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Ma journée sans Google, la difficile redécouverte d'Internet. Le | • Mis à jour le | Par Guénaël Pépin Une épreuve de plus dans ma carrière de journaliste hyperconnecté.

Ma journée sans Google, la difficile redécouverte d'Internet

Au lendemain de la modification des règles de confidentialité de Google, vendredi 2 mars, le défi m'a été lancé de vivre et travailler une journée sans Google pour étudier les alternatives à des services devenus très communs. Du matin au soir, je passe mon temps entouré de technologies développées par Google : le navigateur Chrome,, Gmail, Google docs, YouTube et surtout, le système mobile Android que j'utilise sur smartphone et tablette. Petit compte rendu de ce lundi où j'ai tenté de remplacer mon addiction à Google par des solutions plus ouvertes. Au réveil, mon smartphone Android est remplacé par deux objets : un réveil classique et un Nokia N95, prêté par un ami. Premier réflexe du matin : vérifier sur mon PC mes e-mails sur Gmail. Dans le même mouvement, j'ai dû me passer de Google Chrome, le navigateur préféré de mon ordinateur portable et de ma tablette. Pour une meilleure utilisation de Twitter. Search & Social 101.

Launching a New Website: 18 Steps to Successful Metrics & Marketing. The process of launching a new website is, for many entrepreneurs, bloggers and business owners, an uncertain and scary prospect.

Launching a New Website: 18 Steps to Successful Metrics & Marketing

This is often due to both unanswered questions and incomplete knowledge of which questions to ask. In this post, I'll give my best recommendations for launching a new site from a marketing and metrics setup perspective. This won't just help with SEO, but on traffic generation, accessibility, and your ability to measure and improve everything about your site. #1 - Install Visitor Analytics Nothing can be improved that is not tracked. Google analytics, or any other package (see some alternatives here), needs to be placed on every page of your site and verified.

. #2 - Set Up Google & Bing Webmaster Tools Accounts Both Google & Bing have webmaster tools programs that monitor data about your site and message it back to you through online interfaces. That said, the numbers inside these tools are not always perfect, and often have serious flaws. P.s.


GOOGLE. Mobile UI Patterns. SOCIAL. 7 Image Search Tools That Will Change Your Life. By Maria Popova What martinis have to do with reverse art lookup and obscure German calendars from the 1990’s.

7 Image Search Tools That Will Change Your Life

Although Google has been playing with some fun image search toys in its lab and the official Google Image Search has recently significantly upped its game, some of its most hyped features — color search, instant scrolling, hover preview — are but mere shadows of sleeker, better versions that geekier, more sophisticated image search tools offer. Here are seven of our favorites. oSkope is a visual search assistant that lets you browse images and products from popular sites like Amazon, eBay, YouTube and Flickr in a highly intuitive way. You can skim thumbnails related to your search keywords and save search results from different services to a visual bookmark bar at the bottom of your browser screen. Thanks, Amrit! CompFight is a Flickr search tool tremendously useful for all your comp stock image needs but also doubling as a visual inspiration ignition engine.

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