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30 Tips for Ableton Live Everyone Should Know, with Live Master Thavius Beck [Tips, Videos] Thavius Beck live in Los Angeles playing the legendary Low End Theory party, in 2009.

30 Tips for Ableton Live Everyone Should Know, with Live Master Thavius Beck [Tips, Videos]

Whadayaknow, Ableton users? Whether you’re an existing user or considering it for the first time, this month online school Dubspot is giving away 30 video lessons on using the software, free, through the end of June only. So, I turned to my friend Thavius Beck (Plug Research Records), LA-based producer and rapper, and master instructor, to make something exclusively for CDM to add a little more free knowledge. [Ableton Live Script - STC] 2 - Selected Track Control - Exemples d'Utilisations. Download – Selected Track Control for Ableton Live – a MIDI Remote Script to control the selected track. Download and installSelectedTrackControl Note: the download only contains the MIDI Remote Script for Live.

Download – Selected Track Control for Ableton Live – a MIDI Remote Script to control the selected track

If you want global keyboard shortcuts to control Live, have a look at Kimidi below. Kimidi ['ki:mi:di] Extended keyboard shortcuts for Live! Kimidi is an extension to SelectedTrackControl and adds keyboard shortcuts to control the currently selected track in Live – e.g. hit ctrl+R to arm, ctrl+S to solo, etc. Kimidi transforms global keyboard shortcuts into MIDI messages, which are sent to the SelectedTrackControl MIDI Remote Script inside Live.

Not on Mac? License / Get source. Optimiser Windows 8 pour la Mao ~ Optimiser Windows 8 pour la Mao Tout le monde s'accorde à dire que Windows 8 est performant, léger et stable et la satisfaction de cet OS permettra sans doute de moins bidouiller sa machine, de plus les performances technologiques des dernières générations de processeurs, des gros disques durs, des SSD font que la notion du souci de performance et de stabilité est de moins en moins mise en avant, d'autant plus que des logiciels tel que Reaper 4 gère parfaitement bien les multi processeurs et avec une machine évoluant dans un environnement Windows 64 bits et 4 Go de ram on peut disposer d'une machine performante et stable à moindre « coût ».

Optimiser Windows 8 pour la Mao ~

Le StartScreen et son interface metro La gestion de l'audio dans Windows 8 Pour permettre une meilleure communication en temps réel à travers les flux vidéos, Microsoft a revue et améliorée ( enfin ! Voici quelques astuces nouvelles et connues qui vous permettrons de vous faciliter l'utilisation de votre Système d'exploitation. Le fichier EI.cfg. Create Digital Music. Black Viper’s Windows 7 Service Pack 1 Service Configurations. Introduction To continue my fine tradition of optimizing MS’s latest OS, I have here my findings to date.

Black Viper’s Windows 7 Service Pack 1 Service Configurations

If you are looking for Windows 7 Retail information, you are almost in the right spot. Before adjusting your service settings, ensure that your system has already installed all updates by “checking now” for any available updates via Windows Update. At this time, it is best for you to ensure that all services are set to the default values before updating your system. Free Music Software . org : Free VST, Free Music Software, Free Samples, etc... Terry West Bring back life to a heavy clipped audiofile.

Free Music Software . org : Free VST, Free Music Software, Free Samples, etc...

Revolutionary way to recover transients and lost peaks. # Bypass button. # Postgain (neg/pos). # Pre Cleaning stage. # Three peak restore algos. # In, recover and out meters. # Stereo & mono versions. # Realtime processing or offline. download.


Spooky Arduino Projects #4 – Musical Arduino. The notes for the fourth and final class are up on the Spooky Arduino class page.

Spooky Arduino Projects #4 – Musical Arduino

At the end of the class, Mark of Machine Project bestowed upon each of the students a merit badge. It was great. Click above for a larger view of the badge. Arduino MIDI Drum Kit and Spooky Sound Trigger Here’s a quick project using techniques from this week’s class that turns an Arduino board and a few buttons and piezos into a MIDI drum kit or scary sound trigger. Hardware The hardware is an Arduino board with a MIDI jack, a few buttons, and two piezos attached to it. ##UPDATED## 25 Free Mastering and Mixing VST plug-ins. This thread is a joint effort between Legion and SteveStrummerUK - we hope it proves helpful.

##UPDATED## 25 Free Mastering and Mixing VST plug-ins

There is some very expensive and sophisticated hardware and software out there that these plug-ins cannot possible come close to in terms of quality. In my limited experience though, what they can do though is give a helping hand with a mix. Also, and perhaps more importantly, by seeing how the controls are set when the various presets are selected, we can maybe start to learn a little more of the various processes that are going on and begin to understand more about mixing and the challenging subject of mastering. We've attempted to show a preset on each screenshot, and wherever possible, we've snapped the VST in action, so you get to see all the pretty lights!

Click on the product name to go direct to the download page. This has a limiter, compressor and equalizer, plus an Analog setting to warm up the sound. Afficher les articles. Forum Reaktor Francophone. Freeing up your CPU with Logic’s Freeze Track Function. For many laptop users, the amount of plugins that are used on a mix can suck the CPU power dry.

Freeing up your CPU with Logic’s Freeze Track Function

You might have 24 tracks of audio recorded on your laptop and after inserting the 15th SSL Waves says no. Luckily, for us Logic Pro users, there is a really great function to free up your CPU power while still using as many plugins as you can. Freeze Your Tracks If you are running low on CPU you can turn on the freeze track function and freeze those tracks that have lots of plugins inserted and are taking a toll on the processor. The downside is that once you freeze the tracks, you can't play with the plugins except un-freezing the tracks again. Step 1 – Configure Track Header In the edit window, go to View > Configure Track Header.

In the menu that pops up you can select to show the freeze track function as a button alongside your Record, Solo and Mute buttons in the edit window. Ableton Live. Casawave, le spécialiste de l'informatique audio et musique. Tekky Synths - Ressources for PsyTrance Music. Rain Recording.