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Shop UniFi AC Mesh Outdoor Access Point Online. Stock: 94 UniFi AC Mesh Outdoor Access Point The UniFi AC Mesh unit is suited to all kinds of applications, including areas with minimal infrastructure or subject to outdoor weather.

Shop UniFi AC Mesh Outdoor Access Point Online

It features omnidirectional coverage for indoor or outdoor applications with adjustable dual band omni antennas. You can also use a 5 GHz omni antenna to suit high density environments with spot beam coverage for various access points and clients. If you require broad outdoor coverage, a 5 GHz sector antenna is available for versatile directional coverage. Scalable Enterprise Wi-Fi Management UniFi is the revolutionary Wi-Fi system that combines enterprise performance, unlimited scalability, and a central management controller. Easily accessible through any standard web browser, the UniFi Controller software is a powerful software engine ideal for high-density client deployments requiring low latency and high uptime performance.


Productivity. Linux. Alternatives to Google Products (Complete List) This guide aims to be the most exhaustive resource available for documenting alternatives to Google products. It has become one of the most popular guides on Restore Privacy and is now updated for 2021. With growing concerns over online privacy and securing personal data, more people than ever are considering alternatives to Google products. After all, Google’s business model essentially revolves around data collection and advertisements, both of which infringe on your privacy.

More data means better (more targeted) ads and consequently, more revenue for Google. The company pulled in over $134 billion in ad revenue in 2019 and that number climbs higher every year. But the word is getting out. Small steps to restoring your privacy Before we dive in, a brief word of encouragement. When beginning the journey of restoring digital privacy, some people get overwhelmed with all the work involved, and perhaps give up. Note: The lists below are not necessarily in rank order. Gmail alternatives 1. 2. Rules for Successful Hotel Wi-Fi. I just happen to be in a hotel with bad Wi-Fi and I thought to write up a quick ‘How to NOT’ do Hotel Wi-Fi using this facility as an example.

Rules for Successful Hotel Wi-Fi

But instead, this short post turned into a 3,500 word, 12-page article. In addition to posting the entire thing here – I’ll also post a simple link to a PDF of the full document: Download PDF of Rules-for-Successful-Hotel-Wi-Fi We all have experienced terrible Hotel Wi-Fi… the travel guide, or online research showed ‘Free Wi-Fi’ – and then we end up on site with a horrible experience. Wi-Fi in hotels does not need to be a bad thing… if you follow some best practices any hotel can offer its guests a great Wi-Fi experience! First, let me say this is one man’s opinion. Modeling Business Systems. Commercial IT systems are used mainly for dealing with business transactions of various sorts.

Modeling Business Systems

Because of this, the development and integration of IT systems determine the views of those business processes that are embedded in the IT system. The business system model and its business processes serve as the basis for this. In this chapter we will discuss the construction of business system models. To ensure smooth business transactions through the use of IT systems, it is indispensable to know and understand the business environment of IT systems. Therefore, analysis and modeling of business processes are important components of development and integration of IT systems. WeTransfer. Migrating from private IMAP to Google Apps Email - Joshua I have recently been moving several clients off of a basic email server to a Google Apps account (Free or Business, depending on the client), and several have had up to a couple years worth of email.

Migrating from private IMAP to Google Apps Email - Joshua

I’ve tried several different techniques, but recently found some great command line kung fu that made the process extremely easy and much more accurate than the past attempts. There are several different methods available for migrating email from various servers to Google Apps, including POP transfer from within each account’s settings, dragging and dropping via IMAP with a mail client like Thunderbird, or using the official email migration API from Google.

How to Stop Windows 10 From Spying on You. Windows 10 is now out in the wild and people are installing the “best Windows yet” on their personal computers.

How to Stop Windows 10 From Spying on You

For those who were feeling left out because they didn’t reserve the upgrade, or some other issue, Microsoft even released a tool install Windows 10 easily. According to the latest reports, Windows 10 is now being installed at 16 PCs per second rate and the data being transferred is just mind-boggling. Apart from all the good features of Windows 10 and painless upgrade process, the privacy policies of Microsoft and Windows 10 spying needs to be frowned upon. According the constant digging being done by the security experts, Windows 10 is quick at tracking your behaviour and uses your personal information for improving its targeted ads. Some of you won’t mind sharing your email, contacts, and messages with Microsoft, but many of you won’t like this privacy breach. Try SQL. Scrum Training Series: Free Scrum Master Training.