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EDM4235 Post-production en télévision

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3 Cloud-Based Dailies Workflows You Can Start Using Right Now. The technological progress of the last decade has had a tremendous impact on the filmmaking world.

3 Cloud-Based Dailies Workflows You Can Start Using Right Now

Almost all new cameras can capture raw footage at an affordable price, computers are so powerful they’re enabling entirely new types of cinematic storytelling, and mobile phone networks let you take your entire production wherever you go.

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Workflow Guide As soon as the dailies arrive on a hard drive (or over the internet), the assistant editors do their own preparation, known as ingest. After ensuring that all of the files have arrived as expected and that the sound and metadata are properly synced, the first step is to copy the dailies to their central shared storage. Unless the editorial team is just one person, you will need storage that can be shared by multiple editors. The assistants and the lead editor will be working in tandem throughout the project, and they all need access to the same files.

Contributed by Lisa McNamara, Freelance writer and editor. While it’s possible for each member of the editorial team to keep their own copy on their own external hard drive, it’s a nightmare to keep everyone’s changes in sync. Shared storage solves this problem by allowing everyone on the team to connect to a single data server which holds all of their files in one place. Jellyfish shared storage rack array.

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Études de cas de processus de post-production. Nouvelles sur la technologie. Remote Work. Workflow From Home: Episode 13 – The Future of Remote Work.

Avec l'efficacité du travail à la maison, on serait en mesure de travailler plus en moins de temps. Cela pourrait devenir difficile pour certaines personnes de "clocker out" peut-être. – aryanef

An Intro To Using The Cloud For Post Production. Best Practices for Adopting a Remote Post-Production Workflow. Editor’s note: Special thanks to Zack Arnold, ACE for contributing to this article.

Best Practices for Adopting a Remote Post-Production Workflow

There’s no question that remote workflows have rapidly become one of the hottest topics of 2020. Companies of all sizes (and in nearly every industry) are looking for more sustainable, flexible, and scalable solutions for employees to work from home or, at least, outside of the traditional central office. As many of us have learned, running an efficient post workflow from home can be tricky. As nice as it is to skip the commute, trading a quiet editing suite for your house brings many distractions and challenges, but if we want to stay in business, we have to maintain the same levels of efficiency and productivity our clients expect (and the market demands). Building a Robust, Remote Workflow with Kyno,, and LumaForge.

This is the latest entry of our video presentations from NAB 2019.

Building a Robust, Remote Workflow with Kyno,, and LumaForge

If you would like instant access to all 19 of the sessions, enter your email on the video, or sign up below. (Only a handful will be published publicly, so if you want to see them all, that will be your best bet). In this session, Patrick Southern, lead editor and producer at LumaForge, recently built a powerful and fast workflow using FCP X,, Kyno, and a Jellyfish server. Take the FCP X Tour. All of the core features of in FCP X Written by Brett Rush Updated over a week ago All of the core features of are accessible without leaving the latest version of Final Cut Pro X.

Take the FCP X Tour

Review clips, leave comments and approve finals while still working on your Edits. The extension is built as a native MacOS app. Upload to Drag and drop any clips from the Event Browser directly into Learn more:

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Critiques This Guy Edits. MichaelKammes. Larry Jordan. Articles Larry Jordan. The 7 Laws of Film Editing. Larry Jordan-Mater the Workflow- assistant-monteur. How to Remain Sane While Cutting the Mundane. The Science of Editing. An Art of the Cut Essay - no interview but lots of quotes by Steve Hullfish. Riffing on the video “5 Things Film Editors Literally Do – According To Science.”

An Art of the Cut Essay - no interview but lots of quotes by Steve Hullfish

I was really inspired by this video and there is so much good stuff in it that I felt could be expanded on outside of their short video. Clearly, Sven and Karen could have included their own longer study, but I wanted to provide greater support for their ideas using my own experience and resources. It is not to diminish or challenge their assertions.

I am simply using their excellent resource as a muse for an extended discussion of the ideas proposed in their video essay. Editing and Cognition Beyond Continuity. Perfect Your Dialogue Scenes with the Fincher Effect. Did you know that The Social Network has more VFX shots than Godzilla?

Perfect Your Dialogue Scenes with the Fincher Effect

David Fincher certainly knows that. Well known for his meticulous and detail-oriented filmmaking methods, the director even has an editing technique named after him.

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Editing Insights and Analysis of Six Masterpieces. There are a lot of ways editors can develop their trade – textbooks, film school, mentors, and video tutorials.

Editing Insights and Analysis of Six Masterpieces

But one of the most effective ways to learn? Templates etc. Tutoriels. Discussion Broadcast Design. The open documentary lab.