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LSD Photos: Chelsea Morgan Mimics Psychedelic Experience In Trippy Photos (INTERVIEW) From Steve Jobs to the Beatles, many of Western culture's most brilliant minds hold a special place in their hearts for LSD, the psychedelic substance that Timothy Leary once said "allow us to peer into bits and zones of Chaos. " Although Leary's description sounds intriguing, if you haven't dropped acid yourself it's hard to imagine what these "bits and zones of Chaos" actually look like. That's where Chelsea Morgan comes in. Morgan creates hallucinatory photographs that mimic the effects of the drug, giving viewers a small taste of the tripping experience. Her boyfriend Joseph Edmunds also explores the mysterious effects of LSD on his blog Disregard Everything I Say.

We reached out to the couple to learn more about their explorations in communicating the incommunicable effects of the substance. (Scroll down for a slideshow.) HP: What is your process for manipulating these photos? HP: What exactly is "symmetrical texture repetition"? Close Image courtesy Disregard everything I just said. Page not found | The Fix. The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: LSD ABC. Incas drugged children for months before sacrificing them, study finds. Three children used as ritual sacrifices by the Inca civilization centuries ago were given a significant amount of drugs and alcohol for months before their deaths, according to an analysis of the frozen bodies found near the top of an Andean peak in South America. The findings, published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, give researchers a remarkably detailed two-year timeline of a child sacrifice’s final months.

The children were discovered in 1999 less than 30 yards from the snow-capped summit of the 22,110-foot-high Llullaillaco volcano in northern Argentina. Each body was entombed separately, in chambers facing different directions (north, east and southwest). Together, according to the study led by Andrew Wilson of the University of Bradford in England, they represent “arguably the best naturally preserved assemblage of mummies found anywhere in the world.”

Two of the children, a girl and a boy, were about ages 4 to 5. Child sacrifices were a part of Inca culture. Angry French Bigots... On Acid! A Visit to a Mormon Temple... On Acid! No religion is complete without a little mystery—Catholicism with its Immaculate Conception, Scientology with its OT Levels, Buddhism with its Nirvana. It goes without saying that the Latter-day Saints have their share of enigmatic rituals. Some Christian fundamentalists are quick to point out the esoteric beliefs of the LDS church, including the ideas that Mormons become gods of their own planets when they reach one of three heavens, that Jesus vacationed in the Americas, and that they once sort of had a thing against black people. The Mormon obsession with building gigantic temples around the globe also raises some eyebrows in non-believers, owing to the secrecy of whatever goes on inside.

Mormons hold regular Sunday services in churches open to the public, even slobs like you and me. Nevertheless, the LDS church hosts an open house when it completes a new temple, inviting society to stroll through God’s crib, free of charge. It was hard to control my laughter. No? @filth_filler. How A Big Drug Company Inadvertently Got Americans Hooked On Heroin. When she was 18, Arielle would come home every day and embark on what she calls an “Easter egg hunt. " She wasn’t looking for candy. Arielle was hunting behind stairwells and inside closets in her suburban Long Island home for the OxyContin bottles her cousin brought home from work at a pharmacy and was hiding from her mother around the house. “I found them one day, and I wanted to try them because all of my friends were already hooked,” said Arielle, who asked that her last name be withheld to avoid hurting her chances of getting a job.

“I would see [my cousin] nodding out on the couch and not really being present, and that was how I wanted to feel. My best friend had just passed away, so I was numbing out the feelings.” It took about a year before Arielle moved from prescription painkillers into the illegal drug that killed her best friend: heroin. She snorted it for the first time after tagging along with a friend who was going to buy some. Her friend helped her inject the drug. LSD Used In Drug Therapy For First Time In Four Decades | The Fix. Acid was used as a drug therapy for the first time since an informal ban on LSD research was introduced 40 years ago. Swiss scientists broke the ban by announcing the results of a study in which cancer patients, most of whom are terminally ill, were given the drug to help curb their anxiety about death. The findings have since been published in the Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease. The goal of the study was to determine the safety and efficacy of LSD when used in conjunction with talk therapy.

The patients were medically supervised during the acid trips that lasted for about 10 hours each. One of the patients told the New York Times that tripping on LSD was a "mystical experience," where "the major part was pure distress at all the memories I had successfully forgotten for decades. " It’s also likely that LSD-based treatments could be revisited in the future. Hallucinating Away a Heroin Addiction. This junkie is about to begin a three-day, neo-African, sometimes-terrifying, ritualistic trip.

