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Apprentissage turc gratuit, cours de turc en ligne avec Apprendre Les Langues gratuitement. L'EUROPE ENSEMBLE. Why learning English is the key to integration. By Lindsay JohnsUPDATED: 10:20 GMT, 25 October 2011 Lindsay Johns is a prolific writer and broadcaster, who in his spare time mentors young people in Peckham Expense: £180 million has been spent in the last three years on providing translation services for those who cannot speak English I read yesterday with a mixture of incredulity and sadness about how much taxpayers' money (180 million pounds) has been spent in the last three years on providing translation services and interpreters for people in this country who cannot speak English.

Why learning English is the key to integration

Having compassion for the linguistic plight of newly arrived immigrants or disorientated asylum seekers who genuinely don’t speak a word of English is a fine and decent thing - perhaps, in fact, one of the markers of a truly civilized society and something which is to be applauded.


Allemand. English to French, Italian, German & Spanish Dictionary - WordRe. Dictionnaire en ligne Français, Anglais, Espagnol, Allemand, Ita. Free Spanish online. Mission Europe. Anna is in a hotel in Berlin and has to solve a riddle. A woman has been murdered in the room next door and a police inspector wants to question her. Then she finds a mysterious message in German on her bathroom mirror saying, What does that mean?

Maybe it has to do with the old music box lying on her bedside table. The suspense lasts until the very end: Will Anna be able to find out what this all means on time? Anna is the virtual heroine of a computer game. Languages - Homepage.

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