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Estate Agent Floor Plans – Attract More Clients With A Better Floor Plan’s View. No matter if you are a property owner, looking to rent a house, or a professional real estate agent, but you must be aware about the tough part of the job-attending a lot of phone calls, describing them the details of your property and personally showing your units.

Estate Agent Floor Plans – Attract More Clients With A Better Floor Plan’s View

In most of the cases, people would call you and ask the basic information and then they want to visit the location to take the final decision. Most of the estate agents spend a lot of their time in explaining their clients about the same information over and over on the phone. However, if they don’t like it, all your effort goes in vain. With the estate agent floor plans that offer 360 degree view of the property to buyers, you can save a lot of your time as you would need not to visit the location with every client to show them the property. These floor plans can show the unit to every prospective buyer or tenant before they even call you. Easy To Draw Floor Plans.

Floor Plan Drawing Tool

Floor Plan Drawing Tool by Floorplanmaker (Floorplanmaker) on Mobypicture. Floor Planning Software. Floor Plan Drawing Software. Interactive Floor Plans. Floor Plans - Floorplanmaker. 3d Floor Plan Online. CAD Design and Drawings. Flat/Loft. Online Floor Plan Software.

Floor Plans - Blog. ArchDaily’s 50 Best Houses of 2014. For another year, in 2014 ArchDaily has featured hundreds of houses from designers around the globe, with homes that appear to float above ground, sink below grade, snake through forests, jut over cliffs, and blur the line between building and environment.

ArchDaily’s 50 Best Houses of 2014

This year, we’ve seen some of the most intuitive, outlandish, and creative designs cropping up around the world, from São Paulo to Ho Chi Minh City to Stockholm, and to celebrate the end of the year we’ve rounded up our 50 best projects from 2014, representing an incredible range of living environments from the world’s most innovative architects. Enjoy the sandy surrounds of House in Miyake or the minimalist paradise of Love House; or escape for a getaway to Weekend House in Downtown São Paulo. Find out which houses stray from the norm, reviving the wooden cottage and redefining the stone cabin with a touch of linearity and serious panoramic views. Find out which houses make our list after the break B House / ch+qs-arquitectos. Two Verandas by Gus Wüstemann. Swiss architect Gus Wüstemann used raw concrete, oak and travertine to create the smooth walls and floors of this home and poolhouse overlooking Lake Zurich (+ slideshow).

Two Verandas by Gus Wüstemann

"The use of raw materials is essential for our work," Wüstemann told Dezeen. "It's that kind of atmosphere we're looking for - authentic surfaces with character. " Sardinera House / Ramón Esteve. Architects: Ramón Esteve Location: Platja del Portixol, Spain Area: 1285.0 sqm Year: 2014 Photographs: Mariela Apollonio Collaborating Architects : Anna Bosca, Estefanía Pérez, Víctor Ruiz, María Martí Collaborators: Tudi Soriano, Natalia Fonseca Technical Architect : Emilio Pérez Constructor: Construcciones Francés Project Manager : Gonzalo Llin Production And Audiovisual : Alfonso Calza From the architect.

Sardinera House / Ramón Esteve

Located in a setting of great beauty and valuable landscape, in front of the Mediterranean Sea, between El Portixol and Cala Blanca, the Sardinera House lays on the top of a hillside, lined by a headland entering the sea on a bay of turquoise waters. The house is oriented east-west to ensure the exploitation of the natural currents of air and sunlight.

In the large glass surfaces has been provided a double coating with thermal and acoustic insulation with solar control. Two Sides-One House. 30 Best Modern House Architecture Designs. 30 Best Modern House Architecture Designs Modern architecture is impressive and in majority of cases tries to combine the nature beauty (imperfect stones, trees, wavy hills) with the existing human made materials.

30 Best Modern House Architecture Designs

Imagination is the limit and you’ll see below amazing homes that defies the laws of physics. Beyond the unique exterior shape an architect gives to a modern house, it’s imperative to think about the safety and purpose of the building. Sometimes you may wonder what was he thinking about when designing such a house but you’ll understand shortly when reading a review or an interview with the designer.

I think in everyone’s life at least one time we had in mind a dream house. E&H Building Contractors Ltd - House Building and Construction Services in Shetland. Building Contractors in Preston. Luxury New York City Real Estate. E&H Building Contractors Ltd - House Building and Construction Services in Shetland. Build Contractors. Easy To Draw Floor Plans. Quick and accurate Floor Plans. Floorplans - Floorplan Maker. Floor Planning. 3d Floor Plan Software.