Can it help her get clean? It’s been 56 hours since Grace Bergere’s last shot of heroin—too long. Curled into a fetal position on an outdoor, candle-lit matt in Costa Rica, the 18-year-old trembles in fear. A petrified grimace wrinkles the white clay adorning her face. Her rail thin body, wrapped in a ceremonial red sheet, looks paralyzed at points—then, without warning, her limbs thrash in revolt, as she tries to keep the demons haunting her at bay. But it’s too late. The demons are just getting started. Twenty people surround Grace, all of them intently studying her trance state. Clothed in animal skin, paint, and feathers, they move with rapid footsteps before twirling—their African skirts fluttering like laundry in the wind.

GALLERY: Escaping Heroin: Inside a 18-Year-Old Ibogaine Ceremony (PHOTOS) In the meantime, there is excruciating, unspeakable pain. Then there is ibogaine. It wasn’t. DMT: You Cannot Imagine a Stranger Drug or a Stranger Experience. Illustrations by the author N,N-dimethyltryptamine, or DMT, is an illegal, psychedelic tryptamine compound found in the human body and at least ~60 species of plants worldwide.

Rick Strassman, MD, described it as “the first endogenous human psychedelic” in DMT: The Spirit Molecule (2000), and in an interview in 2011 said that DMT “seems to actually be a necessary component of normal brain function.” Terence McKenna (who, “more than anyone,” Strassman wrote in 2000, “has raised awareness of DMT, through lectures, books, interviews, and recordings, to its present unprecedented level”) called DMT “the most powerful hallucinogen known to man and science” and “the commonest hallucinogen in all of nature” in his 1994 lecture “Rap Dancing Into the Third Millennium.”

McKenna wondered why theology had not enshrined DMT as “its central exhibit for the presence of the other in the human world,” and said: McKenna first smoked DMT as an undergraduate at Berkeley in early 1967. 0:00. 0:10. 0:20. 1. Ayahuasca Will Make You Cry, Vomit, and Feel Amazing. Illustrations by Matt Panuska I spent Saturday night rolling on the floor of a loft apartment in the Prenzlauer Berg neighborhood of Berlin. When I wasn't rolling, I was in the bathroom shoving my fingers down my throat, or sitting on the john trying to take a dump.

I cried like a mother at a wedding. I kicked my feet in the air like dogs do when they're sleeping, and on one occasion—in tandem with the feet—I let my hands dance in front of my face like the last raver in the field on the last night of summer. For what felt like three days, I went from bathroom to floor and back again. It's also illegal in Germany, so in order to do it, you have to know someone who knows someone who knows whichever shaman is in town giving out the goofy juice that week. You're told to pack a mat, a blanket, a bottle of water, some fruit, and a bucket with a lid so you can puke into it and then throw it away. "I was pretty heavily addicted to pot," he said. "What kind of psychiatrist prescribes this? " "Yes. Uniao Do Vegetal Church In New Mexico Opens Up To NPR. How Psychedelics Might Transform the Human Mind and Lead Humanity Towards Intellectual and Artistic Heights. Photo Credit: The idea of a Psychedelic Renaissance — as captured in the title of Ben Sessa’s book The Psychedelic Renaissance — is growing in the health professions, and as a Feb. 9, 2015, article in The New Yorker phrased it, current clinical research is "part of a renaissance of psychedelic research," so we see the phrase is catching on in the general culture too.

To me, Psychedelic Renaissance is more than a guide for psychotherapeutic practices, more than the inauguration of an era of experience-based religion, more than an enrichment of academic and artistic fields; it can be an embarkation port to a realistic and expanded view of what our minds are and what they can become. Health dominates current policy discussions, but as psychedelics’ other domains become widely accepted, what new uses will emerge, and what policy discussions can we anticipate for future years? A Four-Stage Model The Medical-Neuroscientific Stage The Spiritual-Religious Stage. Eat Pray Roll — Matter. Everyone has a drug they like best. For me it’s ecstasy. Mostly because I haven’t done much else.

My first time, I was 16. It was the semester before high school graduation and I’d run away from home. For four months I crashed with some friends and about a trillion cockroaches eight stoplights over from my parents. One of my roommates, a stripper we’ll call Jess, got them and we drank them down with diet soda. She told me I might be sick — and I was — and we rolled for eight hours and talked. Instead of senior prom I went to a Caffeine party, ate pills, and watched girls who were dressed like Rainbow Brite hop around to happy hardcore, which sounds like sped-up video-game music. Partying felt less loaded than sex or friendship or family and it surprised me how people never seemed to mind as you went from knowing them to adoring them and then unknowing them, all within a six-to-eight-hour span. I ditched the JNCOs. This is because I’m not an addict. But then I got older and got bored.

