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Windows App Development, SDK, & IDE Platform - Xamarin. Xamarin unifies iOS, Android and Windows mobile development in C# and Visual Studio.

Windows App Development, SDK, & IDE Platform - Xamarin

You can reach billions of users with great apps, built quickly and efficiently. Download Xamarin Watch Xamarin co-founder and CTO Miguel de Icaza’s //Build 2014 session to learn how .NET is poised as the best platform for all devices and form factors. Visual Studio - Microsoft Developer Tools.

Universal apps will be key to Windows 10's success. The SDK (software development kit) for Visual Studio CTP6 is now available for the Windows 10 technical preview, so developers can finally write and test what Microsoft calls universal apps that work across all Windows devices.

Universal apps will be key to Windows 10's success

The debut of universal apps is a monumental next step for Microsoft because, as devs know, the time and effort required to develop the same app on multiple platforms or devices leads developers to pick a subset more likely to be profitable. In the Windows world, that has hindered the development of tablet and smartphone apps. If you can develop an app once and have it immediately functional on multiple devices, that barrier goes away, and the whole Windows 10 ecosystem -- desktop PCs, laptops, Xboxes, tablets, smartphones, wearables, and Internet of things devices -- falls in reach at little additional developer cost. In Visual Studio 2013 today, you have a separate project for each device. Now developers simply have to create the universal apps. Windows Phone depends on app quality. According to Microsoft, their Windows Phone Store now features more than 300,000 apps and games as of late last week.

Windows Phone depends on app quality

Two months ago, that number stood at 255,000 apps. A month later, 270,000. The interesting aspect of this milestone, as Softpedia also notes, is not so much the number of apps, but the rate in which they were added: Windows Phone apps generally received much higher ratings. This milestone is much more important given the fact that it was achieved during summer, when usually developers should be away on holiday. For mobile app developers, there may be no time like the present to establish a presence in Windows Phone Store. But while the quantity of apps makes headlines, it’s the quality of apps that will ultimately determine the operating system’s success and longevity.

Windows 10 pour smartphone : installation, bugs et solutions. Windows App Studio Beta Improves with App Side-loading, More. Microsoft's amazing web-based app creator tool received a major update this week.

Windows App Studio Beta Improves with App Side-loading, More

Windows App Studio now supports Windows Phone app side-loading, 9 new languages, new page layouts for PCs and tablets, and much more. "Since launching 14 months ago the response to Windows App Studio Beta has been nothing short of incredible," Microsoft's Emilio Salvador Prieto writes in a new post to the Building Apps for Windows blog. "From small business owners to skilled developers learning the basics of our platform, our more than two million users have created just under 1 million app projects, and published almost 50,000 apps to the Windows Store and Windows Phone Store.

And, App Studio is being used in schools around the world to teach the basics of app building and coding, and with many small businesses to build out their app presence. " Why Windows App Studio is still in beta well over a year after the initial beta release is unclear. Here's what's new in this week's update. 9 new languages. Microsoft Plans Early 2015 Windows Phone 9 Developer Preview. Windows and Windows Phone Store Trends for First Quarter 2015/

Posted 4/22/2015 3:05:10 PM by RICHARD HARRIS, Executive Editor Microsoft has released the latest Windows Store trends across categories, markets, and more for Q1 2015.

Windows and Windows Phone Store Trends for First Quarter 2015/

Microsoft provides the quarterly analysis to help app developers understand general trends can help determine what types of apps to build or where to focus development efforts. Microsoft delivers Windows 10 tools for building universal applications. Microsoft is giving software developers the green light to start writing universal applications that will work on Windows 10.

Microsoft delivers Windows 10 tools for building universal applications

On March 23, Microsoft made available for download the Windows 10 Technical Preview tools for developing for the coming Windows 10 universal application platform. To get the new tools, developers need to sign up for the Windows Insider Program, install the latest Windows 10 technical preview release and install both Visual Studio 2015 Community Technology Preview (CTP) 6 and the Tools for the Windows 10 Technical Preview, which include the Windows 10 software development kit (SDK). For the last few years, Microsoft officials have been evangelizing the idea that "One Windows" running across a variety of device types will enable developers to create universal apps that will build on a single runtime, use an increasingly similar set of application programming interfaces (APIs) and developer tools and be available from a single store.

