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Identification keys. The Identification Keys Solanum These electronic multi-access keys to Solanum were constructed by the Solanum Key Consortium (led by Rebecca Hilgenhof) in 2020.

Identification keys

The identification key runs on Xper3 software, which allows the building of structured knowledge bases and online free-access keys. Contributors to the Solanum Key Consortium (in alphabetical order by surname) - Xavier Aubriot, Lynn Bohs, Thamyris Bragioni, Rocío Deanna, Edeline Gagnon, Leandro Giacomin, Yuri Gouvêa, Rebecca Hilgenhof, Sandra Knapp, Andres Orejuela, Péter Poczai, Tiina Särkinen, Stacey Smith, João R. Stehmann For a quick pdf guide to how to use the key click here. Please use the following to cite these keys - Solanum Key Consortium (year of access) Global multi-access key to all groups of Solanum. For how to cite Solanaceae Source click here. To alert us to mistakes or to give us feedback please contact Tiina Särkinen ( or Sandra Knapp (

Flower-Visiting Insects. Return to Illinois Wildflowers Click on links at right for specific insect visitors of plant species: Database Description Bird Database Bee Database.

Flower-Visiting Insects

Global Compositae Checklist. Aquatic Invasives Home. One of the greatest threats to the health of North America's Great Lakes is invasion by exotic species, several of which already have had catastrophic impacts on property values, the fisheries, shipping, and tourism industries, and continue to threaten the survival of native species and wetland ecosystems.

Aquatic Invasives Home

This bi-national thematic collections network of >20 institutions from eight states and Canada will digitize 1.73 million historical specimens representing 2,550 species of exotic fish, clams, snails, mussels, algae, plants, and their look-alikes documented to occur in the Great Lakes Basin. Others have been placed on watchlists because of their potential to become aquatic invasives. Join the network as a regular visitor and please send your feedback to Ken Cameron. World data centre for microorganisms: an information infrastructure to explore and utilize preserved microbial strains worldwide. + Author Affiliations ↵*To whom correspondence should be addressed.

World data centre for microorganisms: an information infrastructure to explore and utilize preserved microbial strains worldwide

Tel: +86 10 64807422; Fax: +86 10 64807426; Email: ↵†These authors contributed to the paper as First Authors. Received August 13, 2016. Revision received September 24, 2016. Accepted September 30, 2016. Abstract The World Data Centre for Microorganisms (WDCM) was established 50 years ago as the data center of the World Federation for Culture Collections (WFCC)—Microbial Resource Center (MIRCEN). Microbial resources are essential to understand and develop life sciences because microorganisms are crucial to maintain the external environment as well as the inner ecosystem of humans, higher animals and plants. Plankton Portal. Index Fungorum. Lichen Names. Checklist of the Mosses. Mosses are the second most speciose group of plants, after the enormously richer angiosperms.

Checklist of the Mosses

A Checklist of Mosses lists 12,800 recognized species in 901 genera, including 42 synonymous genera with species that have not been transferred to the accepted genus. Each listed species is qualified using a four-level ranking system that indicates our level of knowledge about the species. MycoBank. Mushroom Observer. Early Land Plants Today. Rupert Barneby Catalog. The Barneby Catalogue The Barneby Legume Catalogue holds data from the subset of the legume collection that includes specimens of the 33 genera (see List on this page) that were monographed by the late, world-renowned taxonomist Rupert C.

Rupert Barneby Catalog

Barneby (1911-2000) and his collaborators, Howard S. Irwin and James W. Grimes, in "The Memoirs of the New York Botanical Garden. " In total, 3368 species and varieties of these "Barneby genera" were treated in these monographs. California Seaweed eFlora. Understanding the consequences of global climate change and anthropogenic alteration of the marine environment The California coastal environment has suffered from the consequences of rapid population growth: alteration or degradation as the result of development, pollution, overfishing, oil drilling, mariculture and global marine transportation.

California Seaweed eFlora

Habitats for seaweeds, especially in southern California, are vastly different than they were 100 years ago. We know that biological consequences of global climate changes in the Pacific marine environment will be broad-reaching. Species ranges will expand or contract, depending on physiological tolerances and capacities to adapt to new conditions. Shifts in geographic ranges have proceeded more rapidly in marine vs. terrestrial systems, with a high potential for community-level changes. Updating taxonomic concepts and biogeography Since 1976, 105 taxa have been added to the flora and 300 names have changed. Algaebase. Seaweed Collections Online.

The Online World Grass Flora. Welcome to GrassBase - Descriptions These pages present a set of detailed morphological descriptions of all grass species.

The Online World Grass Flora

The data set is a database that has been developed over many years and is stored in DELTA format. You can browse or print out descriptions or use them to check identifications, write floral treatments, interactively identify species and also as the basis of further taxonomic work. By downloading the data set together with appropriate software you will also be able to identify species interactively. Feel free to use the information presented here, you can find out how by reading the documentation (see the right hand menu) and please remember to cite us in any work you produce from this data. What does this site do? This site presents good florastyle descriptions for all grass species. Who should use this site?

The anticipated audience is broad. What information is presented? Descriptions Generic Index. Palms of the World Online.