Neuro architecture

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Words Of Wisdom. Felice Varini: Landscapes of Perspective and Illusion. To walk into a space exhibiting the art of Felice Varini is to be confused.

Felice Varini: Landscapes of Perspective and Illusion

You’ll immediately notice vaguely geometric, monocolor shapes stretchings and sprawling across the room, but you won’t be able to determine any kind of method to the apparent madness. Varini’s work looks like interesting abstract art superimposed on an architectural space. But if you walk around and explore the space a little more, you’ll start to notice that the shapes change as you move. The more you move, and the more you stare at them, the more you’ll start to realize that there’s something you aren’t getting. Brain Scans Reveal What You’ve Seen. Scientists are one step closer to knowing what you’ve seen by reading your mind.

Brain Scans Reveal What You’ve Seen

Having modeled how images are represented in the brain, the researchers translated recorded patterns of neural activity into pictures of what test subjects had seen. Though practical applications are decades away, the research could someday lead to dream-readers and thought-controlled computers. “It’s what you would actually use if you were going to build a functional brain-reading device,” said Jack Gallant, a University of California, Berkeley neuroscientist.

The research, led by Gallant and Berkeley postdoctoral researcher Thomas Naselaris, builds on earlier work in which they used neural patterns to identify pictures from within a limited set of options. Parametric. Wireless brain scanners - Google Search. World’s first mobile brain scanner with a Nokia N900. Conversations' Karen Bartlett met the team who can read your mind with a phone.

World’s first mobile brain scanner with a Nokia N900

Be afraid, this is pretty scary stuff. Jim Fallon is a world-renowned neuroscientist. He’s also a potential psychopath, or so say the results of a brain scan and a series of genetic tests that he undertook to check if he was prone to Alzheimer’s disease. “Luckily I took those tests at the end of my career, I was just at the point of retiring. I know that I’ve never hurt anyone, or gone to jail. WirelessPhysiologicalMonitoring. ANFA - Academy of Neuroscience for Architecture. Michael Hansmeyer - Computational Architecture: Columns.