Microsoft Reduces Windows Dev Center Fee to One-Time. Microsoft today announced the lifetime Dev Center account and a new Dev Center Benefits program.

Microsoft Reduces Windows Dev Center Fee to One-Time

In short, the company is reducing its Dev Center fee from annual to a one-time lifelong registration, and detailing several new features for its Windows and Windows Phone developers. Windows Phone 8.1 cracks 50% marketshare. The good news is that the latest and greatest version of Microsoft's mobile OS has reached 50% of the Windows Phone market, according to AdDuplex.

Windows Phone 8.1 cracks 50% marketshare

The bad news is that Windows Phone still accounts for less than 10% of the entire smartphone market in most countries... Android still dominates in terms of overall marketshare, but where Google's OS fails is in getting their latest OS onto even the latest flagship handsets from the myriad of OEMs who fight for superiority on the platform with their own (questionable) customisations. In this respect, iOS is still king with a guaranteed update to at least the past few devices as soon as it is released. For comparison purposes, Android's previous OS is running on 30.2% of devices. It's a similar story with Windows Phone, but a definite improvement over the past.

Microsoft dévoile la préversion de Visual Studio 2015, avec un support du développement cross-platform et un émulateur Android. À l’occasion d’un événement en ligne animé par des grands noms de l’écosystème .NET, dont Scott Guthrie (à l’origine d’ASP.NET et responsable de la division Cloud de Microsoft) et S.

Microsoft dévoile la préversion de Visual Studio 2015, avec un support du développement cross-platform et un émulateur Android

Microsoft annonce le déploiement d'une mise à jour de Windows Phone Preview qui s'accompagne de nombreux correctifs. Redmond a annoncé le déploiement d’une nouvelle mise à jour de Windows Phone dans le cadre de son programme destiné aux développeurs.

Microsoft annonce le déploiement d'une mise à jour de Windows Phone Preview qui s'accompagne de nombreux correctifs

La préversion étiquetée 8.10.14176.243 apporte une amélioration générale des performances et un ensemble de correctifs parmi lesquels la résolution de l’erreur 0x80188308 qui entraînait un manque d'espace de stockage dans la partition système lors de la mise à jour. Si vous êtes sous un dispositif Nokia Lumia et que vous continuez à obtenir cette erreur malgré la mise à jour, Microsoft recommande d’utiliser l’outil de restauration logiciel de Nokia afin de réinitialiser votre appareil. Si vous utilisez un téléphone à faible capacité de stockage, vous obtiendrez probablement un code d’erreur différent de celui qui a été cité plus haut. L'application BNP Paribas Fortis en développement sur Windows Phone.

Top Windows Phone developer Rudy Huyn weighs in on Android and iOS annoucement at Build. Yesterday at Build, Microsoft offered a very large and somewhat tempting olive branch to developers who are currently only focused on the development of Android and iOS apps. There was grumbling on the net about the how and when a development like this would occur for Windows. With Microsoft being a distant third in mobile operating systems, the question of why bring Android and iOS into Windows was rarely up for discussion. Now that Microsoft has talked about how they plan to incorporate the two new development environments, new questions are arising as to how current Windows Phone and Windows developers feel about potential future. When it comes to modern Windows development, there are a handful of developers who have garnered almost superstar status in the community. None other than social media app savior Rudy Huyn weighed in with his impressions about yesterday's news, on his personal blog.

Today, Rudy posted the piece, Android and iOS developers are my new friends. L'application ING Direct est en développement sur Windows Phone. Microsoft attire les développeurs en baissant le coût du Windows Phone Store. Après les fabricants de smartphones, c’est au tour des développeurs d’applications de se voir aider financièrement.