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Infographie_SAMR. Developing digital literacies. Digital literacies are those capabilities which fit an individual for living, learning and working in a digital society.

Developing digital literacies

Digital literacy looks beyond functional IT skills to describe a richer set of digital behaviours, practices and identities. What it means to be digitally literate changes over time and across contexts, so digital literacies are essentially a set of academic and professional situated practices supported by diverse and changing technologies. This definition quoted above can be used as a starting point to explore what key digital literacies are in a particular context eg university, college, service, department, subject area or professional environment.

Digital literacies encompasses a range of other capabilities represented here in a seven elements model: Digital literacy as a developmental process Defining digital literacy in your context Background About this resource. Doodling: A Teacher’s Secret Weapon for Unlocking Learning. Via Edudemic For educators, there are few things more frustrating than looking out into a classroom during the middle of a lecture and seeing nothing but bent heads.

Doodling: A Teacher’s Secret Weapon for Unlocking Learning

What are your students doing out there? Create a Collaborative Student Project. ThingLink Teacher Challenge Week 3 In this week’s Teacher Challenge we will be using ThingLink EDU to introduce a student driven learning activity.

Create a Collaborative Student Project

Participants will begin by creating an interactive image with differentiated resources. Scratch - Imagine, Program, Share. Back to school. Speaking/writing prompts sur Pinterest. Conversation Questions for the ESL/EFL Classroom. Language Exchange Community - Practice Foreign Languages. Overseas Twins. The Maze #8. Learn. HTML5 Document Embedding. How to Be Good with Tech - Part 1. I’ve been working with computers for over 30 years.

How to Be Good with Tech - Part 1

I have also worked with teachers and students as an instructional tech coordinator for the past six years. Helping them use more technology (and working with some who resist) has driven home one point time and time again: Being “good with tech” is largely a way of thinking. There’s no magic or involved. I'd even argue there aren't hours of training sessions involved. Young Learners. Click on the link to go to the post Beginners > ElementaryAlphabet Quiz Game (ppt download) Alphabet, Beginners,, Games, Kids, Pronunciation, Quizzes, Vocabulary, Young LearnersBreakfast with Eric and Ernie Auxiliaries, Beginners, Breakfast, Elementary, Film and TV, Food, Morecambe and Wise, Present Simple, Question Forms, Young Learners Can you name all the animals?

Young Learners

- Quiz Game Animals, Beginners, Games, Kids, Quizzes, Spelling, Young Learners Flat Life by Jonas Geirnaert Beginners, Film and TV, Flat Life by Jonas Geirnaert, Present Continuous, Young LearnersIt's a dog's life! Elementary > Intermediate. The Interactive English Classroom. Edusim - 3D virtual worlds for the classrom interactive whiteboard. From one teacher to another… Dear Teacher, You are awesome.

From one teacher to another…

I know that I say this a lot, but that does not make it any less true. I say you are awesome because you are awesome. You need to hear it more often than you do, so I will keep saying it. So. Tice Juillet 2014. Firefox OS : les dirigeants veulent des mises-&... LMS and classroom platforms. 44 Smart Ways to Use Smartphones in Class (Part 1) - Getting Smart by @JohnHardison1 - This week an online article grabbed my attention.

44 Smart Ways to Use Smartphones in Class (Part 1) - Getting Smart by @JohnHardison1 -

Its title read “94 Percent of High School Students Using Cellphones in Class.” I immediately scoped out the heading and thought to myself, “Finally, teachers are beginning to embrace the powerful little gadgets.” However, it did not take me long to realize the researched article took quite a different slant. One quotation in particular caused serious professional introspection on my behalf.

The article quotes the researchers as stating, “‘The potential damage stemming from heightened cell phone use during class casts a pall on the entire educational system, on the school atmosphere, on the educational achievements of the class, on the pupil’s own learning experience and on the teacher’s burnout having to cope with discipline problems in class.’” Google Docs for Learning.

Smartphones in Education. A Collection of Resources of Why & How to Integrate Smartphones (& other technologies) in Education.

Smartphones in Education

(More at: Inside. Teaching 9/11. Page 1 / 20 1. Interactive Timeline of the 9/11 Terrorist Attacks 2. 102 Minutes 3. Evacuation of Lower Manhattan 4. Caroline Dries on 9/11 5. Le site d'accompagnement pour les sections européennes ou de langues orientales. Sites Like Questgarden. A. Pintura: Art Detective. Phonetics Focus - A Sound Choice. Movenote edu. Our mobile (iOS and Android) apps are now free!

Movenote edu

Movenote has decided to change the price of our mobile apps back to its original free status. We got a lot of feedback from teachers of the difficulties of having to pay for the movenote app and how it made movenote a lot more difficult to implement in the classroom. TypeForm and Byod  20 Ways To Be A Better English Language Teacher (Part 1) English language teaching can be a challenging and difficult process, especially if you are seeking for new ideas and thoughts on improving your day-to-day teaching.

20 Ways To Be A Better English Language Teacher (Part 1)

Much of the challenge is learning to develop yourself, especially once you have found your place in this career and feel settled. Flashcards in the Classroom: Ten Lesson Ideas. The other day, I was preparing a lesson with an intermediate group of young learners and getting my flashcards printed and laminated. However, when chatting to some other teachers in the staffroom, with myself behind the laminating machine, there was a brief comment that flashcards are more suited for beginner or elementary learners and more appropriate for young learners.

- PowerMyLearning. Student Instructions This playlist includes activities that will help you better understand what the experience is like now, and what it was like historically, for immigrants coming to the United States. Complete these activities and celebrate the richness of our immigrant history. With Coming to America (Pearson), explore and learn how immigrants came to the United States from all over the globe and succeeded despite many challenges. Then take the 6-question multiple choice quiz to test your knowledge. Enterprise Learning Management System. Enterprise Learning Management System. Enterprise Learning Management System. Click here to title your page! Microsoft Office Online - Word, Excel et PowerPoint sur le web.


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