I Took a Lot of Drugs at a Psychedelic Boot Camp. Just before Christmas I booked myself onto a thing called the African Savannah Transformation Retreat. This was a ten-day getaway in South Africa that promised to transform people through a combination of starvation, sunshine, and psychedelic drugs. The drugs we would take were ayahuasca, mescaline, and iboga, though the participants on the retreat didn't call them by their real names, they called them the Mother, the Father, and the Grandfather, which was confusing for a minute.

"Have you done Mother before? " I beg your pardon? There were 25 people on the retreat, mostly from North America and Europe. A confession: While I've tried many drugs, I've never managed to get addicted to any. In less than 24 hours we'd be vomiting in front of each other and sobbing uncontrollably. On the first day, in glorious sunshine, we arrived at the retreat center in the countryside a little over an hour from Johannesburg. Fabian is the brains behind the retreat. Fabian prepares shots of mescaline. "And? " What Is the Ayahuasca Experience? - Mind and Body. Related Content High Times The countercultural drug revival.

Originally published as “High Times” in the March-April 1996 issue... Widely recognized by anthropologists as the most powerful and widespread shamanic hallucinogen, ayahuasca has been used by native Indian and mestizo shamans in Peru, Colombia and Ecuador for healing and divination for thousands of years. In The Ayahuasca Experience (Park Street Press, 2014), Ralph Metzner, Ph.D. provides a comprehensive exploration of the chemical, biological, psychological and experiential dimensions of this Amazonian hallucinogen.

As is the case with all hallucinogens, the ayahuasca experience is profoundly affected by the extrapharmacological factors of set and setting. Altered states of consciousness, including those induced by hallucinogens, possess a variety of common elements. 10 Common Elements of Altered States of Consciousness 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. The 3 Stages of the Ayahuasca Experience 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Scientist Argues That Using Psychedelics Is Safer Than Riding a Bike | The Fix. Is using psychedelic drugs as easy as riding a bike? A pair of scientists argued in a letter published this week in the Lancet Psychiatric Journal that, if nothing else, MDMA and magic mushrooms are just as safe as riding one.

Terri Krebs, an American research fellow within the Department of Neuroscience at the Norway University of Science and Technology, co-wrote the letter with her Norwegian husband Pål-Ørjan Johansen, a clinical psychologist. The couple set up a non-profit organization, EmmaSofia, which wants to increase access to quality controlled psychedelics and MDMA, as well as promote human rights for psychedelic users. They want to further their efforts to legalize these drugs, which they believe can be used to treat addictions to other substances, and recently launched a crowdfunding scheme that looks to raise $30,000. “Although psychedelics can induce temporary confusion and emotional turmoil, hospitalizations and serious injuries are extremely rare. Discovery of New ‘Legal High’ Psychoactive Drugs on the Rise | The Fix. A startling number of new psychoactive substances (NPS) are being discovered, providing a viable legal alternative to their illicit counterparts like MDMA and LSD.

In recent years, the rate of NPS discoveries has skyrocketed, with a total of 126 NPS reported in 2009 and jumping to 450 NPS in 2014. These synthetic drugs produce powerful physical, emotional, and hallucinogenic effects, and while technically legal, have been shown to negatively impact health. “NPS are marketed as alternatives to internationally controlled drugs and are purported to produce effects similar to those of their ‘traditional’ counterparts,” the United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime (UNODC) wrote in its report. “The growing number of NPS available worldwide indicates that the market for synthetic drugs is becoming even more diversified.” According to the UNODC, 39% of reported NPS are synthetic cannabinoids, like K2 and Spice, that are made to spray onto cannabis plant material. 'Microdosing' Psychedelics in Daily Life Shows Increased Focus, Emotional Clarity | The Fix.

The effects of microdosing—the practice of taking small doses of psychedelics while going about one’s daily activities—have been overwhelmingly positive, according to a small study conducted by veteran psychedelic researcher, Dr. James Fadiman, AlterNet reports. Fadiman began his study in 2010 with a network of self-reporting volunteers, since LSD research is still banned, who administered their own doses and reported the results to Fadiman via email. Since the doses are so small, they are imperceptible, allowing one to experience a “sub-perceptual” effect of the psychedelic. Study participants reported increased focus, emotional clarity, and creativity as they went about their daily routines. “Microdosing turns out to be a totally different world,” said Fadiman. “As someone said, the rocks don’t glow, even a little bit," Fadiman continued. "But what many people are reporting is, at the end of the day, they say, ‘That was a really good day.’

Marijuana the Way our Ancestors Smoked it. Oliver Sacks: What hallucination reveals about our minds. Ancient Builders Created Monumental Structures that Altered Sound and Mind, Say Researchers. What It's Like to Have Synesthesia And See All Your Numbers in Color. Watching This Optical Illusion Video Is Like Being on Drugs. Vladimir Nabokov Talks Synesthesia.