows 8 does support some touchpad gestures as well, in addition to simply pushing your mouse pointer to certain areas of your screen.

There’s nothing you need to do if you bought your computer with Windows 8 already installed, but if you upgraded to Windows 8 yourself, you may need to go to Synaptic’s website and download their latest drivers to enable gesture support. Charms Bar App Switcher App Bar Horizontal Scrolling Zooming And Rotation Turning Them Off Conclusion. Every Windows 8 Shortcut - Gestures, Desktop, Command Line. Windows 8 is all about shortcuts. People with touch-enabled PCs use touch gestures, users without touch devices must learn the mouse shortcuts, power users use keyboard shortcuts on the desktop, and you can even use special swipe gestures on your laptop’s touchpad. Additionally, Windows 8 includes some important new command-line shortcuts that powers users need to know about. Here we collected all the Windows 8 shortcuts you need to master Windows 8, getting around as quickly and efficiently as possible.

If you’ve upgraded to Windows 8 or bought a new PC that came with Windows 8, you’ll find that a lot has changed. Laptop Touchpad Gestures Laptops that come with Windows 8 support a variety of touchpad gestures, which mimic the gestures you’d use on a touch-screen Windows 8 device. If you upgraded an old laptop to Windows 8, you may need to download the Synaptics touchpad drivers for Windows 8 before these will work. Touch-Screen Gestures Windows 8 Shortcuts For the Mouse Keyboard Shortcuts. Lighter And Smoother Note-Taking -- See What Evernote Has Lined Up For You. Lighter And Smoother Note-Taking -- See What Evernote Has Lined Up For You. Lighter And Smoother Note-Taking -- See What Evernote Has Lined Up For You. Evernote Shortcuts [Windows] Launch Multiple Programs From A Single Shortcut Using A Batch File. 10 Best Shortcuts To Add To Your Right-Click Menu. Just Gestures Lets You Use Mouse Gestures To Control Windows. The Ultimate Guide to Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts.

Apple's iPad Pro vs. MacBook vs. Surface Pro: The price, spec bake-off. Troubleshooting and repairing Windows 10 problems. 10 Things you MUST know. 15 Useful HTML5 Tutorials and Cheat Sheets - Web Design Ledger. 15 Useful HTML5 Tutorials and Cheat Sheets - Web Design Ledger. The Best Mac-Only Open Source Software. The Hottest Live-Streaming Social Apps You Need To Try. How You Can Get Help in Windows 10. The Must-See Visual Guide to Photography Terms. Create Your Own "Neural Paintings" with DeepStyle & Ubuntu. Upgrade to iOS 9 Now, Your Android Password Is Useless... [Tech News Digest] What Is Power Over Ethernet (POE), and How Is It Useful to You? 8 Must-Watch Documentaries for Artists & Designers. Why The iPad Pro Isn't Just A Bigger iPad. Why The iPad Pro Isn't Just A Bigger iPad. 8 Must-Watch Documentaries for Artists & Designers. 8 Must-Watch Documentaries for Artists & Designers.

What Is Power Over Ethernet (POE), and How Is It Useful to You? Upgrade to iOS 9 Now, Your Android Password Is Useless... [Tech News Digest] Create Your Own "Neural Paintings" with DeepStyle & Ubuntu. The Must-See Visual Guide to Photography Terms. How You Can Get Help in Windows 10. How You Can Get Help in Windows 10. The Hottest Live-Streaming Social Apps You Need To Try. The Hottest Live-Streaming Social Apps You Need To Try. The Best Mac-Only Open Source Software. Learning Maya 2016: Where To Get Started.

White Noise vs. Noise Isolation vs. Playlists: The Best Sound for Focus. Photoshop or Lightroom: Which One Should You Use? White paper: Be your own Chief Cloud Officer.