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30 Ways to use Social Media to Work Smarter. 30 ways to use social media to work smarter #some4job. What does it mean to work smarter? Jay Cross defines working smarter, in The Working Smarter Fieldbook, as follows: "Working smarter is the key to sustainability and continuous improvement. Knowledge work and learning to work smarter are becoming indistinguishable. The accelerating rate of change in business forces everyone in every organization to make a choice: learn while you work or become obsolete. " Would you like to find out more about how to use a range of social media tools to work smarter? This resource looks at 30 ways to use social media to find things out on the Social Webkeep up to date with new content on the Social Web build a trusted network of colleaguescommunicate with your colleaguesshare resources, ideas and experiences with your colleaguescollaborate with your colleaguesimprove your personal and team productivity Whichever option you choose, remember: use of this resource is totally under your control; you decide what you want to spend time on and when you do it.

COINs2010 Conference. Simple Governance for Learning Communities | Aaron Silvers. Governance is an important tool in sustaining a community. When the community has a hand in shaping a living governance (meaning it’s dynamic and prone to change with the changing needs of the community), based on a set of shared goals, you gain trust in the systems and in the communications that are going on in the systems, because it’s the community that’s making sure the governance is adopted.

There’s no one model of governance that works for any two organizations, but I’m trying to boil down the types of communication that happen in learning communities, and this is a first draft at an idea: Simple Governance for Learning Communities Like in all posts here, please look on this with critical eyes and share with me what is missing or how it can be improved (or where there’s a better model already).

What I’m trying to do is take the myriad of communication that happens in learning communities and identify channels for those communications. Here’s how I break down that taxonomy a little: A Practical Guide to using Social Media in your Job. Emerging Top 100 Tools for Learning 2010. E-Clippings (Learning As Art) So to all the folks who had a moment of crisis about seeing Ender's Game because of the hateful comments of the book's author, as wrong and misguided as I thought that protest would be (since the message of the movie countered those hateful comments), this letter, this makes me want to cross Wolf of Wall Street off my list.

I say that having not seen the movie and knowing that while Scorsese is known for nuanced, multi-faceted films - that some people will come away from this seeing the Wolf as someone to emulate.I think looking again at Ender's Game and this film - the fact that one is a fiction and one is based on real people - the Wolf is still out there profiting as a motivational speaker - really makes this a more dificult call. Read the letter though, and you decide. (story link) An Open Letter to the Makers of The Wolf of Wall Street, and the Wolf Himself BY CHRISTINA MCDOWELLI hate to be the bearer of bad news, dear Kings of Hollywood, but you have been conned.

I believed him. PS. Lingos. Coaching for Results and Consumer Protection & Financial Education in Microfinance Courses Win in 2 nd eLearning Global Giveback Competition March 23 (Orlando, FL) Eric Berg, Executive Director of LINGOs (Learning in NGOs) thanked all volunteer developers and announced the eight finalists and two winners of the second eLearning Global Giveback Competition today at the eLearning Guild’s Learning Solutions Conference and Expo.

Through the first two eLearning Global Giveback competitions, instructional designers and eLearning developers have created over 50 online courses as volunteers for international non-profit organizations. These courses will help the global staff of the non-profits, all members of LINGOs, do their good work in the fields of humanitarian relief, development, conservation and social justice even better. View the courses: The winning and finalist courses are available for viewing at Volunteer and Agency Perspective Judging. Serious games. Teleplace: Virtual Worlds Collaboration Solutions for Program Management, Virtual Operations Centers, Virtual Offices, Workgroup Training, Facilitated Meetings. 3D Virtual Meetings. The eLearning Guild: A community of practice for e-Learning designers, developers, and managers.

Learning Solutions Magazine: Home. The cluetrain manifesto. A Dozen Handpicked E-Learning Resources. It’s hard to believe that we’re approaching the last quarter of 2010. This year seems to have flown by. I’ve had fun with travel across the country and getting to meet so many blog readers at various conferences. This past week I dedicated a little bit of time trying to catch up on some reading. As I looked over my feed reader, I realized just how much good stuff I missed. If you’re like me, you’ve probably been busy, as well. Odds are that during the summer months elearning wasn’t on the top of your list. So I decided to weed through some rapid elearning information and pull out a few posts that you may have missed.

Handpicked E-Learning Tutorials 50 practical how-to tutorials. Going into the Articulate Guru Awards, I thought it would be a good idea to put together some information that would help those who weren’t sure what to do. Tips on building content for your elearning portfolio. Free PowerPoint Templates Let’s face it: everyone loves free stuff! Tabbed PowerPoint Template Tidbits: