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Adobe Labs - Homepage. Tutorials. 30 Hand-picked Flash and Essential Actionscript 3.0 Tutorials - Noupe Design Blog. Apr 27 2009 Using Flash properly, allows you to create stunning visual experience and offer your visitors amazing user interaction.

30 Hand-picked Flash and Essential Actionscript 3.0 Tutorials - Noupe Design Blog

Flash’s strength lies in its ability to showcase unusual visual solutions, including graphic motion, videos and sound. Make use of them if you really want to achieve a stunning visual design This article provides 30 Impressive Flash and Actionscript 3.0 tutorials which can enrich your design skills and may serve as an inspiration for your Flash-projects. - Create an Impressive Magnifying Effect with ActionScript 3.0 In this tutorial we’ll learn how to create a magnifying glass effect, demonstrating use of the displacementMapFilter. . - Creating Gradients in Flash Creating gradients is an important skill to have when designing in Flash. - Controlling the Timeline with ActionScript 3 In this tutorial you’ll learn how to control buttons using ActionScript 3 while creating a guide for selecting perennials. - 3D Menu on a Cube with Perspective Check out the demo Homepage.

Flash ActionScript 3.0 Tutorials. AS3: Contact Form Learn how to create an email contact form for your website.Added on August 9, 2010 AS3: Changing Colors Learn how to change the color of an object using the ColorTransform Class.Added on November 30, 2009 AS3: setInterval Learn how to execute code repeatedly.Added on November 20, 2009 AS3: Using CSS Learn how to format your text fields using external style sheets.Added on October 31, 2009 AS3: Drawing Vectors Learn how to draw lines, make fills, and create basic shapes.Added on September 29, 2009 AS3: Keyboard Interaction Learn how to execute commands in your Flash movie by using the keyboard.Added on September 16, 2009 AS3: Switch Statement Learn how to execute conditional code depending on the value of a case.Added on September 8, 2009 AS3: Trace() Command.

Flash ActionScript 3.0 Tutorials

Flash - Utiliser du XML en ActionScript 3. Adobe Flash Developer Center. Build a Dynamic Guest Book with XML and ActionScript 3.0. Guest books are a great thing to enhance the online experience your viewers receive.

Build a Dynamic Guest Book with XML and ActionScript 3.0

The ability for the viewer to talk to you and others, respond to questions you've raised, comment on your work or just to socialize means a guest book is a must have for most web sites. Let's see how we can build our own guest book with ActionsScript 3.0, XML and PHP. Introduction There are two main ways I can think of to power a guest book; the more commonly used MYSQL database driven, or the less common XML type. They both rely on server-side scripting to work, however the advantage that I see from using the XML version, is the simple fact that you need not worry about whether your host supports MYSQL and you also don't have to program in 3 different languages.

Quite a mouth full! Step 1 - Getting Started You should already know how to open flash, or at least I hope you do... Step 2 - Stylize As you can tell from the image below, I have fantastic creative skills! Step 3 - Loading the XML Step 4 - Arrays. GotoAndLearn() - Free video tutorials from Lee Brimelow on Adobe. Cookbooks.


Papervision3D. MAD VERTICES: Papervision 3D Tutorials (with Videos) PaperVision 3D : Texturer et interagir avec les faces d'un cube. - Le blog de Romain Dedenis. Comme promis, voici notre nouveau tutoriel, nous allons voir comment texturer les faces de notre cube avec des images et comment interagir avec chaque face pour créer un menu 3d par exemple.

PaperVision 3D : Texturer et interagir avec les faces d'un cube. - Le blog de Romain Dedenis

I/ Texturer les faces d'un cube avec des images. Pour cet exemple, nous allons reprendre le précédent tutoriel auquel nous allons apporter quelques modifications pour texturer nos faces avec des images. Pour faire fonctionner ce tutoriel, veuillez ajouter 3 images dans le dossier de votre projet PaperVision. Résultat Obtenu Pour appliquer une image sur une face de notre cube, il suffit de la charger via new BitmapFileMaterial( file ); puis de l'insérer dans notre MaterialsList et le tour est joué.

II/ Interagir avec les faces de notre cube. Maintenant que nous savons texturer un cube, il serait intéressant de pouvoir agir avec ses faces n'est il pas? Repartons ensuite avec le code de notre précédent tutoriel. Code Source //Ajout cubeFront.interactive = true; = "Front"; = "Top"; Papervision tutorials. SWFJunkie. Tweetr is a simple to use AS3 Twitter API Library.


As of 1.0b3, the Library fully supports pinless OAuth. Also included is a simple and easy to install PHP Proxy Class (requires PHP5) that allows the Tweetr API to be used for flash content that is supposed to be deployed on the web. Effectively circumventing the twitter crossdomain restrictions. It also comes with a URL Shortener Class using and a URL Unshortener Class using It's Open Source / Free as in Beer The Library is licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License. Or in other words: use it freely but don't blame me if something doesn't work . Help Free Speech Support this Project. Flash&Flex 6/2009. The efnx code blog.