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What is a specimen and why collect? SolSeminar Online. Back to Earth: By Leaves We Listen - Serpentine Galleries. Linnean Herbarium by The Linnean Society of London. Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh. Covid19 Staying at home time - Watch our 24 min movie “THE QUEST FOR CINCHONA” To learn about discovery of quinine bark to fight another global disease - malaria - on #Vimeo. Ep. 242 - Digitizing a Herbarium for the World to Use. Containing an estimated 1.4 million specimens that span nearly 250 years of botanical history, the National Herbarium of New South Wales is a treasure trove of botanical information.

Ep. 242 - Digitizing a Herbarium for the World to Use

Recently, the Royal Botanical Gardens Sydney, with the help of many volunteers, has undertaken a massive effort to digitize all 1.4 million specimens and make them available for download to anyone and everyone who might be interested. Join me as I chat with Collections Manager, Dr. Shelley James to talk about this incredible effort and learn what the average person can do to help make all of this botanical data available to the world. Learn more about the efforts to digitize the National Herbarium of New South Wales Learn more about Dr. Support this podcast Pick up some customizable In Defense of Plants merch Music by Moneycat Containing an estimated 1.4 million specimens that span nearly 250 years of botanical history, the National Herbarium of New South Wales is a treasure trove of botanical information.

(8) Plants of the Qur’ān and other Religious Texts. Travel Deep Inside a Leaf - Annotated Version. Herbarium: Live Plants or Dead Plants? Nina_herbarium_ENG. Oral History for Mycology. Treetender. Lecture7 Biblical Herbarium. Conversazione 2018. Ep. 59 - Herbaria Revisited. Drugs: Wasp Junkies. Naples botanist George Wilder finds purpose in plants. Stable URIs for natural history collections – The Movie – Botanics Stories. A Darwin Original Discovery. RBGE Nepal Expedition 2016. Hidden Stories Ian Hedge in Afghanistan. Fifty Shades of Green. BBC World Service - The Forum, Carl Linnaeus: Naming Nature. Digitizing the collection - Naturalis Biodiversity Center. Why Digitize? Watching plants grow has never been this exciting. It’s hard to take a picture of something that’s always moving—just ask anyone who’s had to photograph a child.

Watching plants grow has never been this exciting

Now, one team of researchers has solved the problem on a tiny scale, with a program that lets microscopes automatically track objects invisible to the human eye. Normally, recording something like a growing plant root would mean days of constant adjustments to a microscope. But with their program, researchers were able to watch the cells in root tips of plants (Arabidopsis thaliana) growing and splitting in 3D over the course of days, they report this month on the preprint server bioRxiv. That required some special equipment: a microscope that uses lasers and fluorescent lights to piece together 3D images, a special lighting system to keep the plants healthy during their longer-than-usual time in the spotlight, and a microscope setup flipped entirely on its side so the plants could grow upright instead of growing horizontally along a slide. Berkeley: Plant Collecting & Herbarium Research Part 2.

Experts secure survival of vital gin ingredient. Labocine. Bird Sounds - A.I. Experiments. Gatsby Plants Lecture. Kew Science - The Herbarium. Faculty » The Loneliest Tree in the World. BBC Radio 4 - The Mother of the Sea. Natural History Museum special: Dr Fred Rumsey inside the Angela Marmont Centre. CWR » NEW: Collecting and Capacity Building Video.

Category : News Published : September 14, 2016 - 9:32 AM The newest Crop Wild Relatives (CWR) video is live, highlighting the importance of collecting and capacity building!

CWR » NEW: Collecting and Capacity Building Video

Crop wild relatives are crucial to future food security, but they first have to first be collected from the wild before they can be used in breeding. This video describes the time-consuming process of collecting and highlights how the Global Crop Diversity Trust and the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew in partnership with national and international genebanks around the world help build capacity and facilitate this work. Collecting not only requires perseverance and determination in the field but also planning before hand. What is a herbarium specimen? Ep. 59 - Herbaria Revisited — In Defense of Plants. What is Botany? What is a Plant? S. M. Tracy Herbarium solves problems in the plant world. RBGE Herbarium: Basic Plant Collecting and Pressing. Introduction to the Herbarium of the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh. Fungi research at Kew. Beyond the Gardens: The Fungarium at Kew Gardens. London's Screen Archives: Kew Herbarium. The New York Botanical Garden: The Steere Herbarium.

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