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More locks for your SSH door. My first article about hardening SSH access (see Resources) considered three methods that are suitable for small operations, such as a home server or a small business with few people requiring remote SSH access: Changing SSH's standard port to an unusual value and reinforcing SSH configuration so that simple-minded attacks just bounce back.Defining a restricted list of users who are allowed to log in using Pluggable Authentication Modules (PAM).Completely hiding the fact that you even allow SSH access and requiring a special "knock" sequence to be recognized as a possible user.

More locks for your SSH door

Using PAM to define a restricted list of users who are allowed to log in still makes sense for larger setups, but the other two options can become bothersome. Therefore, this article examines a couple methods of enhancing security that you can more easily apply to larger configurations: HomePage. When good disks go bad. Introduction If you have been doing IBM® AIX® systems administration or SAN administration for any length of time, you are probably intimately familiar with disk errors, file system problems, and Logical Volume Manager (LVM) failures.

When good disks go bad

What should you do when one of these situations arises? Détail pour : BugBase. Présentation du code QR - Explication, information des codes QR. Shorten that long URL into a tiny URL. Conserver e. 539 - Vive le tweet! A Map of Twitter's Languages. What a joy these maps are to behold.

539 - Vive le tweet! A Map of Twitter's Languages

It’s as if someone took one of those composite satellite maps - you know, impossibly showing the whole world at night, the darkness broken by hubs and strings of artificial light (1) - and gave it the power of speech. For the riot of colours on these maps correspond to the diversity of languages spoken, or rather: typed, on Twitter. The explosive growth of the micro-blogging service’s global popularity is emblematic of a trend affecting the entire internet: it’s becoming less American, and less Anglophone.

The most recent numbers I could find, indicate a drop in US-based ‘unique users’ from 62% in June 2009 to just over 50% in January 2010. Accueil - Disposition de clavier francophone et ergonomique bépo. A simple URL shortener.