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Essimar. Vintage for kids. Making Things, d'Ann Wiseman... la tentation était trop forte quand j'ai vu la couverture de ce livre cité dans l'interview de Joel Henriques (Made by Joel) par BloesemKids. Après une longue traversée de l'Atlantique (, le colis est arrivé. 164 pages dessinées et manuscrites, imprimées en bichro pour Little, Brown and Company en 1973. C'est un bel ouvrage en plus d'être une mine de projets semble-t-il accessibles.L'atelier de la collection*minuscule se remet doucement en route, prêt à lancer la réédition de l'opus I.

Prenons date pour la mise en vente sur le blog de ces 29 exemplaires réalisés tout spécialement pour ceux qui ont manqué la première série : le 4 avril à 12 h, ils seront dans la boutique. Désolée pour ce long délai mais le petit étui en carton représente des heures et des heures de travail tellement minutieux.Et puis, j'annonce une vente prochaine de nouvelles miniatures, ainsi que de quelques modèles de chaises pour enfants. BOOOOOOOM. LINE SEGMENTS SPACE Kimchi and Chips, 2013 Projection, Nylon string, Code CONCEPT An architectural web of threads subtends a null space.


It hangs abstract and undefined, a set of thin positive elements segmenting the dark negative space between. Dynamic imaginary forms are articulated into the physical volume by the material of this thread, and the semi-material of the light. The visual gravity of the filaments occupying the space between. A 2D canvas is reduced from a surface piece into a line segment, but then constructed into another dimension, a volume.

The artists reference Picasso’s light painting, and Reticuláreas of Gego who’s work offers a contemplation of the material and immaterial, time and space, origin and encounter and art and technology. EXHIBITION Line Segments Space was presented at Seoul Art Space Gumcheon in 2013 as part of Da Vinci Idea exhibition of new works. ARTISTS Mimi Son Elliot Woods SOUND DESIGN Junghoon Pi ( PRODUCTION ASSISTANT Chamsae. MONDOBLOGO. aNEW designs. Archives & mythologie des lucioles. There was rain. SONIA SZÓSTAK PHOTOGRAPHY. L' oeil ailleurs.

Born in 1984, I spent the first few years of my life in a small rural village close to Dresden in what was then East Germany.

L' oeil ailleurs

I often visit my family there and think a lot about the changes of this part of Germany; it is not far from Berlin where I live right now. It is hard to tell when I started making pictures. I have loved drawing since I can remember. I really don’t know when I first picked up a camera, but I really got into it after my Dad brought home the first version of Photoshop to us and its fanciest possibilities of freaky filters. I was able to change a persons face totally and still recognize them. 7:10 pm • 5 December 2014 • 6 notes I’m from a suburb outside of Philadelphia. 11:24 pm • 30 August 2014 • 13 notes I grew up in Victoria, Canada. 2:57 am • 24 February 2012 • 26 notes I was born in Toronto Ontario, and currently reside in Vancouver British Columbia. 3:12 am • 17 February 2012 • 13 notes 8:00 am • 17 January 2012 • 19 notes I’m from Paris, which feels okay. The Fox Is Black.

Visual diary of Francisca Pageo. Holy Ghost. Dark Daze. 10th May 2011 | 200 notes (via bubblecoats-deactivated20140323) 22nd Apr 2011 | 5 notes 22nd Apr 2011 | 1 note.

Dark Daze

But does it float. (B) for Blog. A Paradise Lost & Paradise Found Vol.2 Bonjour-Hi “Kiss My Mind” From conception to fruition, through ultimate failure, glimpses of hope, shared passions, hard work and shattered dreams, life always manages to stabilize, whilst not necessarily nearing perfection.

(B) for Blog

In the end, we are simply left with those we’ve interacted with, those we’ve admired and those we’ve learned from. And thus, begins the spawning and understanding of simple human interaction. With varying and eclectic points of musical inclinations and inspirations curated and brought under one cohesive umbrella, we are proud to present “A Paradise Lost and Paradise Found Series”, a collaborative selection of mixtapes done by young artists from multiple genres who are slowly carving their names in the industry.

This is for the dreamers, the lost scribes, the hopeless romantics and the long-dead poets. The second mix is from DJ/Producer group Bonjour-Hi titled “Kiss My Mind”. Bonjour-Hi ||| Kiss My Mind YxY Mr. I live in Tokyo.